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A local family-owned boutique concept is hitting it big. Learn more about the women's fashion, home décor and gift boutique that just opened a new location in Anderson on Beechmont Ave.


Rose & Remington opened a new boutique location in Beechmont.

Cincy Chic: What is Rose & Remington?
Lisa Jones of Rose & Remington: Rose & Remington is an eclectic boutique and home store with five locations in Ohio. We carry affordable, chic, and empowering items.

Cincy Chic: Tell us about your new Beechmont store, when did you open?
Jones: Our Beechmont community welcomed Rose & Remington in early December 2016.

Rose & Remington features an eclectic collection of apparel, jewelry, and home goods.

Cincy Chic: What makes this eclectic boutique so unique?
Jones: What makes Rose & Remington unique is the wide range of inventory we offer. Each store offers something special for every person that walks through the door. Our exceptional customer service is also something we truly enjoy expressing to each customer who shops with us. The Beechmont store is unique because we are a breath of fresh air to the community. We are constantly thanked for opening this location because women now have someone different to shop than a big box store. When a customer walks in, our goal is to build a relationship with that person. We love helping them shop for their outfit or for their new special home item.

Cincy Chic: Why is Rose & Remington Beechmont one of the city’s best kept secrets?
Jones: Our best form of advertisement is word of mouth. That being said Beechmont is no longer a kept secret; only because everyone has to share their experience at our store with their friends and family!

Cincy Chic: What types of products can customers find at the store?
Jones: We carry a wide variety of women’s clothing and accessories. Our Lebanon and Beechmont locations have the awesome opportunity of having a designated home section. Our unique home items include small decor, signs, florals, chandeliers, and custom home furniture.

Cincy Chic: Can you give us a price range for items?
Jones: This is something that is truly hard to pinpoint because of the wide variety of products we offer. For our clothing, we have items as low as $12.99. For our jewelry, we have items at low as $2.99. Our price points are affordable for anyone.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Rose & Remington this year?
Jones: Yes! Rose & Remington is always growing. We are excited to announce that our Florence location will soon be added to our family.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along with the store?
Jones: Stop by and visit us at our Beechmont location! We’re at 454 Ohio Pike in Cincinnati. We are also active on Facebook and Instagram. To get more insider information, join our email list. You can also visit us 24 hours a day at

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Check out an OTR-based multicultural, multipurpose boutique that’s helping people experience culture, businesses and events in new ways.

Sweet Sistah Splash gives local Cincinnatians a chance to explore a different culture and shop items from around the world.
Sweet Sistah Splash gives local Cincinnatians a chance to explore different cultures and shop items from around the world.

Are you living in the Cincinnati area and want to experience different cultures? Sweet Sistah Splash, located on Sycamore Street in Over-The-Rhine, has a variety of classes, programs,events, and sells items that represent different parts of the world.

The name of the shop says that they “support women of all businesses, women of color,” says Nzingha Byrd, co-owner of Sweet Sistah Splash. The “sistah” part indicates an ethnic spin, and the “splash” portion of the business has to do with collaboration. “Splash indicates what I do, what she does, coming together, and splashing all over the city, whether it has to do with the programs, different artists and consigners that are on our shelves,” says Byrd. The mission of the business is to empower community and cultural education.

bgv_ad_2Sweet Sistah splash serves as a multicultural, multipurpose boutique. The storefront serves as a consignment shop, where Native American medicine bags and dream catchers, Japanese and Asian-inspired bags, artwork from Jamaica, and a lot of African art, books, attire, and jewelry are sold. Also, local artists are given the opportunity to make money by selling their items in their shop.

It’s also a bookstore where there are books about African experiences and culture, such as health, nonfiction, fiction, relationships, and even a few cookbooks. The shop also opens their doors for community events like a cupcake social, book releases, etc. Additionally, the store hosts regular programs in their space, such as Naughty Networking, where they invite companies like Pure Romance to come in, Belly Dancing, Movie Club With a Purpose, Rhyme A Reason, Open Mic Nights, and Yoga. Yoga, along with a meditation circle, is a part of Sweet Sistah Sundays, which is Byrd’s favorite program. The program is special to Byrd because it started in her living room a couple of years ago with two of her best friends. After a sleepover one night, the three of them decided to meditate, pray together, do some yoga, and then had some breakfast together.

They decided to keep the tradition, and they started to invite other “sistahs” into the space, and it still goes on to this day. “We are always trying to meet the needs of the community through programs and really figure out what the people want and bring it,” says Byrd.

Sweet Sistah Splash is a unique business for the Over-The-Rhine community. It is a personal brand that came naturally from Byrd and her team. Her business promotes individuality of everyone who comes into the space, and believes that nobody is the same. “The programs that we have are a direct representation of who we are as individuals. The programs don’t have a blueprint, a curriculum, or what type of event that we have in our space,” says Byrd. “All of the events that we have, they grow really organically from our heart, from our souls, so everything that we do is fresh and new, nobody else is doing it.”

There is never a typical day at Sweet Sistah Splash because it is based on the program happening. Byrd’s favorite thing about working for the business is the diversity offered through their programs. “It’s cool that we can have events that can really be beneficial and inspiring to the entire Cincinnati community, whether we are focusing on children, healthy relationships, health and wellness, or women that are entering into menopausal age,“ she says. “We cover so many different things in our space and it’s always exciting to see what comes into the space next.”

Sweet Sistah Splash is located at 1218 Sycamore St. in OTR. To learn more, visit their website, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also contact Byrd directly at: 513-332-1575.