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Revisit your childhood lunch favorites while taking your career and your business to the next level with Tech Cafeteria. Keep reading for more details.


Square pizza, walking taco, fish sticks and sloppy joes. What if you could enjoy these old school, lunch time favorites while advancing your career or business through tech-savvy teachings?

Check out Tech Cafeteria June 3 starting at noon at the Gaslight office, downtown at 708 Walnut St., Suit 500, for yummy food and informational tech seminars. Ruby the lunch lady will serve up trays of food inspired by grade school favorites, and a guest speaker will give insight into a delicious tech topic.

June’s speaker will be Jason Barron, Executive Director of Cincy Red Bike. That’s right, those shiny red bikes parked along the sidewalks around Cincinnati that you can rent out for hours at a time for a small fee.

Cincinnati Red Bike may be a young company, just starting its company this past September, but it already has thousands of riders each month. At the event, you can hear from the man behind the idea to find out how technology pushes this bike sharing system forward.

Gaslight is a company founded in Cincinnati that specializes in renovating and improving the quality of companies by using technology. Gaslight designs and develops custom software across a range of industries. The applications it creates help clients boost profits, innovate faster, improve productivity and launch new businesses. They offer a variety of tech-savvy services, such as create mobile apps, create new and innovative software, and help improve the software the clients already have.

Gaslight was established in 2009, and has since grown from its original five employees to now more than 20 employees, occupying two floors in its new downtown office.

“This event started as we brainstormed ways to bring the community together and ideas on how to get to know our neighbors now that we are located downtown after moving our location,” says Tammy Gambrel, director of events at Gaslight. “We thought an old school cafeteria with lunch trays and a lunch lady would be fun and get people excited and talking.”

According to Gambrel, the first luncheon held on May 6 was a huge success. The response was extremely positive, having around 35 attendees munching on sloppy joes and Rice Krispie Treats, Gambrel says, adding that even more are expected at the next Tech Cafeteria lunch.

On June 3, there will be chef-made, adult versions of chicken pot pie, mashed potatoes, fruit cocktail, and chocolate cake with vanilla icing.

Gaslight will host a series of these tasty lunch lady tech talks on the first Wednesday of every month. To reserve your ticket for Tech Cafeteria or to find out more information, click here.