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Want to make a career transition, but not sure how to do it? Read on to learn about the upcoming “What’s Your Next Story?” event series.

Julie Bauke teamed up with Sibcy Cline and Second Story Auctions for the “What’s Your Next Story” event series
Julie Bauke teamed up with Sibcy Cline and Second Story Auctions for the “What’s Your Next Story” event series

If you’re wondering how you can take your career to the next level, you’re going to want to hear what Julie Bauke has to say. Bauke calls herself the Chief Career Happiness Officer of the Bauke Group, a company she created when she realized corporate America often comes with a lifetime of unhappiness in the workplace.

Combining practical ideas and strategies with inspiration, Julie has become on of the Tri-State’s most reputable and trusted career experts. “In my business, my singular focus is giving you the tools, resources, and inspiration to define, get, and own your career happiness, regardless of where you are in your career lifecycle,” Bauke explains. To help others find a balance of happiness in the workplace, Bauke has teamed up with Sibcy Cline and Second Story Auctions for “What’s Your Next Story,” an event series geared towards those who need advice for their next move in life.

Amanda Dole, the Executive Recruiter at Sibcy Cline, says, “We all have a ‘next story’ and we are all deeply rooted in that idea here at Sibcy Cline. We thought it would be fun to host a community-facing event where we could provide people the opportunity to uncover what their next story could be – whether it be the decision to pursue a career path in real estate, buying a new home, or the idea that our belongings can be given another story by a new owner, which is the idea behind our most recent partner, Second Story Auctions, and co-sponsor of the What’s Your Next Story event.”

“Summer seems to be a time to not only relax and enjoy the slower pace it provides, but also a great time to think about what our next steps may be,” Dole explains. This break in the year allows parents or teachers, for example, to assess what they would like to do career-wise. “This is a great time to think ahead and consider if they want re-enter the workforce,” explains Dole.

Instead of hosting an event that focuses solely on real estate like they’ve done in the past, Sibcy Cline opted to form “What’s Your Next Story?” with an open-ended discussion brought on by Bauke. “This event is taking place for the first time and is open to anyone who is considering what their next story should be,” Dole says. “If that is real estate, we will be thrilled to share more, and if not, our ultimate goal is to provide a benefit to the people and communities we serve by offering something for everyone regardless of the industry they may ultimately pursue.”

Dole says “What’s Your Next Story?” will be a great opportunity for those who are considering a career change and need a push in the right direction. Each event in the series offers networking, break-out discussion sessions, and Bauke’s presentation. Visit Julie’s website to learn more about the Bauke Group and head to the “What’s Your Next Story?” Facebook page to RSVP to the event.