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    A Cincinnati-based creative duo is shaking up the home decor industry with stylish, solid, handcrafted pieces that are meant to last forever. Learn more about the recent launch of bff by Brush Factory Furniture, and their BFFs who inspired the designs.

    The Brush Factory released a new line of furniture called bff.
    The Brush Factory released a new line of furniture called bff.

    When their friends wanted solid hardwood furniture that was made well and local, Rosie Kovacs and her business partner Hayes Shanesy, set out on a mission to give them just that. The duo behind the Brush Factory launched bff, the first line of solid hardwood furniture available direct through their website.

    “Inspired by our friends, our first collection of solid wood furniture features simple, contemporary styling paired with handcrafted details that you, your friends, and family will enjoy for years to come,” says Kovacs. “Each piece reflects the values of friendship and the connection made while enjoy a meal and friendly conversation.”

    One of the side tables available from the Brush Factory.
    One of the side tables available from the Brush Factory.

    The Brush Factory, a contemporary furniture company that specializes in hancrafted furniture, designs and fabricates custom wood furniture for offices, restaurants, bars, boutiques, and residential spaces.

    Behind the business is Kovacs and Shanesy, who started Brush Factory with the intention of pursuing design and craft under one roof. “With technical and professional backgrounds in industrial design and fashion design, our passion and skills combined to make for an interesting dynamic for our brand strategy,” says Kovacs.

    To help the duo with their craft is Shanesy’s retired father, a master cabinet maker who has more than 30 years of experience in the woodworking industry, as well as many contractors in the area who help to fabricate and finish the pieces they sell.

    Hayes Shanesy, one of the creative minds behind the Brush Factory.
    Hayes Shanesy, one of the creative minds behind the Brush Factory.

    But the new venture into bff by Brush Factory has allowed Kovacs and Shanesy to create pieces of furniture that their friends can enjoy in their own home. The dynamic duo originally launched their bff by Brush Factory line in last fall. “We had a pop up store for the holiday season on Vine Street to show off our line and take pre-orders,” says Kovacs. “It was great! The positive response was overwhelming and it seems as though our style and aesthetic is filling a real void in the furniture shopping market here in Cincinnati.”

    According to Kovacs, the bff line is residential but can also be also adaptable to office and restaurant environments looking for a more residential or cozy feel. “We have three dining tables, three occasional tables, two breakfast tables, which are great for apartments and condos, and a home office desk, all of which are solid hardwood and are glued up using traditional joinery that will certainly make a return on anyone’s investment,” says Kovacs.

    Rosie Kovacs, the other creative behind the Brush Factory.
    Rosie Kovacs, the other creative behind the Brush Factory.

    The pieces are built to last, living up to the bff tagline of “forever,” and playing up on the best friends forever (bff) notion.

    Prices for items in the bff line range from $280 for a side table to $1,900 for a walnut dining table, although Kovacs says that the price of an item will depend on the wood used as well as the furniture. Walnut it the most expensive while oak will take you on the lower end of the price range. She adds that laquered finishes will fall somewhere in the middle of this range as well.

    There’s a lot that helps to make bff by Brush Factory unique, but the biggest thing is the passion that Kovac and Shanesy bring for marrying both design and craft with an inspirational, uplifting branding message that also allows customers to have an excellent shopping experience.

    “Furniture shopping is tough,” says Kovacs. “We try to make it not so intimidating and I am always encouraging customers to be realistic when it comes to budget, mixing it up, and not feeling obligated to shop ALL Ikea or ALL high-end.”

    An office desk available from the Brush Factory.
    An office desk available from the Brush Factory.

    She encourages them to invest in a dining table because that’s where your family and friends spend the most time with each other. “Memories are made there and you want it to last,” she adds. “Our hope is that with our extreme attention to customers’ needs and wants as well as our approachable attitude, we will be the premier furniture company for all of Cincinnati residents who are looking for fresh yet timeless furnishings.”

    Kovacs says they offer white glove delivery for free for select bff pieces anywhere in the U.S. as well as a 20% to-the-trade discount on the Brush Factory’s website.

    With the launch of bff, Kovacs says that she and her partner are looking forward to growing the collection as well as collaborating with other designers, photographers, stylists, and small business owners to help spread the word about their brand.

    The Brush Factory is located at 1110 Alfred Street in Cincinnati. Kovacs says that appointments are welcome to anyone who wants to see bff in person!

    To learn more about the Brush Factory and bff by Brush Factory, visit