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Learn how one local lady took a skill, passed down by her grandmother, and turned it into a booming business that’ll help you stay bundled up this winter.

Founder of crochet
Maryanne Dorn, Founder of Bundle Up Crochet

They say if you do what you love for a living, you never work a day in your life. Maryanne and Alec Dorn say that couldn’t be more true for them. They are the husband and wife duo behind Bundle Up Crochet, a locally-based business specializing in hand crocheted cold weather accessories.

Maryanne learned the art of crocheting from her grandmother, knowing only how to make potholders at first. Over time, with patience and practice, her skills developed. But with the demands of earning her degree at the University of Dayton, she gradually she stopped fiddling with the needle.

However, when her post-graduation “real world” left her craving a creative outlet, though, she began crocheting again. “I felt myself needing a hobby outside of my job,” she recalls. Eventually, Maryanne realized she could make just about any accessory possible out of a needle and yarn. “I picked up crocheting again in 2012 and gifted my items to friends and family. In 2013, I sold through word of mouth to friends, family, and coworkers, and couldn’t believe how quickly the word spread of my creations.”

With encouragement from her husband, Alec, they officially launched Bundle Up Crochet in 2014. Today, the business sells crocheted goods such as hats, scarves, headbands, baby blankets and much more. Want to sport your favorite team’s colors in a cozy hat or warm scarf? Bundle Up Crochet has you covered, literally!

“My husband, Alec encouraged me to sell my crocheted ear warmers, hats, and scarves at Second Sunday on Main in Over the Rhine,” says Maryanne. “After countless hours brainstorming company names, we finally agreed that Bundle Up Crochet defined us as a business.”


Alec also helped to build their new website, as well as photographs and edits all of their product photos, and handles all of the shipping for orders. He even joins Maryanne at craft shows and events to help sell.
Bundle Up Crochet will be one of the featured vendors at the Nov. 7 Seasonably Chic Showcase. Click here to RSVP. At the event, Maryanne will unveil her special edition Cincy Chic Cowl Scarf and it will be available for special discount at the event. To learn more, visit