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Read on to learn about a new space in Over-The-Rhine where entrepreneurs can test out their business ideas with a brick-and-mortar storefront.

Brick Pop-Up Shops
Mortar’s Brick Pop-Up Shops in OTR gives entrepreneurs a space to grow their businesses.

Are you an entrepreneur seeking a space to grow your business? Mortar’s Brick OTR is a 400 – square foot pop up shop located at 1327 Vine Street in Cincinnati’s Over–the–Rhine neighborhood. “We’re going to be opening another location in 2017! We’re currently scouting locations and taking proposals from additional neighborhoods,” says Allen Woods, Founding Partner and Chief Vision Caster of Mortar. It gives entrepreneurs in the community a chance to thrive. Brick Pop Up Shops started two years ago with the grand opening being Black Friday of 2014.


The mission of Brick OTR is to exist in the redeveloping neighborhoods, so the company uses terms that pertain to development or construction. “Brick represents the growth and development of physical locations,” says Woods. “Mortar represents what holds everything together – for us that is the people who actually live within a community.”

Brick wanted to develop a space for entrepreneurs who can’t find a proper spot to conduct their retail businesses on a temporary basis. It is Woods’s job to establish the creative agenda of Mortar, as well as deciding long – term plans for the company. “What we’ve found is that though Brick works great for retail, it’s also really flexible and works well for art gallery shows, product demos, workshops and other concepts – we even have an innovative virtual reality experience coming up in 2017,” he says.
Brick OTR provides entrepreneurs a testing site for their business plans. The space also provides a variety of necessities in order to run a business, such as a cash drawer and receipt printer, lighting, electricity, heat and air conditioning, remote controlled ceiling fans, WIFI, tables, hangers, garment racks, shelving and more. Along with these amenities, Mortar also has the ability to provide the entrepreneurs with their own workers to help them.

There are four pricing options for people who want to rent out Mortar’s space. The pricing includes: partial week rental (Monday to Wednesday) for $175, weekend rental (Friday to Sunday) for $300, entire week rental (Monday to Sunday) for $450, and the entire month is the best value (starts on a selected date and ends on the same date of the following month) for $1200.

If you are interested in booking your own pop up shop dates, check out, to look at the prices and availability, as well as an application to reserve a spot for your business. If you want to keep up with what Brick OTR is doing on social media, follow @BrickPopUpShops on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.