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“Beauty. Business. Badassery.” That’s the idea behind Tyra Banks’ new business Tyra Beauty. We chat with the woman launching it locally to learn more about it.

Cheryl Bulcher is one of the first 200 Beautytainers for Tyra Banks’ Tyra Beauty.

Back in October 2014, Cheryl Bulcher came across a small online advertisement that mentioned how Tyra Banks was looking for new people to assist her with launching her new cosmetic direct sales company.

Intrigued by the advertisement, Bulcher clicked on the link where she was taken to a video featuring Banks talking about how she was searching for the “First, Fierce Beautytainers,” and she needed 200 of them. With 14 years of direct sales experience, Bulcher went ahead and applied. After two phases of questionnaires, she received some exciting news: Bulcher had been chosen out of thousands of applicants to become one of the first 200 Beautytainers.

Bulcher’s mother introduced Bulcher to makeup when she was growing up. Her mother was a “beautician,” as Bulcher describes her, and her mother was involved in makeup samples and reviews. Each month, Bulcher’s mother received makeup samples and would write reviews on why or why not she liked certain products. Her mother was able to keep all these products and would give Bulcher some of the samples as well.

“She would give me some to put in my own little makeup kit,” says Bulcher. “My friends and I would put on plays in the basement for our parents-and I did the makeup!”

Retired, Bulcher puts a lot of her time into Tyra Beauty. She had previously worked at Mary Kay for 14 years, but left to start a new journey as a Beautytainer. She loved everything that Mary Kay Ash represented and their strong vision for all women, but she loved the new and innovative feel of Tyra Beauty. She describes this with the “in a stick” application and Ty Glide Technology, where the innovation is evident. “It’s a cosmetic experience,” says Bulcher.

Bulcher loves being so involved in Tyra Beauty and enjoys hosting parties. At Tyra Beauty, makeovers are called “tyovers” and no party is too small or large. Bulcher makes sure to explain all of the steps and loves to show before and after photos of each person’s transformation. From 13 to 83 years old, she has worked with and transformed all ages and faces.

Bulcher is very excited to start offering classes that can help you learn how to apply makeup and use certain techniques. If there is an attendance fee for a class, a Swag Bag is included that will have full sized products with a value that goes beyond the class itself.

Bulcher recently earned the opportunity to meet Banks in September as a reward for having the second highest personal sales back in March through July. This trip offered Bulcher and 24 other Beautytainers to travel to stay at the London West Hotel. They dined with Banks and were also on her show, The Fab Life.
“It was like a fairytale come true,” says Bulcher. “She is an awesome person! Just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!”

Bulcher loves her job, but what is her favorite part about being a Beautytainer? “I would have to say that it is the wonderful feeling of fulfillment from sharing Tyra Beauty and watching the transformation process give so many women more self-confidence; not by making them up, but by merely enhancing their beauty,” explains Bulcher. “I love seeing everyone’s beauty and having them see it too!”

Bulcher will be at the Seasonably Chic Showcase event as a vendor with more information, products and makeup application demonstrations on attendees. To learn more, visit