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In a world of busy schedules - for you and your kids - there’s one locally launched business that’s making life easier for parents through an innovative website.

Jersey Watch builds sports websites for organizations to help make communication easier for coaches, administrators and parents.
Jersey Watch builds sports websites for organizations to help make communication easier for coaches, administrators and parents.

That phone call. Every parent – especially ones with kids in sports – has gotten that phone call. “I know it’s last minute, but…” “I need my…” “I forgot to tell you…”

It’s difficult to get all the necessary details from your kids that you need from coaches and administrators. That’s why one startup company, Jersey Watch, built sports management software to help youth sports coaches and administrators communicate with parents on things such as schedules, practices, equipment and even website management.

Jersey Watch, a member of startup accelerator The Brandery’s Class of 2015, is a business that constructs sports websites to match your needs. The platform, created by David Carter and Tim Gusweiler, makes it easy for organizations to launch and manage a professional-grade website.


Located in Athens, Ohio, and launched in 2012, Jersey Watch is ideal for sports organizations who are interested in getting a new and improved website for their league or team. “We care about sports and we’re excited to help improve the experience for administrators, coaches, parents, players and fans,” says Carter.

Having a user-friendly, up-and-running website can be the key to keeping a team or league organized. Whether posting news and score announcements or integrating your favorite calendar and Facebook page, Jersey Watch gives you the tools to save time and effort in managing your program’s website.

Through targeted marketing that is fueled by the team’s passion for family, community and youth sports, Jersey Watch is in four states, used by 10,000 teams, serving more than 100,000 athletes in the midwest, with a client list including businesses such as Wilson Sporting Goods, Pizza Hut and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

To learn more, visit You can also like them on Facebook or call 614-769-6656 for additional information.

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Learn more about the Ohio-based bakery winning nationwide awards for designing cakes that are best-dressed at any occasion.

Heavenly Confections is based in Athens, Ohio, and is recognized as one of the top cakeries in the country.

Whether it’s a wedding or a child’s birthday party, planning a “big day” can be stressful. But at least you know there will be cake.

That’s what Cheryl Cullop of Heavenly Confections loves about her line of work. And according to Cullop, they go much further than flavors and colors, to create fashionable confections to perfectly personalize the cake or cupcakes to each occasion.

Based in Athens, they serve clients across Ohio and West Virginia. And what brings in clients far and wide, according to Cullop, is that they create designs that one could only imagine with superior products. “My products are pure, fresh, and natural,” she explains. “My refusal to use mixes, pre-made fillings, preservatives and additives is part of my commitment to my customers for a finer, more delectable cake.”

Cullop says her attention to detail to ensure each cake is exactly what her client needs, spending up to 30 plus hours designing one cake (not including baking time), is what also sets her apart. Why so long, you ask? “I do not have mass-produced stock designs; each cake is a unique creation,” she explains. “I meticulously copy lace and embroidery details onto the fondant with a stylus or pin prick technique. I custom match all colors to swatches supplied by my clients. My cakes are often hand-painted or lustered.”

She also likes to create with the client in mind, to stay true to who they are and what they like. With weddings, for example, during the consultation she familiarizes herself with the couple, their story, and all the plans they have in place for the big day.

“Inspiration can come from the tiniest detail about the event, from floral decor, to bridal attire, to the invitation design or the season of the wedding,” she says. “Remember, the cake, like the wedding, is a reflection of who they are as a couple.”

Just this year, Heavenly Confections won the Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Awards, which means they were recognized among the top 5 percent nationwide. To learn more, visit them online at or contact them via email at