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Who says an avid sports fan can’t be glamorous? Elise Lotz tackles her love of hair and beauty in her blog, Elise Goes Glam.

Elise Lotz, Founder of the beauty blog Elise Goes Glam.
Elise Lotz, Founder of the beauty blog Elise Goes Glam.

Since she was a young girl, Elise Lotz has always been a beauty enthusiast with a love for writing. She styled her high school friends’ hair and applied their makeup, and her mother volunteered to be a model as well.

With a passion for writing, she pursued a Journalism degree at the University of Cincinnati. Blogging allowed her to perfectly blend her two interests.

While Lotz began her blog using different platform and none of her old posts transferred over when she launched the redesign, she sees it as a good thing — starting with a clean slate. “I love the ability that blogging gives you to share your passions with the world,” says Lotz. She hopes that visitors of her blog are able to learn new things because she loves to share what she knows as well as teaching people, and helping others feel good about themselves.

When she’s not blogging, she loves going to numerous sporting events or checking out new restaurants and bars in Cincinnati. She loves how Cincinnati always has something going on. Even as a sports lover, she has a glamorous side too. The name, Elise Goes Glam, reflects her glamorous side. Being a huge sports fan, she actually had a social media following that was based on sports and she would connect with fans through different channels. For her blog name, Lotz combined her own name with a side of her social media never expressed. “I may love sports, but I also adore getting ‘glammed up,’” says Lotz. “Thus, Elise Goes Glam was born.”

Her makeup techniques are all based on hours of practicing. Lotz did not attend beauty school or go through professional training. Instead, she educated herself about makeup and hair techniques.

“I’ve lost countless hours sitting in front of mirrors trying new techniques, wiping them off, trying them again,” says Lotz. “I started reading beauty magazines at a young age, and I’ve always made it a point to keep up on new products and what’s current in the industry.”

As for hair, Lotz learned a lot by taming her own mane as well as practicing on other people’s hair.
“I have a lot of it and it’s rather wavy,” says Lotz. “I had to learn how to manage it very early on, and it spawned a passion for experimenting with it, trying out new tools and then testing on friends and family with different hair textures and lengths.”

When it comes to trends, Lotz has a love for dark lips and will wear them at all times of the year. She really loved how black liner was all over Fashion Week. “I’m happy to see that it’s trending to wear it unconventionally,” says Lotz. “I hope to see more ladies stepping outside the box this fall and trying a double-winged liner, or some super smudgy kohl.”

Lotz also revealed some of her own favorite beauty staples that never fail her.

“Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Wiz has been an absolute godsend,” says Lotz. “I can’t get enough of Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer, and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat never, ever lets me down.”

Lotz will begin posting new content on her blog this week to begin her fresh start. To learn more about Elise Goes Glam, check out her blog or Instagram for flawless beauty finds.