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    From a high-end fashion designer to a foodie blogger, learn about this local mom of two (soon to be three!) who’s taking over the Internet one delectable delight at a time! Keep reading for all the delicious details.

    Fashion designer Amy Kirchen hung up her heels to stay at home with her girls and launch a food blog, The Guiding Spoon.
    Fashion designer Amy Kirchen hung up her heels to stay at home with her girls and launch a food blog, The Guiding Spoon.

    Former fashion designer Amy Kirchen did a 360 in her fabulous heels to focus on her family last year. Now, she’s taking on a new challenge – a food blog – that she can do right from the comfort of her kitchen.

    The Guiding Spoon is a food blog, created by Kirchen, to encourage others and inspire them to cook and bake. “I owned a boutique and custom clothing line for around five years in Cincinnati, and closed my business last year to focus on my small children,” she explains.

    With the extra time she was spending at home being momma to her two little girls, Kirchen found that she was struggling to plan meals and felt a little intimidated by the kitchen. While searching for the encouragement she needed to get in there and cook, she also found inspiration.

    Kirchen says she was inspired to launch The Guiding Spoon in order to help others who need kitchen guidance with a little encouragement. She wanted to be able to help them find the confidence to cook delicious meals without being intimidated.


    “I started The Guiding Spoon to inspire others to get their hands dirty in the kitchen (besides cleaning!),” she says. “The kitchen is for cooking and I believe it should be all frills and no fuss.”

    To help with the stress that can sometimes accompany a new hobby, she says that she likes to throw in dashes of humor and relatable life happenings.

    She’s now got a year under her belt of creating fun recipes, learning to love her kitchen, and starting to see the art of cooking and baking as something similar to the art she practiced before closing her boutique’s doors.

    To help give readers confidence in preparing the recipes she offers online, Kirchen photographs step-by-step instructions to stop you from asking yourself, “Is it supposed to look like this?”

    While she has been home for a year, Kirchen says she only just recently decided to launch her blog. However, despite its new release in August 2016, The Guiding Spoon has already enjoyed some celebrity limelight, as she was recently featured in a BuzzFeed article.

    Amy Kirchen, Founder of The Guiding Spoon
    Amy Kirchen, Founder of The Guiding Spoon

    When describing the experience of being featured on BuzzFeed, Kirchen says it was insane. “I think there were like 40,000 readers in a few hours!” she says. “My site viewers and followers exploded. It was amazing exposure!”

    Of the many recipes Kirchen has featured on her blog, she says that her husband’s grandmother’s Apfel Kuchen (apple cake) is her favorite. A recipe that’s well over 100 years old, you can check out the recipe here.

    A lot is on the horizon for Kirchen and her family, as they’ll soon be adopting a little girl from Armenia. She says that in addition to their new family member, she plans to continue “creating recipes that her followers will love” and building on the content she’s already published for readers.

    To learn more and follow along with Kirchen and her blog, visit You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter and like her on Facebook.

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      From small town Ohio to the beaches of Florida and back again, this local blogger, digital designer, vegetarian and pet lover is sharing the adventures of her life on her chic website and blog. Keep reading for all the chic and sparkly details.

      Sarah Dickerson uses her blog, Chic Sprinkles, to share her life adventures.
      Sarah Dickerson uses her blog, Chic Sprinkles, to share her life adventures.

      From Design Sponge to The Everygirl, Sarah Dickerson uses her corner of the internet to share her life adventures on the blog Chic Sprinkles Design and Photography.

      A dog-loving designer, Dickerson uses her blog to not only share her life’s adventures, but to share photography, design, laughter, and a look at the world from the eyes of her shih tzu Coco Bean.

      “She is my muse, child, and my bff,” laughs Dickerson.

      Sarah Dickerson and her Shih
      Sarah Dickerson and her shih tzu Coco Bean

      “I am a designer, photographer, animal lover, plant eater, wife, and dog mom,” says Dickerson. “History fascinates me, Steve Martin makes me laugh, old white brick homes steal my heart, God is always the first and last person I talk to daily, and I will always prefer to hang out with the dog while at a party.”

      That’s why when you read Dickerson’s blog, Chic Sprinkles, you’ll find that there’s a variety of topics covered, but all of them serve as a creative outlet to combine Dickerson’s passions.

      Dickerson graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning with bachelor’s degree in digital design. Now, with a full-time job in corporate America, Dickerson enjoys using Chic Sprinkles as her creative outlet.

      “I needed a creative outlet to design the things that I love,” she says. “Started a blog opened up a whole other door. It was challenging at first because I had no idea what I was doing, and I’m naturally a shy person. Putting myself out there was a little weird for me, but I’m so very glad I kept going. It has connected me with so many awesome people from all over the world.”

      In recent years, as Chic Sprinkles has continued to grow, Dickerson has opted to do less but with more passion. She’s mainly focused on design, photography, and animals, which she has done through Pretty Fluffy and

      In addition to Chic Sprinkles, Dickerson is also a featured writer on the website Pretty Fluffy, which features pet-friendly DIYs, animal trends, cruelty-free/organic picks, and stylized photography.

      Since joining the Pretty Fluffy team in 2012, Dickerson has written plenty of feature articles as well as threw in her hand at designing a new eBook called “52 Weeks of Treats,” which she worked on with Pretty Fluffy founder Serena Faber Nelson.

      “It’s a go-to book for simple and healthy dog treat recipes,” says Dickerson. “We’ve been featured in Modern Dog Magazine as well as numerous websites for our easy DIYs, eBook, and blog features. It’s been amazing, and it all started with a little blog that I thought would only last a few weeks.”

      Dickerson says she and her content have been featured on The Everygirl, Modern Dog Magazine, Cesar’s Way, Dog Milk, Design Sponge.

      To learn more about Chic Sprinkles Design and Photography, click here. You can also check her out over on Pretty Fluffy or follow along on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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        A fashionista, creator, mom of two, and wife, Jamie Buchanan is the founder behind "Hello There, Lady!" a life and style blog. Read on to learn more about this local woman who uses her blog as the perfect outlet for her creativity, imagination and excuses to go shopping.

        Jamie Buchanan is the founder of Hello There, Lady!, a life and style blog in Cincinnati.
        Jamie Buchanan is the founder of Hello There, Lady!, a life and style blog in Cincinnati.

        Jamie Buchanan has always been a creator. She says she finds immense pleasure in giving the ideas in her head an outlet, which she does through “Hello There, Lady!,” a locally-based life and style blog.

        The blog, which focuses on Buchanan’s personal style, her favorite top picks in beauty and fashion, and the food she loves to make and eat, started out as an inspiration five years ago when she was searching for her creative outlet.

        Buchanan shares life and style tips to readers as she navigates the life of a full-time, working mother.
        Buchanan shares style tips – from fashion to beauty – as she navigates the life of a full-time, working mother.

        “As the blogging game has amplified in the past couple of years, I wanted my outlet to be something a little different,” she explains, adding that she wanted to create a place where the food was delicious but not difficult to make, and the fashion ideas were wearable, approachable and affordable.

        “I love a good designer piece but I also love a great sale more than anything,” says Buchanan. “To be able to bring what I find and love to others that have the same principles and same budgets is what I’m all about.”

        While she doesn’t necessarily want readers to fall in love with the pieces she showcases, Buchanan says she does want them to know that there are options out there that are not only affordable but also help you look and feel your best.

        Buchanan also shares food recipes and meals on her blog, Hello There, Lady!
        Buchanan also shares food recipes and meals on her blog, Hello There, Lady!

        The topics at “Hello There, Lady!” are consistent and focus on fashion, style, mom life, food, beauty picks and trends, and everything in between. “It’s truly a life and style blog,” Buchanan says.

        When it comes to running the blog, Buchanan says that the thing she enjoys the most is that it gives her an outlet to do something different. “I work full-time in sales, I’m a full-time wife and mom, and sometimes I just want some me time,” she says. “I’ve never been one to pamper myself on my down time, but I like to create and do something. I enjoy sitting down each week and coming up with fun content to showcase what I see in the world around me.”

        As for her favorite post, Buchanan says that her favorites are the weekly outfit posts. As a collaboration with her husband, who serves as the behind-the-scenes guy for her outfit photography. But of that category, Buchanan says, her favorite post was on wearing black for summer. “We had a kidless afternoon and were able to have a bit of fun shooting the look, making jokes, and we laughed almost the entire time,” she adds. “It’s not always so serious on the blog!”

        Buchanan's favorite posts on Hello There, Lady! are outfit posts.
        Buchanan’s favorite posts on Hello There, Lady! are outfit posts.

        Buchanan says that 2017 is going to be a very different year for “Hello There, Lady!” After recently giving birth to her second child, a girl named Quinn, Buchanan says that she will certainly be taking time away from the blog to adapt to her newest addition and change in family life.

        “With that being said, I think it will bring a different touch of ‘mom life’ to the blog, while still allowing me to bring the same fashion, beauty, and lifestyle posts that I’ve always created.”

        Additionally, Buchanan says that she will be exploring different collaboration ideas while also taking the opportunity to partner with other brands that will bring different products to the blog. Buchanan says you’ll want to stay tuned for more information.

        To learn more about “Hello There, Lady!” visit You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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        See how a local fashionista has fun with her style - at work and play - and shows you how to do the same on her blog.

        The Professional Prep
        Kayla Parsley shows how to take workwear to the weekend on her blog The Professional Prep.

        Looking to add excitement to your current wardrobe? Check out Kayla Parsley’s fashion blog, The Professional Prep, for women ages 20-35.

        The name of the blog is a play on words. “You can take it as someone who is professionally prepping herself or someone with a preppy style who dresses professionally,” Parsley explains. In her blog, she features an outfit of the day, upcoming trends, and do-it-yourself projects. “I’m really big on not having to change from the workplace to the weekend,” she explains. “A lot of what I wear, you can wear all the time.”

        Kayla Parsley shows how to take workwear to the weekend.

        From being an Account Executive for the Cincinnati Reds to a fashion blogger at night, Parsley is able to successfully translate her style from the workplace to the evening. During the day, her job consists of planning corporate outings and fundraisers at the Great American Ball Park. She also assists with special themed nights, such as Lauren Hill Night, Strike Out Stroke Night, and Girl Scout Night. At night, she works on her blog.

        When Parsley puts her outfits together, she loves to add a splash of color. “I wear a lot of color, all year round, it’s not even just a summer thing,” she says. In her post, “Pretty in Pink: The Female Young Professionals’ Guide to Business Casual,” Parsley discussed her outfit of the day when she went to an important appointment with a company to purchase a suite for 10 Reds games at Great American Ball Park. She believes that adding a pop of color adds personality to your outfit. “I fully believe that you can embrace business casual/business professional in the workplace and still rock something that is fabulous and on trend,” she says.

        Parsley also posts about trends that pique her interest. For example, a trend that she loves, especially in the fall, is discussed in “Fall Favs: Leather and Fur.” It fuses an “outfit of the day” with the fall fur trend where she wears a Michael Kors fur vest, along with an Ann Taylor leather pencil skirt. “It’s the perfect outfit that works for the office and can be worn for a night out as well.”


        Parsley has experienced great success with her do-it-yourself projects as well. “Most of the time, it’s stuff that I think is really cute, but expensive and I wouldn’t want to pay for it,” she says. Her biggest project to date has been her Rebecca Minkoff inspired tassel bag and it’s her favorite blog post thus far. In fact, she had so many people message her asking if she would make one for them too that she opened her own Etsy shop. “I got so many people that I couldn’t even keep track of the orders,” Parsley says. To date, her shop has sold more than 100 bags.

        Parsley began her blogging journey three years ago by following multiple fashion bloggers on Instagram. She gets the inspiration for her ideas from the people around her. “I might see another blogger trying a trend and I’ll try it out,” says Parsley. “Find things that I already have in my closet that I think I can put together.”
        To learn more about The Professional Prep blog, visit or check out Parsley’s Instagram.

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        A local fashion and beauty blogger turned traveler just celebrated the one-year anniversary of her blog. See what’s new for year two and beyond.

        Molly Moran of See Molly Blog
        Molly Moran of See Molly Blog

        Cincy Chic: Tell us more about See Molly Blog!
        Molly Moran, Founder of See Molly Blog: See Molly Blog is an online extension of myself, my little piece of the internet where I can be creative, and share the things I love via photos and writing.

        Cincy Chic: What inspired you to start your blog?
        Moran: The inspiration behind my blog See Molly Blog, was honestly fear and hesitation. I have been a follower of fashion and beauty blogs for years, and was always too afraid and self conscious to start one of my own, until September 22, 2015. I decided that it was time to throw my inhibitions aside, and do something that really interested and excited me. The title “See Molly Blog” is sort of a proclamation to the world. Hey world! See me blog, and see me say yes to new things and no to being afraid.

        Cincy Chic: What types of topics do you cover in See Molly Blog?
        Moran: When I started See Molly Blog, I intended it to be mostly a fashion and beauty blog, but it has quickly evolved into a personal journal of my life. Nothing is off limits. Of course I love sharing my favorite fashion pieces, but I also love tackling subjects like body confidence, and sharing things going on in my life, like my recent engagement! I really want my readers to feel like friends, and friends talk about any and everything.

        Cincy Chic: What’s been your favorite blog post thus far?
        Moran: I’m going to cheat and say it’s a tie! One would be my post on body confidence. That post was very close to my heart because body confidence is something I’ve struggled with, and still continue to struggle with, and I felt the need to reach out and let others struggling know that they’re not alone, and that we’re all beautiful, and valuable. The second post would be the post that chronicled the story of my engagement. Again, I love sharing personal milestones in my life, and my engagement was most definitely the happiest day of my life thus far! (Something tells me the wedding will top it, though)

        Cincy Chic: What makes See Molly Blog unique?
        Moran: I think I make See Molly Blog unique. Fashion and beauty blogging has become so widespread that really the thing separating each one from the other is its author, and the unique flair they give their blog. I try to write my posts in my own unique voice, and share my unique style, and personal experiences, because I know those things are my own, and no one else’s.

        Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for you or your blog?
        Moran: See Molly Blog just turned 1 on September 22, and I think there are a lot of new things on the horizon for year two. I have some new series planned, Wedding Wednesdays and Monthly Favorites, for example, and I’d also love to share some make up tutorials and test more products for my readers.

        Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along on your journey?
        Moran: Readers can follow my blog directly at or any of other associated social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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          Local mom Katie Scheper is turning the little moments in her family’s life into a big blog of adventure, cuisine, and photographs. Keep reading to learn more about how she shares her tales of travel, food, and life with children through her popular blog, “It’s The Little Things.”

          The Little Things chronicles the adventures of Katie Scheper's family.
          The Little Things chronicles the adventures of Katie Scheper’s family.

          There are plenty of family-focused blogs, lifestyle blogs, and food blogs. But have you ever ran across a blog that kind of covers all things children, family, fun, and food? Well, that’s what Katie Scheper is doing with The Little Things.

          “The Little Things blog is one of those rare blogs that doesn’t really have a genre,” she explains. “It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that.”

          Thanks to the freedom of a genre-less blog, Scheper is able to blog about whatever is of interest to her that she feels might also be of interest to other people too.

          “If we eat at a great restaurant or do something fun around town, I can’t help but try to spread the word about it,” she says.

          Whether it’s a delicious recipe that the family loved or a creative craft the kids did one day, Scheper shares it. In addition to recipes and crafts, Scheper says she also blogs about organizing tips, ideas for fun, and the family’s travels – whether near or far.

          But all of this hard work that Scheper has put into her blog since launching The Little Things back in January 2009 came from an inspiration (or as she says, obsession) with taking pictures.

          “I was a stay-at-home mother with small children, and an obsession with taking pictures,” says Scheper. “I read so many great blogs and thought that it might be fun to start my own blog to share pictures of the children and stories about our shenanigan with family members.”

          Scheper admits, at the time of launching her blog, she didn’t really see past The Little Things being anything more than an outlet with which she could communicate with family and friends about the little things that were going on in her family’s life. “It wasn’t long, though, before I wanted to turn it into something more and speak to more people to share our adventures with,” she adds.

          Now that her blog has become a much bigger part of her life, Scheper says that she hopes to help inspire other parents – inspire them to find things to do with their family. “Whether it be exploring an area of town they haven’t been to before, trying a new recipe, or even discovering a new game to play together,” she says. “Anytime I can inspire others to have fun or any sort of it is a win for the blog.”

          The Little Things founder Katie Scheper with her children.
          The Little Things founder Katie Scheper with her children.

          In the 7 years since she started The Little Things, Scheper has a list of some of her favorite posts.

          “I have to list ‘Our Favorite Homemade Pizza Recipes’ as a favorite because it’s the blog post I refer to the most,” she says. “Pizza is my go-to easy dinner, and it’s a crowd pleaser. My kids love to come in the kitchen and help on pizza night, my eldest makes the sauce and my youngest rolls out the dough.”

          There’s also the post from a day she spent in Hamilton. “This is personally one of my favorite posts because something I love about the Greater Cincinnati area is that you can find so many interesting things to do and places to explore,” explains Scheper. “Until a few years ago, I had never been to Hamilton and never realized how many great things there are to do in that area. I love to discover new (to us) things to do and share that with others.”

          Another one of Scheper’s favorite posts is Cheap Date Nights in Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky. “Date Nights are very important in our house,” she says. “I love hanging out with my four children, but getting out with my husband is important too. I started this list of cheap date nights for my own personal use, because we can’t afford to have expensive outings every week. After working on the list it occurred to me that I should share it with my readers because I’m sure we are not the only ones who want to curb costs on date nights.”

          Aside from all the work she does on her blog, Scheper is also the founder of Cards by Katie. The inspiration for this Etsy shop arise when she was looking for a way to earn a little “fun money.”

          “Whenever my family hosted a party I always took time to make special invitations for the celebration,” she explains. “When I stopped teaching in 2008 to stay home with my children I decided to turn that hobby in a small business.”

          However, over the last 8 years, Cards by Katie has grown. There are new card designs added whenver inspiration strikes.

          Scheper says she creates invitations, personalized stationery, holiday cards, and just about anything else her customers request. “I even have a section of my Cards by Katie Etsy shop dedicated to Photo Note Cards, so my photographs don’t just end up on the blog – they also become notecards sometimes,” she says.

          Scheper adds that the goal with Cards by Katie is to create beautiful but reasonably priced homemade note cards. “Who doesn’t love getting a sweet note in the mail?” she says.

          Scheper says that there are a lot of things on her list that she wants to write about or update on the blog. She also plans to spend the summer lining up giveaways to help liven things up and get people excited about trying new things and going to new places.

          Learn more about The Little Things by clicking here. You can also follow along on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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          Learn about a new Cincinnati-based fashion blog chronicling the budget friendly style, adventures and musings of a local fashionista.

          Success on Stilettos is a Cincinnati-based blog that
          Success on Stilettos is a Cincinnati-based blog that shares the budget-friendly style and musings of local blogger Annie Winegardner.

          Summer is right around the corner, and local fashion blog, Success on Stilettos, is bringing us this summer’s hottest trends.

          Success on Stilettos is a Cincinnati-based fashion blog chronicling the budget-friendly style and musings of local blogger Annie Winegardner.

          She says effortless bohemian style is still topping the trends, and we’ll be seeing more trends emerging in the Cincinnati area this summer. “I think the off-the-shoulder trend is a big trend for this summer,” Winegardner adds. “I’m seeing it everywhere in dresses and tops. I’ve purchased several pieces already that are off-the shoulder and I’m loving it. I’m also loving all the bell-sleeved trend. It’s a slightly more up-and-coming trend but I’ definitely going to be rocking it this summer.”

          Winegardner likes to shop places that keep her on-trend, but don’t break the bank. Dressing well doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and online stores can keep you trendy for less, she says. “I love places like Topshop, Old Navy, ASOS, H&M, Chicwish and SheInside for on-trend pieces that won’t break the bank,” Winegardner explains. “For work clothes, I love Loft, Anne Taylor and the Limited. You can always find sale items there and get great deals.”

          Annie Winegardner, Founder of the blog Success on Stilettos.
          Annie Winegardner, Founder of the blog Success on Stilettos.

          While Cincinnati might not be on the same fashion caliber as New York or Chicago, the city holds its own in terms of personal style and creativity, Winegardner says. “It’s funny, because you wouldn’t necessarily think Cincinnati would be this fashion hub, but it absolutely is,” she adds. “When I moved here, I was so excited to find that it’s such a stylish city (walking around in OTR and downtown gives me so much fashion inspiration!). Not only that, but we have these awesome blogger gals, each with their own style, it’s great!”

          With buzzing fashion inspiration everywhere and the need to dress up for her job, Winegardner found herself ahead of the pack in terms of style. “I always found myself being more dressed up than those around me, and initially started posting pictures of my outfits on Instagram,” Winegardner says. “I was getting a ton of questions about what I was wearing; where I got things, how I found great pieces or such great deals, so I decided to start writing about it.”

          “My blog is here to show women, especially young professional women, that you really can dress as well as women in magazines or those you see who blog for a living and not completely break the bank,” Winegardner says. “I think how you put yourself together everyday is important, because it’s an expression of who you are, but it’s not something that has to cost a fortune.”

          To keep up with this summer’s trends and Winegardner’s happenings around town, you can follow Success on Stilettos on Facebook, and read the blog at

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          Bringing together fashion and feminism is the idea behind Laura Wize’s blog, Oh Wize One. Learn more about this life and style blog that’s on a mission.

          Laura Wize, Founder of the blog Oh Wize One
          Laura Wize, Founder of the blog Oh Wize One

          Cincy Chic: What is Oh Wize One?
          Laura Wize, Founder of Oh Wize One: Oh Wize One is a life and style blog.

          Cincy Chic: What inspired you to launch the blog?
          Wize: My love of writing and style inspired Oh Wize One. I wanted style to feel achievable and accessible, style isn’t a privilege, it’s a choice. Women and their style are so multidimensional I wanted to shed light on how intelligence and fashion go hand in hand. I am a poet, a spoken word artist and my last name is actually Wize so my friends from time to time would call me “The Wize One” so when it was time to name my blog it seemed fitting.

          Cincy Chic: Is there anyone who helps you with the posts?
          Wize: I am a one woman shop right now. I do call in favors from my friends to proofread my work before I publish a post, it’s always nice to have second set of eyes. Blogging is very time consuming, it takes a lot to make the finished product look effortless. I create the content, I style the looks and I run my social media. The only thing I can’t take credit for is photographing my style looks, my daughter is my photographer.

          Cincy Chic: When did you launch Oh Wize One?
          Wize: I launched in March 2015.

          Cincy Chic: What types of topics do you cover on the blog?
          Wize: I cover fashion, DIY projects and I also talk about issues affecting women. I like to think that my blog is the place where fashion and feminism have fun. What you wear and how you think about yourself as a woman go hand in hand. Style is so undeniable because when you look good you feel good and when you feel good you want to look good. I also have a secret agenda to change the perception that the Midwest isn’t fashionable.

          Cincy Chic: What do you enjoy most about running Oh Wize One?
          Wize: The conversations that I get to have with women. I love that I get to interact online with women from all over the world. It’s really rewarding when someone tells me that they were inspired to take a risk because of something I suggested and that can be anything from adding leopard print to your wardrobe or breaking up your boyfriend.

          Cincy Chic: What’s been your favorite post thus far on the blog?
          Wize: I wrote a post on “How A Crop Top Ruined My Relationship” that is my favorite post. I felt like I really encompassed how style affects your everyday life. Sometimes just having the confidence to get dressed is the first step to moving in the right direction.

          Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Oh Wize One?
          Wize: I really want to expand the conversation on style and collaborate with other stylish ladies in Cincinnati.

          Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
          Wize: Readers can learn more at or by following Oh Wize One on social media: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.