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Just in time for holiday shopping, a new OTR-based shop opens to give local artists, crafters and designers a chance to sell their items. Keep reading for more.

Featured is a new OTR-based
Featured is a new OTR-based shop that features local artists, crafters, and designers.

Between their degrees in Organizational Leadership and Public Relations, Jasmine Stone and Dominique Peebles are co-owners of “Featured,” a new storefront in Over-the Rhine.

Featured is a shop where local artists, crafters, and designers have an opportunity to sell their items. “The business operates on small businesses or individuals placing their items,” says Stone. These artists provide paintings, jewelry, wooden rustic signs, monogrammed items, etc. The store also provides customized items, like pets, children, and adult clothing. A lot of people, nowadays, go online to purchase items, but the customers that go into Featured, love to see the items in the store in person before buying them. “We have a little bit of everything,” Stone says.

Over-The-Rhine has been a great location for their shop. Over the past five years, Stone and Peebles have watched the area “develop into a great space where it attracts all different types of people,” she says. There are people who have lived in the area their whole life, or have moved to Over-The-Rhine from suburban areas to be in a downtown setting.

“With our business revolving around different types of crafts, we wanted to have a diverse set of customers that would be around,” she says. “That’s why we picked Over-The-Rhine, because of the diversity that’s there. And also we wanted to contribute to the economic aspect of helping Over-The-Rhine to continue to develop.” Featured depends on small business and individuals placing their items into the space.


Stone and Peebles’s shop has received a great response from the community surrounding it. Featured has even started offering monthly classes, like painting, crafting, etc. They enjoy “sharing the talent that we have within our shop with those in the community,” Stone says. Also, in the future, they are looking to expand into areas outside of retail, like food. “Something we’ve been working really hard to do is have a Featured kitchen. It may be where local chefs can come in and cook a meal, or where we could have all different kinds of local food products.”

Stone has enjoyed seeing her and her partner’s dream idea come to life. She enjoys working one-on-one with artists, as well as finding new artists for the space. “I love going out there, curating and seeing, ‘What type of talent do we have in this community,’ meaning within the Tri-State area,” says Stone. “Then seeing, ‘How can we help this business do better?’”

She believes that Featured is a unique addition to the Over-The-Rhine community because of the way that they source their art. The main goal of the business isn’t to earn a million dollars. “I mean, obviously, we want to be sustainable, but the only way that Featured is successful is by making other businesses successful,” says Stone. The ultimate goal for Featured is to open additional shops around the tri-state, preferably in Kentucky and Indiana where there are large amounts of people.

To learn more about Featured, visit them at, on Facebook or Instagram.

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Spruce, the natural answer to your neighborhood nail salon, is soon to open in OTR. Read on to get the deets for your digits.

Spruce Natural Nail Sho[p creates a relaxing space for clients to relax.

Good, clean fun. That’s their philosophy at Spruce Natural Nail Shop.

Business partners Molly Reckman and Gayl King launched the concept of Spruce Natural Nail Shop based on the desire to create a calm and social atmosphere where women, men, children and expectant moms can come to relax and unwind.

“Our inspiration for Spruce comes from two concepts: One is that both of us are very passionate about creating a healthy atmosphere for both our clients and staff,” says Reckman. “Secondly, we have both lived in several large cities from coast to coast where we were able to pull inspiration in order to create our vision for Spruce.”

However, for Reckman, her passion is the people. “From the start of this process, we have been working with so many amazing and genuine people who are helping us bring this space to life – and now we are looking forward to the next step – getting to know all of our customers and neighbors.”

As for what differentiates Spruce from your average salon, Reckman describes a couple reasons – with hygiene at number one. “We use hospital grade autoclave to sterilize all metal implements, and anything that cannot be sterilized, we dispose of after each use,” she says. We also use basins instead of the typical jet baths that are used in other salons. This way we can ensure that they are totally disinfected after each use.”
Reckman also places emphasis on the customer service, décor and toxic-free environment at Spruce. “When you walk in, it definitely doesn’t feel like your normal salon,” she says. “We wanted it to have more of an art studio feel. Our pedicure chairs are comfy lounge chairs and our manicure tables are hand crafted by The Brush Factory.”

“Most importantly, all polish we use is 5Free – and we make a conscious choice not to provide gels, acrylics or enhancements,” Reckman continues. “We believe both our clients and staff will benefit from this experience.”

Spruce Natural Nail Shop is located at 1235 Vine Street in the heart of OTR. They will be holding a soft opening through the month of January, and will officially open their doors to the public in February.

During the month of December, Spruce will also be collaborating with some of their favorite shops in OTR to put on holiday-pops where they will be doing manicures and nail art. These pop-ups will be Dec. 19 (Sloane Boutique) from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. and Dec. 29 (Continuum Bazaar) from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Pop-ups and events around the area will continue after they open.

“OTR is a vibrant community and we are excited to bring people together by providing a service to those who live, work and visit the neighborhood,” says Reckman. “We will specialize in nail art and encourage our customers to express themselves – while embracing their natural beauty. All services will range between $20-$55.”

“Overall, we aim to offer a convenient, healthy and affordable experience,” says Reckman. “Whether you have 15 minutes between meetings or a couple of hours to kill, there is a service here that will work for everyone.”

For updates on Spruce Natural Nail Shop, make sure to check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. They are also working on launching a website in the upcoming months, where clients will be able to book appointments directly and obtain information about upcoming events.