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Learn about a free app that keeps you connected to local businesses, free Wi-Fi hotspots, and savings on things like food, activities and even Cincy Chic events!


Like being in the know about cool places and events in town? Like saving money? Well, then you need to know about the Connect Cincinnati app! It’s seriously AWESOME! Cincy Chic posts ALL its events there, and a little insider tip, we ALWAYS offer a discount code when you find our events through the Connect Cincinnati app!

We’re just one of TONS of other local businesses doing the same — posting about what’s new and exciting, and offering exclusive discounts and offers to check it out that you can ONLY get through the Connect Cincinnati app!

So, here’s what it is. The Connect Cincinnati app is a free mobile app developed by Cincinnati Bell to connect Greater Cincinnati residents with local businesses, community events, and exclusive offers, deals
and sweepstakes. The Connect Cincinnati app also provides users with access to our network of Fioptics Free Wi-Fi hotspots, which can be found at some of the most popular gathering spaces and major attractions around town, such as Riverbend, Fountain Square, Washington Park, Smale Park, US Bank Arena, and many more. Be sure to download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Learn more here.

FYI: This post is sponsored by Cincinnati Bell, but content and opinions expressed are my own!

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    Trends come and go, but style - especially your own personal style - is forever. That's the idea behind one locally-based fashionista who launched an app to help you cut back on clutter in your closet and create outfits you'll actually wear. Read on for all the details.



    Inspired by a desire to do more with less, a local group of stylists, storytellers, and developers set out to make your wardrobe go digital. Together, this team launched Cladwell, a personal styling app that helps you get the most out of your closet.

    “Our app helps you get dressed everyday, cut the clutter, and shop more intentionally,” says Cladwell CMO Erin Flynn.

    Select clothes similar to what you own and get curated outfits.

    “If you’re like anyone on our team, you’ve looked into your closet and said those dreaded words, ‘I have too many clothes and nothing to wear,’” says Flynn. “So why do we assume going shopping and buying more clothes will help?”

    According to Flynn, the average American owned approximately 36 items of clothing back in 1930. However, in today’s world of over consumption, the average American owns more than 100 items and is always under pressure to buy more.

    That pressure to keep buying when you don’t really need it inspired the team at Cladwell to develop their idea for the app.

    “The inspiration for the idea was based on a simple concept: Small wardrobe. Bigger life,” says Flynn. “It sounds lofts, but we believe that when you cut clutter you make room for more important things. Things that don’t take up space in your dresser drawers. Things that really matter.”

    While developing the app, Flynn and the team at Cladwell wanted you to help get your closet to the point that you love, and actually wear, every item in your wardrobe.

    Cladwell gives you outfit ideas using items you already own, or what you should own to make the most of your closet.

    “Over time our app will help you streamline your closet and make the most out of what you have,” she adds.

    While a closet you love doesn’t exactly happen all at once, Cladwell will provide you with simple, daily steps necessary in order to help you get to that lifestyle of simplicity and intentionality. “It’s a journey, and you’ll learn a lot about yourself and your style along the way,” adds Flynn.

    The team behind Cladwell knows all too well what it’s like to look into your closet and see nothing but a chaotic mess. “We mix the best of styling and technology, and created an algorithm that delivers hand-curated outfits everyday directly from your closet,” says Flynn. “Regardless of your style, we help you see all the potential your closet has to offer and help you make the most of it. It’s a new way of thinking.”

    This thinking, on your end and the app’s end, is created through teamwork. To help subscribers find these outfits in their wardrobe, there are a few steps to take:

    Erin Flynn, CMO of Cladwell
    • Show off your closet. With a few minutes, you can select clothes that are similar to the ones you own from the app’s massive database, and there’s no need to take photos.
    • Get personally styled every day. The app suggests three new outfit recommendations based on the day’s weather. Or, you can choose from all the outfit possibilities in your closet.
    • Discover what you love. You have the ability to log what you wear, and with each day you can gain more insight into what you love and what you don’t.
    • Remove the rest. After you discover what you don’t love you have the opportunity to cut the clutter to make room for items you do love.
    • Shop smarter. Before you buy an item you can use the app to see how many new outfits it would add to your closet. Give yourself the option of trading impulse buys for items you will wear again and again.

    According to Flynn, and the team at Cladwell, the result of using the app is a streamlined closet that you’re going to love.

    A monthly membership for the Cladwell is $5 and is currently only available on iOS devices, however Flynn says they are working on an Android app next.

    To learn more about Cladwell or join, visit You can also follow along on Instagram.