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    Gone are the days of trying to find a sitter so you can attend a special event. Thanks to Party Sitters, launched by a local mompreneur, you can bring kiddos along to safely play as you mingle among the adults. Keep reading as we get all the details for our annual “Working Moms” issue.

    Party Sitters LLC offers on-site babysitting for special occasions and events.
    Party Sitters LLC offers on-site babysitting for special occasions and events.

    How many times have you looked forward to a night out, but run into babysitter issues?

    To help parents with the babysitting issues that often arise when it comes to attending special events, Cincinnati-based Party Sitters LLC was created.

    “We are a premier, on-site event child care company that brings CPR/First Aid-certified sitters to the location of any event,” says Party Sitters LLC Owner Nicole (Nicci) Willis.

    Party Sitters brings along games, toys, activities, and crafts to create a safe and entertaining environment for children while you and your guests enjoy a stress-free night.

    The inspiration for Party Sitters first came along in 2008, when Willis and her then-fiance were getting married – and becoming a blended family.

    Nicole (Nicci) Willis, Founder of Party Sitters LLC

    “We realized that we had no one to watch our kids at our wedding, and that is really how I came up with the idea,” says Willis.

    While she had been doing and planning events for a long time, she found that there wasn’t really a business in Cincinnati that would provide childcare at an actual event. “So, I started talking to my planner friends and we all decided that there was an opportunity there,” she says.

    Then, in 2010, the ladies moved forward with their idea and opened Party Sitters. “And it has been going well ever since,” adds Willis.

    Party Sitters services can be provided at nearly any event you can imagine. “From outdoor to formal weddings, we can provide care at your events,” says Willis. This also includes service for corporate and government events as well as coordinating children’s parties and providing hotel sitting for out-of-town guests that may need a sitter while they’re visiting.

    However, as a mother who is running her own business, Willis has to find a balance herself. When asked about finding that work-life balance, she says that she’s always a mom first.

    img_9595_0145“My children come before my work and were the inspiration to why I started Party Sitters,” she says. “But running a company and being a wife and mother takes a lot of work.”

    With all that work comes a lot of organization. Willis says that she isn’t afraid to ask for help when she needs it and encourages other working moms (and dads) to do the same.

    “Don’t take yourself too seriously,” she says. “Don’t give up. Being an entrepreneur means that you stick to it in the face of any adversity and hard times.”

    While there are good times and bad times with any business venture, Willis says that she gives any task she encounters her everything. “Anything you face, you have to just do it and do it well,” she says. “It’s important to remember that you have a community and that you have people around you who can help you.”

    As for the future of Party Sitters, Willis says she is looking at more growth, with the goal of opening more locations not just in the United States but abroad as well.

    You can learn more about Party Sitters at, by liking them on Facebook, or by following along on Twitter.