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We chat with the dynamic duo behind an event helping to improve and build your personal brand image, from your wardrobe choices to your online presence.

Laura Wize and
Laura Wize and Kim Bolden, Founders of BOLD Creative Solutions, LLC.

Are you a creative professional looking to revamp your image? “Drawing interest to your creative endeavors or your business attraction starts with the eye. Once you’ve caught someone’s eye, you can then begin to communicate your message,” says Laura Wize, co-owner and consultant at BOLD Creative solutions, LLC.

BOLD Creative Solutions, LLC hosted an event called, “Image is Everything: The Basics of Building Your Brand” on November 12 at the Cincinnati Fire Museum, which was the first lecture in a series surrounding the topic of brand image. “We want to continue the conversation on branding and how to effectively use social media,” says Wize.

BOLD Creative Solutions is a consulting and development firm and is the company hosting the event. The company works to enhance the careers of creative professionals and small businesses by administering information needed to expand their brands and enhance their influence.


Wize and Kim Bolden, fellow co-owner of BOLD Creative Solutions, LLC, perform as spoken word artists, so they are creatives themselves and have planned and produced events around the Cincinnati area for seven years. “We started this talk series to create a sense of community with local creatives,“ she says. This was the first talk of the series and speakers covered various aspects of image including: personal image, graphic design, and image on social media. The talk provided a chance to start a dialogue about taking the first steps to becoming a creative professional by carefully thinking about their personal image and branding.

The target audience of the events include creative professionals, performance artists, poets, visual artists, singers, make-up artists, and anyone who plans to use social media as a marketing tool. “This is also perfect for small business owners because establishing a brand image is essential when you are just getting started,” says Wize. “It attracts potential clients and creates rapport with your existing customers.”

Laura Wize, Co-Founder of BOLD Creative
Laura Wize, Co-Founder of BOLD Creative Solutions, LLC

The event also included a panel that gave Wize and Bolden a chance to talk about building an affective image, which is important because it’s sometimes the only thing holding your business back. “When you are starting a business or trying to take your creativity to the next level, you need to be able to communicate without words in a market that is highly influenced by social media and visual marketing,” she says.

Wize’s favorite things about the event is that it creates a new community of people who want to talk about branding. “Cincinnati is starting to buzz with very cool artists and small businesses,” says Wize. “We feel that making connections and networking with each other is the best way to create a market for everyone to be successful.”

The event included a variety of speakers, like Wize, Bolden, Saadia Solomon-Mingo, a makeup artist with a YouTube channel, Annie Winegardner, a marketing manager at Top Golf and writes a blog called “Success on Stilettos,” and Tiffany Stewart, who runs The Virtual Resource Center, which helps businesses to reach social media goals.

To learn more about BOLD Creative Solutions, visit their website.