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A local woman launches a blog to show there’s a little geek in all of us (which is a good thing) and how to channel it.


Shamekko Early-Coleman, Founder of the SNE, LLC blog.

The SNE LLC Blog, launched by Shamekko N. Early-Coleman, is a place where readers can go to find marketing tips from a self-proclaimed marketing geek.

“I call myself a ‘marketing geek’ because I enjoy the subject and its changing landscape,” Early-Coleman explains. “Plus, I have two degrees to show for it (BBA and MBA from University of Cincinnati) and enjoy applying that knowledge in the real world. I’m the type to enjoy the commercials during ‘The Big Game’ more so than the game itself.”

Growing up, she never expected this would be her plan. Early-Coleman always figured there were “enough” blogs out there and didn’t think she could make a difference. But luckily, through conversations with business owners and creative, she realized her voice and perspective do matter, and she couldn’t be more right.

Her blog offers practical advice for business owners regarding marketing and social media. It’s complete with tips, trends, apps, real-life examples, and case studies.

“Through my experiences taking on consulting projects, I’ve noticed that business owners, especially small businesses, lack the time to put together marketing strategies for their goods/services. I like to provide practical advice and actionable tips to help remove the overwhelm,” says Early-Coleman.

Something most people would be surprised to know about this blog is that is actually started as an indie music blog, but changed when Early-Coleman realized her musician friends didn’t understand the basics of marketing. She realized she wanted to help.

Early-Coleman finds most her followers mostly through social media. By posting content on channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, she can tap into specific hashtags to drive readers to her blog.

The SNE LLC Blog is updated on a monthly basis with information derived from Early-Coleman’s personal research and random sparks of inspiration she gets. “My goal is to not be another marketing blog jam packed with think pieces of how this business and that corporation got it wrong,” she explains. “If anything, I want to provide steps on how such public blunders can be avoided in the future.”  

When asked what her favorite part of her blog is, Early-Coleman’s answer might surprise you: “My current favorite is actually the definition of a geek on my About page,” she laughs. “I feel that being a geek has such a negative stigma behind it. I’m speaking firsthand because I was teased in school as a child because I was that geek and started to doubt myself and my abilities. Now as an adult, I’m unapologetically a geek about my favorite subject.”

As for the future of SNE LLC Blog, there are a few things readers can expect. For the blog itself that includes more frequent posts, contributors of the blog, and a variety of perspectives. As for Early-Coleman’s future plans, she would enjoy hosting digital and in-person events that will continue her mission of sharing tips and advice to her readers.

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