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What you learned at your mother’s knee might be putting you at a disadvantage in the workplace, so one local expert explains how you can "Kick Conflict to the Curb."

Kay Fittes, CEO of High-Heeled Success, LLC.

In today’s workplace, every woman needs a competitive edge to reach her ultimate career goals. Competency, hard work and dedication are no longer enough. With the help of Kay Fittes, CEO of High-Heeled Success, LLC, you can set yourself apart by learning how to create visibility, clout and a commanding presence.

“What’s most important to know is this particular workshop is one piece of a much bigger and broader picture,” says Fittes. “Starting out in the mental health field with great content and years of experience, I made the decision to start my own business. What I found was no doors open. Nobody would return my calls and I hit a brick wall.”

At this point, Fittes began asking herself “what do I need to learn to be successful?” Her answer was High-Heeled Success – a six-part system comprised of Power-Personal Esteem, Power-Professional Esteem, Power-Verbal Language, Power-Nonverbal Language, Power-Presentations and Power-Packaging.

This particular workshop “Kick Conflict to the Curb: Steps for Coping with Conflict at Work,” comes in at the section Power-Professional Esteem. “My target audience is women in the workplace who are experiencing two main things: saboteurs or they know the way they are dealing with conflict is not serving their career effectively,” says Fittes.

“This comes in two forms,” Fittes continues. “Some people are ‘stuffers,’ which is an individual that hates confrontation and runs away from it. The other end of the spectrum are those women who jump in with both feet and are ready to duke it out with anyone. Both of those behaviors are career suicide.”

While there are conflict resolution programs just about anywhere, one uniqueness with High-Heeled Success is that they are women only. “We look at the foundation of why this is a problem in the first place,” says Fittes. “Many women, myself included, grew up in a way that their entire culture taught them behaviors such as smile, be nice and get along with everyone.”

Fittes has come to learn that this can be a huge set up for women in the workplace because they become so concerned and fearful of being liked, that they often let disgraceful behavior go unchecked. This workshop is geared to teaching behavioral skills so that women cannot only deal with this when it happens, but it prevent it from happening in the first place.

“My goal in any workshop I do is to have women leave there absolutely knowing the first step they’re going to take in changing their behavior,” says Fittes. “With this workshop, I want women to overcome the way of thinking that it’s just ‘the way they are’ – but just because that’s the way you’ve always done it, doesn’t mean that you have to continue henceforth and forever more. You can change.”

Yearly, Fittes holds roughly four to six public workshops and is a presenter of over 2,500 programs – speaking to almost 100,000 women. She also has an executive coaching program and is the author of “Achieving High-Heeled Success: 50 Ways for Career-Oriented Women to Succeed.”

According to Fittes, there are new and exciting things planned for the rest of 2016. “For the first time, we’re going to be doing a full weekend retreat and creating VIP days, where my individual clients can come together for a day and meet in a more intimate setting,” she says. “We also already have our next workshop scheduled for June 18th, which will be “Equilibrium in High Heels: Successfully Balancing Work and Life.”

To learn more about High-Heeled Success Workshops, visit Here, you can opt in for the mailing list or reserve your seat to the “Kick Conflict to the Curb” workshop on Saturday, March 5 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Crowne Plaza Cincinnati Blue Ash. Use the special code “CC149” for the Early Bird price of $149.

As a supporter of Dress for Success, Fittes also encourages all attendees to bring clothing, shoes, jewelry, purses or personal toiletry items that they are willing to donate to help other women thrive in the workplace.

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When Erin Flynn’s life after college didn’t go as planned, she had to find her own path. Now she helps other college graduates discover theirs.

Erin Flynn, Founder of Post Grad Co.

Erin Flynn, founder of Post Grad Co., does not consider herself a life coach or an expert, but she does know about life in the real world. Like many young people, her post graduation story didn’t go quite as she planned and she abruptly learned that she would have to make her own path to follow. She also discovered that she wasn’t alone; many successful people had bumpy paths to success.

With that in mind, she founded Post Grad Co. as a sort of class for those who have already graduated college to figure out whether the path they are taking is the right one for them and to learn how to define their own lives.

“Post Grad Co. is a little corner of the inter webs that inspires women who are looking to design their own path, while simultaneously confirming and encouraging the many doubts, first hand lessons, and experiences that we all have along the way,” Flynn explains. “By creating this space, I hope to hear from fellow post grads, helping them to seek purpose, meaning, and overall happiness. It’s all about “not following the way things have always been done, and instead, celebrating your own journey towards personal happiness.”

Post Grad Co. encourages others with a class-like curriculum, with “lessons” in subjects such as path, career, and style, reminding readers that the people they compare themselves to are also looking for their own paths and that one can find one’s own path in life at any time. Flynn also gives out weekly assignments, such as figuring out priorities and eliminating distractions, via e-mail to help readers focus on their goals.

The inspiration to create a company devoted to helping others find their path was Flynn’s own search for her path in life and her realization.

“I learned early and abruptly that one, I wouldn’t be getting my dream job by climbing a corporate ladder and two, a path worth taking wouldn’t be one that resembled the smooth black pavement left by the summer construction workers,” Flynn says. “It was important to me to create a sense of community and a space where I could share past experiences and stories that others could relate to. The goal is for readers to feel welcome and inspired on their own unique journey, with the encouragement and support of others! By openly discussing my own experiences, I’ll hopefully be encouraging and helping others to grow and learn in a positive way.”

To learn more, visit and sign up for weekly assignments.