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Finding a career isn’t always easy. See how one local organization is providing resources that pave a new career path for area job seekers.

Northminster Church offers career training for job seekers to help them find just what it is they're looking for in a career.
Northminster Church offers career training for job seekers to help them find just what it is they’re looking for in a career.

You can always find a job, it’s finding a career that’s difficult. It can take some people longer than others to discover not only what they’re good at but what they enjoy doing as well. When you’re searching for a job you want it to not only fit your schedule, whether you’re entering or returning to the job market, to make work-life balance easier, but you also want to enjoy going into work each day.

While we all have off days when we kind of just want to stay home, eat a lot of ice cream and watch a lot of Netflix, you really don’t want to wind up somewhere that will leave you feeling like you’re actually going to work (or at least that’s the goal, right?)

To help others find hope, Northminster Church offers job and career coaching to help prepare you for what you’re really looking for in a career.

The inspiration for the career training and job search program arose when Executive Director Diane Kinsella noticed that some coming through the group were taking the classes but not putting those methods into practices. “I wanted to support that implementation process better,” she explains. “This was a ‘beta test’ group this summer to see if we could then offer a group more times in a year as well.”

The previous session was an eight week program that started on July 27. The group, led by Kinsella, Gina Meale and Kristy Calhoun, was limited to 10 participants who were either new to the search or had been in transition for a while.

“Basic Training,” as they call it, consists of the eight weeks of preparing you to look for a career. The four training sessions covered resumes, LinkedIn profiles, branding and marketing tools, networking, recruiters, interviewing and communicating your message.

At the conclusion of that training, the group then started a weekly coaching and accountability group to accelerate the speed with which you land your next job.

This group is for those who are motivated to make progress in their search-and who would like the individualized attention that a small group size affords. The cost to attend the coaching and training sessions offered by Northminster Church is $15.

Kinsella says that the goal of the program is to help participants gain greater traction faster toward completing a job search or landing a new job.

The upcoming job search group beings on September 14 from 1:30 p.m. until 3:00 p.m.. The 10-week course is best for those who are coping with downsizing or looking to return to the job market.

Each week will feature a different speaker, each with a different area of expertise, about conducting a contemporary, successful job search. While there is a sequence to the program, you may join at any time. Participants are also provided with a StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment and individual Gallup Certified Strengths Performance coaching.

To register for the next job coaching session, click here. You can also learn more about the program by visiting, calling 513-931-5777 or emailing Kinsella at