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Celebrating 34 years in business this year, a staple to the downtown beauty scene found a new street-level home. Keep reading for all the exciting details.


Paragon Salon recently opened its new street-level space. Customers can now visit for a one-stop salon shop.

Looking for a one-stop shop when it comes to pampering yourself? Paragon Salon, located on 5th Street near fountain square in downtown Cincinnati, will have you covered from head-to-toe, offering salon and spa services to both men and women.

Salon owner, Debbie Celek, says the street level relocation of Paragon is about 6000 square feet, and split half-and-half between the salon and spa. “It’s split half-and-half, maybe a little more hair,” explains Celek. “The spa is rather large, with four treatment rooms, a men and women’s locker room, a pedicure room with four chairs in it, and a beautiful relaxation room with a fireplace. We have four nail stations, 16 hair stations, and a huge makeup counter where we have Bare Minerals makeup.”

Even though there was a waiting room at the old location, Celek says Paragon’s new studio has a relaxation room where men and women who are waiting for spa treatments, can come, and unwind before their session. “Everything is very warm, and a little more inviting,” says Celek. “The relaxation room is by itself, that way people aren’t walking through it. We have relaxing, organic type, spa music playing, it’s very tranquil, and the colors are very soothing. We have two leather chase chairs that contour to your body, and we serve hot tea.

The men and woman that come in for any type of spa treatment will slip into a robe, and relax in the spa room until their session is ready. I always tell clients to get here about a half hour early so they can experience the relaxation room.”

Celek says everything that was offered at the old location, is still offered at the new location, such as facials, massages, men and women’s hair-cuts, manicures and pedicures, and makeup sessions. “We changed just a couple things, like adding in a party suite, where a whole bridal party can come in and hang their dresses, bring in food, and get ready for the wedding day, or a big group of people for a celebration.”

While this is a salon and spa where you can pamper yourself with many services, Celek says their salon is the most popular. “Hair, we do more than anything because I have more hair dressers,” explains Celek. “I have 100 employees, 50 are hair dressers, and 18 are spa technicians. We do a ton of color, we do everything. We do ombre, we do all over color, we do block color, and we do balayage. We also have a huge male cliental.”

Paragon Salon offers single session services such as a manicure or facial, but they also offer packages for those who want to get more than one service in one visit.

“We offer packages as well,” says Celek. “A client can get a facial, massage, and a manicure, or another popular one which is our Enhanced Bridal package, which includes a European facial, full body massage, a practice formal finish, intense hand treatment, and a spa pedicure. Then on the wedding day, the brides can come back in for a formal finish, and a full-face makeup by Bare Minerals.”

Whether you’re looking to get a single service, or a package, prices vary. A spa pedicure is $60, a manicure is $25, full body massages are $85, and the signature facials are $75.

To learn more about Paragon Salon, or to book an appointment, click here.


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A local all-organic salon and spa recently launched a new service: Reiki. Click to learn how it helps both your physical and mental health.

Reiki sessions are now being offered at Alba Beauty Studio to improve your mental health.

From eco-friendly beauty products, to organic hair treatments, Alba Organic Beauty Studio has kept women, and the environment, looking and feeling good.

And now, Alba Organic Beauty Studio is offering a service – Reiki – that will improve your mental health as well. Reiki is a simple way to relieve stress and stimulate a more positive mental health state, according to Eva Borho, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and Reiki Practitioner, who was recently added to the staff at Alba Organic Beauty Studio.

Borho says this stress relieving service boosts the flow of energy in the body, which in return, allows it to function in a holistic manner. Reiki was originated in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui, and has since been making people feel more positive, and has promoted wellness.

Borho says she loves teaching others about Reiki, and how much it can help bring positivity to ones’ life. “It really helps to become the best version of yourself,” she says. “We all have blocks in our life, and we need to work through them and get rid of the negativity that clutters our minds.”

While there are more than 200 ways to perform and learn Reiki, Borho says her style is the most original. “It is very normal during a Reiki session for one to feel different emotions, and see different images,” she explains. “Whether it’s a flash of color, or a vivid picture.”

“Reiki increases energy levels and mental clarity,” Borho says. “It gives off a sense of balance, reduces stress, tension and anxiety.” She adds that many of her clients leave with the feeling of reduced physical tension and a decluttered mind. “Reiki’s main purpose is to make an individual more positive, mindful, and grounded,” says Borho. “And that’s what’s so great and unique about Reiki; it’s tailored to the individual.”

While there are many benefits of Reiki, Borho says the hardest thing about the service is getting the word out about what it is, and how it helps. “It does seem to come off a tad bit eccentric, but yoga and Reiki go hand-in-hand, and if you can do yoga, you can do Reiki.”

Alba offers one hour sessions for $75 with Borho, and for the whole month of February, you can book a Reiki session for $60.

To learn more about Reiki Sessions, or to book and appointment, visit

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Goodbye mascara, hello long natural lashes! Learn about a local lash studio giving its clients some impressive eye-batting results.

Lash Spa Studio of Cincinnati provides eyelash extensions for clients.

They say that eyes are the windows to your soul, and Lash Spa Studio of Cincinnati says they deserve the ultimate window treatment. “We provide high quality service to our clients, making them feel beautiful without the need for mascara everyday,” says owner Ashley Ansley.

Lash Spa Studio provides clients with high quality mink or silk eyelash extensions that far exceed the volume and length that mascara achieves all while maintaining the integrity of your natural lashes. Ansley says “the main difference between the eyelash material is that mink is fur so in certain lighting it doesn’t pick up and reflect light the same way that silk may sometimes.”


Application takes one to two hours depending on a variety of factors and generally you will receive 30 to 60 extensions per eye depending on the number of your natural lashes. Besides the beauty factor is the convenience of eyelash extensions: you can swim and workout without the worry of them falling off and kiss your eyelash curler goodbye. Extensions last anywhere from two to four weeks and Ansley assures that your technician will share tips and tricks which assist in maintaining the longevity of your lashes.

Ansley asserts that what makes Lash Spa Studio stand out is its commitment to the integrity of your natural lashes and the education of their clinicians. “We are always advancing and educating our staff to keep up with the newest trends in lash artistry and to maintain safety.”

Speaking of latest trends, Lash Spa Studio is now offering Russian Volume Lashes, an innovative application technique that creates depth, adds greater volume and texture to your eyelashes. In addition to eyelash extensions, Lash Spa Studio also has a variety of eyebrow related services including waxing and threading as well as makeup and tanning services all designed to frame your new-found lashes.

Before and After photos of a lash extension.
Before and After photos of a lash extension.

Lash Spa Studio is located at 3187 Western Row Road in Maineville. You can book online or call 513-486-3430 to set up an appointment. Ansley says new clients who book a full set of lashes before November 19 receive a 20% discount.

To be in the know about Lash Spa Studio’s latest events and specials, follow them on Facebook. To see before and after shots of recent clients, visit them on Instagram.

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If you’re looking for a little more twinkle and a little less wrinkle this holiday season, learn about a local medi-spa that specializes in cost effective beauty pick-me-ups.

Cincinnati Aesthetics
Cincinnati Aesthetics offers chemical peels, tattoo removal, and injectables.
Cincinnati Aesthetics is improving health, happiness and aesthetics one client at a time. Whether it’s adding to your natural beauty with injectables, a skin pick me up via chemical peel or removing unwanted tattoos, they’ve quickly become a one stop shop for all things beauty.
Their mission is to “uphold an atmosphere of professionalism, personal attention, and excellence in care,” says founder and board certified physical Dr. Erhan Erdeger
This may be a practice focused on aesthetics but the client care runs much further than skin deep. “We focus on educating our clients on maintaining health, wellness and beauty, and to treat and prevent the signs of aging,” explains Erdeger. 
Dr. E
Dr. Erhan Erdeger, Owner of Cincinnati Aesthetics
Cincinnati Aesthetics’ approach to client care isn’t the only thing that is comprehensive. Their client base and treatment options are as well. “We are an aesthetic medical practice that accommodates people of all ages, genders and stages of their ‘journey’ to a better looking and feeling person. We pride ourselves on engaging with and learning about every single patient’s unique need and goal when they come to see us,” he says. 
Erdeger was inspired to open Cincinnati Aesthetics because he saw the increasing demand for medical based skin treatments but a lack of board certified physicians in the field. Originally a surgeon and then practicing internist he began increasingly focusing on non-surgical aesthetic medicine training with world experts. In 2015 after earning his membership to American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine he opened Cincinnati Aesthetics. “We have a staff that is diverse in training, education and experience,” Erdeger says. 
Cincinnati Aesthetics also has a diverse range of services. They’re the only practice in Ohio that offers natural tattoo removal called Tatt2Away and two distinct skin rejuvenation packages that include a dermal filler injection and IPL (intense pulsed light) age and brown spot removal treatment.
Cincinnati Aesthetics will be celebrating their one year anniversary and the holiday season in style with an open houseDecember 1st from 6-9pm. There will be free giveaways, specials on their iS Clinical skincare products and discounted gift cards that are ideal for gift giving or treating yourself. 
Cincinnati Aesthetics is located at 7558 Central Parke Boulevard in Mason and a free consultation is only one phone call away. To learn more about their practice, consultations and  details on the upcoming holiday open house visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

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They say beauty starts within, and that’s what inspired this local beauty nutritionist to help others overcome skin challenges using a unique approach that’s getting impressive results.

Studio L Skin Care
Leah den Herder, Owner of Studio L Skin Care, providing one-on-one treatment to a client.

Studio L Skin Care is a one-of-a-kind in Cincinnati. As a skincare-only studio, owner Leah den Herder uses her studio to help others overcome their skin challenges.

“I opened Studio L Skin Care because it was the only way to provide a unique kind of service where everyone is looked at as an individual with specific skincare needs,” she says.

Because no one’s skin is the same, den Herder is able to use her nearly two-decade long experience in the industry to help keep your skin looking beautiful.

Den Herder isn’t just the owner of Studio L Skin Care, she’s also an esthetician and certified beauty nutritionist, and her experience in these industries allows her to create customized treatment plans for clients.

“I love helping others overcome their skin challenges,” she says. Den Herder recognizes that no two people share the exact same skin or skin challenges. It’s because of that that she was inspired to open Studio L Skin Care. “It was the only way to provide a unique kind of service where everyone is looked at as an individual with specific skincare needs,” she adds.

Studio L Skin Care uses a whole body approach to treating skin conditions.
Studio L Skin Care uses a whole body approach to treating skin conditions.

When treating clients, den Herder uses a full-body approach, knowing that there’s much more to skin challenges than just the skin itself. She learned about this full-body approach to skincare while taking her Beauty Nutritionist course taught by Dr. Traci Williams from Beverly Hills.

She also credits her discovery of Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare to enhancing her desire to take a look at the entire body’s health while treating clients’ skin.

“Those two things helped me realize the crucial need for a whole body natural approach to skincare,” says den Herder.

Through the full-body approach, den Herder provides a special one-on-one service that you’re unlikely to find at a large spa or chain. “I guide my clients to help them track down the source of what is causing their skin issues,” she says.

Services provided at Studio L Skin Care include Osmosis facials, dermaplaning, full-body waxing, brow sculpting, eyelash and brow tinting, all-natural customized airbrush tanning, and even makeup lessons and applications. Prices for these services also remain budget-friendly, ranging from $18 to $120.
Studio L Skin Care is located at 4790 Red Bank Expressway, Suite 205 in Cincinnati. You can schedule an appointment 24/7 by clicking here. To follow along and see new specials, follow Studio L Skin Care on Facebook.

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Learn about the power couple behind one Madeira-based nail and aesthetics salon that strives to do things a little differently.

Diana Nguyen and Ken Lai, Owners of Deluxe Nail Salon & Spa.

Diana Nguyen and Ken Lai, owners of Deluxe Nail Salon & Spa, are living the American Dream. They’ve grown from working part-time in the nail industry, struggling to make ends meet and completing their education to owning an award winning business.

According to Danielle Swopes, Front Desk Manager, the Madeira-based Deluxe Nail Salon & Spa stands out from the competition by “offering superior services with a strong focus on cleanliness and value for our clients, as well as fostering relationships. We recognize most of the faces that pass through our door, remember stories and details about families and life events. We don’t rush through our clients- we take the time to do not just a good job, but a great job!”

This focus appears to be paying off. Since their opening in 2008 Deluxe Nail Salon & Spa has won six awards from City Beat, and 2016 marks the third year in a row that they’ve won the coveted title of “Best Manicure and Pedicure.” In addition. They’ve also landed a spot as one of the top three Nail Salons in Cincinnati.

Choose from a variety of nail services and nail polish brands at Deluxe Nail Salon & Spa.

“Our clients are the inspiration for what we do,” Swopes says. “Providing superior quality and value and treating clients like friends and family.”

Part of Deluxe Nail Salon & Spa’s customer-centric positioning is choice. Swopes says clients have about 600 different colors from which to choose. They offer Essie and OPI’s full line of polish. Gel polish choices include Jessica, Gelish, and OPI.

As for trends, Swopes says this season it’s all about light pink and white. Classy, simple, and lightweight. A new and popular take on this classic look is a subtle ombre effect called the “Baby Boomer” of “French Fade.” Ombre has been trending in acrylics as well, technicians blend colored powders in the overlay to achieve this look.

As most of us know spring and summer are officially nail season! In order to accommodate clients Deluxe Nail Salon & Spa’s new location is three times as large as their previous building and they’ve also added several new highly trained nail technicians. They’ll move mountains to accommodate each client but Swopes suggests booking ahead especially for weekend appointments.

In addition to full service nail treatments Deluxe Nail Salon & Spa offers eyebrow microblading, facial and body waxing as well as lash extensions. Coming soon, they’ll be offering facials and massage treatments as well.

In order to accommodate their rapidly expanding business, Swopes says Deluxe Nail Salon & Spa recently relocated to a larger space in Madeira, located at 7835 Camargo Road. Learn more by visiting their website or like their Facebook page to get the skinny on upcoming events and specials.

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This Cincinnati-based on-location makeup artist is a licensed cosmetologist, too -- a winning combo that makes for a flawless finish. Learn more about her bridal services and makeup lessons.

Summer Mazion, Founder of A Touch of Summer Makeup Artistry

It all started with a simple shopping trip. “I have been fascinated with makeup since I was 13 years old when my mother took me to a cosmetic counter for my birthday,” says Summer Mazion, founder of A Touch of Summer Makeup Artistry. “Not knowing then what path my life was going to take me, I moved away from a small town to fulfill my lifelong passion of becoming a licensed certified makeup artist.”

She earned her Associate Degree in Business Management in 2001, became a Licensed Managing Cosmetologist through the Aveda Frederic’s Institute in 2002, and a certified makeup artist through Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts in Burbank, California, in 2003.

“I have been very fortunate to have a wide range of experience to help me along the way, working from high end cosmetic counters to a facial plastic surgeon,” she says. “I pride myself on professionalism by listening to make sure we create a look that is customized especially just for you.”

Her background is what makes her different, Mazion says. “I know the background and anatomy of skin. How to correct skin through skincare,” she explains. “That, combined with expert makeup application, creates for a flawless finish.”

While she specializes in on-location bridal makeup, she also offers makeup artistry services for special occasions, pageants, or themes like Halloween. “Being an on-location makeup artist,” Mazion explains, “it’s more convenient and time efficient for my clients.”

General rates are $175 for bridal makeup, which includes a consultation prior to wedding and artificial eyelash application, as well as a flawless, long-wearing, water resistant airbrush makeup application. Each additional person at the same location is $75 with airbrush makeup application with artificial eyelash application included.

Mazion also offers Makeup Lessons for $100 per person. “I will travel to any location and teach a one-on-one interactive makeup application,” she explains. “We will start off with a day time look, then transform into something more dramatic for evening.” Lessons last at least two hours per session and include artificial eyelash application instruction.

“For more than 20 years, I have been educating and beautifying my clients as an on location makeup artist,” Mazion says. “I look forward to showing you the amazing gifts I’ve been blessed with by making you feel your outer beauty is rivaled only by your inner beauty.”

To learn more, click here, call 740-550-7588, or “like” A Touch of Summer Makeup Artistry on Facebook.

This is a special advertising supplement paid for by A Touch of Summer Makeup Artistry.

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Want to get involved in the beauty industry but don’t know where to start? A local beauty school has a unique approach to helping students begin beautiful careers.

Creative Images prepares beauty students to start their careers in the industry.
Creative Images prepares beauty students to start their careers in the industry.

Creative Images Institute of Cosmetology has been training professionals in the beauty industry for 21 years. “Creative Images provides its students with an education in the art of Hair Design Technology [cosmetology], Esthetics/Med Spa and Nail Technology,” says General Manager Brian Clawson.

According to Clawson, there are approximately 240 students currently enrolled at Creative Images between its locations.

The school is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences. Students who attend the school may receive financial aid through the U.S. Department of Education.

Creative Images is always working with its students while they’re still enrolled at the school to ensure their placement after graduation. There are salon and spa liaisons who network with businesses throughout the Miami Valley area to find students jobs or internships after their time at Creative Images has ended.

At Creative Images, students are taught current techniques and styles beginning on their first day of class to ensure that they’re successful in the beauty industry. The number of Creative Images students who pass the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology exam and receive their license is greater than 90 percent. Students who don’t pass are offered continued training at no extra cost until they do pass.

There is an attendance requirement at Creative Images, which requires students be in class 85 percent of the time. Clawson says this helps to not only keep students dedicated but also gives them the strong work ethic needed to succeed in the beauty industry. For those who can’t go full-time and meet the attendance requirements, Creative Images offers part-time and flex-time programs so you can create an education schedule that will match your life’s schedule.

Clawson says that the team behind the scenes at Creative Images is continually updating trends, styles and teaching techniques. “Our clientele building program is currently undergoing an update and we are exploring how we can achieve over 200 client services for every graduating Cosmetologist,” he adds.

When some students graduate, they’ve completed more than 400 client services. While the average is closer to 200, Clawson wants all students to see a higher number of clients before they graduate to not only build up a list of regulars but to give them the most experience possible before they graduate, adding, “This many client services will allow for them to more successfully transition to their career at a salon.”

In addition to the Dayton campus of Creative Images, there are also locations in Centerville and Vandalia.

To learn more about Creative Images, click here.