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    There’s a local family-run business that’s in the running to score $20,000 in grants for their booming business. Read on to learn more about this organically-grown beauty business and why it’s poised to earn so much green.

    Grace Green Beauty is in the running to win $20,000 in grants for ArtWorks' Big Pitch competition.
    Grace Green Beauty is in the running to win $20,000 in grants for ArtWorks’ Big Pitch competition.

    For Tempal Grace Hitt, Grace Green Beauty, is more than a business. To her, it’s a way of living.

    “We believe in showing Grace to the world we live in. From the products we create to the ways in which we give back,” says Hitt of her business, in which her husband and three kids are also heavily involved. “We commit to creating an empire of honesty, priding ourselves on producing nutrient rich, whole-being, and beauty products from the finest and most responsibly sourced organic ingredients.”

    “Our mission, vision, process, and plan exists to make a difference while generating revenue that supports our ever growing business,” adds Hitt. “It is our goal to continue our product development, reach new people, and expand our whole being, beauty, and wellness line into a service offered at participating salons and spas.”

    In the short time that Grace Green Beauty launched, Hitt has landed herself a mentorship with ArtWorks and secured a spot for ArtWorks’ Big Pitch competition.

    Grace Green Beauty is a family run business that sells products they make themselves.
    Grace Green Beauty is a family run business that sells products they make themselves.

    Hitt has since worked with Joshua Gilbert, a business banker from US Bank, and Emily Merkle, a CPA from Blue and Company. Now, she says she’s ready to compete against other local entrepreneurs for up to $20,000 in Big Pitch grant money.

    “I have crunched my numbers and this grant money will stretch quite a long way for our small business,” says Hitt. “The Big Pitch money will be a game changer for us and allow for us to do multiple things.”

    Hitt says if she is able to win the Big Pitch competition, she will upgrade her equipment to help expand production. They’ll also create compelling and targeted marketing campaigns to help educate her audience and she will launch GraceFacial, an actual spa service that will be added to the menus at participating salons and spas in Cincinnati.

    “GraceFacial will show the world the first ever truly holistic facial system eliminating the endless concerns for unhealthy and diluted skin care through a remarkable holistic experience,” says Hitt. “And last but not least, the revenue growth from this grant will continue the support of our ever growing outreach programs GraceGives and GraceGrown.”

    While the competition can be nerve-wracking, Hitt says that she is beyond excited for the opportunity to compete. “It feel like it is time,” she says. “Grace Green beauty has been an organic movement. We have grown from word of mouth with zero marketing, advertising, or business loans.”

    Tempal Grace Hitt of Grace Green Beauty.
    Tempal Grace Hitt of Grace Green Beauty.

    Hitt adds that one year after leaving her job as a hairstylist to pursue Grace Green Beauty full force, she is still 100 percent committed and ready to show the world what Grace Green Beauty is and can be. “The grant money is my gateway to get started,” she says. “I also hope to meet potential investors and possible entertain a partnership if it was the right fit.”

    Hitt will have five minutes to present her final business plan at the Big Pitch competition on October 6 at Rhinegeist Brewery. A total of $15,000 will be awarded by a panel of judges and an additional $5,000 is up for grabs through an audience vote that will be held that evening.

    “I hope that all those who have been touched by Grace Green Beauty at some point or who believe in the future of natural skin products will be able to attend the event at Rhinegeist October 6 and vote for my Big Idea,” she says. “This is my big moment to change the way people treat their skin and make my mark on how people experience beauty. I have never been more excited.”

    To learn more about Grace Green Beauty, visit To learn more about ArtWorks’ Big Pitch, or get tickets to the upcoming event, visit

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    Want to see Cincinnati through the artistic eyes of another? ArtWorks’ new City Shine project does just that. Keep reading for all the decorative details.

    City Shine is a project from ArtWorks that
    City Shine is a project from ArtWorks that exhibits images of the sunset in the Tri-State.

    Cincy Chic: What is City Shine?
    Paul Dieterlen, ArtWorks Apprentice: City Shine is a community-wide art project, running through the end of the month, asking participants to submit photos or videos of the sunset in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Shine will exhibit a composite of these images and videos, to be projected onto the side of the URS Center across the street from the Cincinnati library. Imagery will be collected throughout the month of August, resulting in multiple videos that each represent one day in time. In October, these videos will then be projected outdoors for all to see. It will essentially be presenting one moment in time from multiple perspectives. The project capitalizes on social media and the prevalence of cell phone cameras to “democratize” the art-making process.

    Cincy Chic: Who’s behind this exciting new project?
    Dieterlen: ArtWorks and Fotofocus partnered with artist Jacqueline C. Wood, assisted by photographer Kailah Ware, to present the project; four photographers’ apprentices are joined on the same team.

    Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind the project?
    Dieterlen: The inspiration for the project came from the photo collages created by artist and photographer David Hockney.

    Cincy Chic: What do you hope to accomplish through City Shine?
    Dieterlen: Essentially, the work from City Shine is a community “mapping” project. We hope to engage all residents and unite our city through the art-making process.

    Cincy Chic: Are there any other new projects on the horizon for ArtWorks?
    Destinee Thomas, Director of Communications at ArtWorks: This summer ArtWorks added the first female legend to our legends series. Earlier in the year, we partnered with the Cincinnati Enquirer and nearly 10,000 of their readers voted to select Rosemary Clooney as the winning woman out of five remarkable choices. I attached a photo so you can see how perfectly “chic” she will look on the wall! The scaffolding for this project will come down in just a few weeks and we’ll be planning a community celebration during our Mural Month in October. The artist on this project was Natalie Lanese, the ArtWorks project manager was Linnea Gartin and the Apprentice spokesperson was Alyssa Coffaro – all incredible women! Let me know if you would also be interested in learning more.

    Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
    Dieterlen: If readers want to learn more about the project, they can visit the website, And follow us on Instagram.