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    Busy schedules and hectic lives don’t always have to result in unhealthy habits. See how one single mother of two turned her mother’s illness into an opportunity to inspire others to stay fit.

    Amy Smith, founder of Game On Fitness
    Amy Smith, founder of Game On Fitness
    Amy Smith wanted to bring a wellness studio to Cincinnati that provides fitness classes and personal training with energetic trainers, nutrition assistance with licensed dietitians, and kids’ fitness programs and on-site babysitting with teachers and nannies – all while also being affordable.

    Smith did all of this when she launched Game On Fitness after 22 years in the fitness industry. She says that fitness has been a passion of hers since she was a teenager, but it took life changing events along the way to help her achieve her dream.

    “My mother was diagnosed with Primary Peritoneal Cancer in 2012 and I felt completely helpless,” explains Smith. “I decided to use my passion of fitness and love for my mother to raise money for cancer research. I started a cancer foundation called Strengthening HOPE.”

    Smith also produced a fitness DVD and donated all the proceeds to cancer research, adding that the DVD had such a massive response that Bonnie Matthews from the Dr. Oz Show awarded her national recognition.

    All of this work with cancer research helped Smith gain a large following. It was at that moment that she knew it was her chance to reach more people and help them live healthier, happier lives.

    The single mother of two was venturing out on her own in life for the first time. When she was developing her business plan for what would become Game On Fitness, she says that she knew that exercise and fitness was a huge challenge for busy parents like herself. She questioned how she would own a business and care for her children — both full-time jobs on their own — and wondered how other single parents do it all, too.

    Fast forward to June 23, 2014, which Smith says was the scariest and most amazing day of her life. “There was a moment on June 23 where I turned around and wept,” she says. “My place was packed and my family was happy. My dream became a reality.”

    At Game On Fitness there are more than 22 group fitness classes held every week. There’s a class called “Little Black Dress,” which focuses on a woman’s body and the areas most of like to tone. There’s also A Better Barre with cardio-infused Ballet Barre exercises. Other classes at Game On Fitness include Yoga Burn, Club Cardio Kick (Kick Boxing) and several boot camps.

    While you typically see women at group fitness classes, Smith says men and even children attend them too. The classes are taken by people who diversify the classes with their athletic abilities. Smith adds there are beginners and trained athletes participating in group fitness classes.

    Game On Fitness also offers TRX training, Early AM Boot Camp, kids summer dance and speed and agility classes.

    The best part about the fitness classes offered at Game On Fitness? No membership is needed to participate, Smith says. You can take a drop-in class for $10 or sign up for the Unlimited Monthly autopay for $55 per month. There is separate pricing for TRX, nutrition, personal training and the kids programs.

    To learn more, visit, check out Game On Fitness’ free app at Mind Body Connect, or call 513-592-0355.