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Born and raised in Russia, this artist at heart and photographer by trade explains how she tells each client’s unique story through their personalized photography sessions.

Glossy Pixels Photography
Elena Bakhurin, Owner of Glossy Pixels Photography.

Elena Bakhurin was born an artist.

For Bakhurin, her passion for art started when she was just a child. “I immediately fell in love with art in sixth grade when my mom brought me to Art School for the first time back in Russia, where I was born and raised,” she says.

“Moving to the U.S. was like a dream come true – with all the available varieties of art supplies and mediums you can only think of in the arts and crafts stores,” Bakhurin continues. “Oil painting and simple charcoal drawings enabled me to lose myself outside of reality for hours.

Bakhurin’s passions took a turn in 2010 when she met a friend who was a professional photographer. “She let me play with her old digital Canon and I couldn’t put that camera away for days,” she says. “I could not stop taking pictures of everything and everyone around me, realizing that making art in its digital version gives you mobility, speed and much less of a mess than oil or acrylic.”

When starting out as a hobbyist in 2010, people knew Bakhurin as LenaPhotographer – having done volunteer projects, fashion shows, free photo sessions for friends, hours of online classes and learning how to do photography. “I used to spend hours looking through fashion magazine pages, soaking in the beauty of photography, the play of the lights and shades,” says Bakhurin, who is now the owner and lead photographer at Glossy Pixels Photography.


While she still enjoys occasional drawing, Bakhurin emphasizes that her primary focus is fashion photography, pageant/beauty headshots and simple portraiture. “I love how I feel at the moment of taking photos,” she says. “Behind the lens of my camera is my happy place – my comfort zone. The most rewarding part of being a photographer, to me, is when my camera helps me make new friends!”

By the end of 2015, Bakhurin decided to officially open her business. “It seemed like all of the great, catchy names and domains were already taken,” Bakhurin explains. “After endless head scratching and sleepless nights, I came up with the name Glossy Pixels. I like the way it rolls off the tongue.” Since opening, Bakhurin has had the honor of being chosen as a finalist in a worldwide photography contest and has been published in Perspective Fashion Magazine as well as Surreal Beauty Teen Magazine. A couple of her photos were also chosen for a showcase on the big screen in Times Square.

“Anyone can be a photographer,” Bakhurin explains. “The most important thing is to have a true passion and willingness to not only learn, but use your imagination to keep your work unique from one client to another.”
As for pricing, Glossy Pixels ensures affordable professional photography to their clients – customizing any photo package individually, depending on the client’s needs.

In looking to the new year, Bakhurin has her sights set on making Glossy Pixels Photography much better than LenaPhotographer was. “There is always room to grow,” she says. “I consider 2016 to be filled with new photography challenge projects. Pushing myself to try new things or to seek out new subjects sounds like an exciting plan for my newly opened business.”

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