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A local photographer is empowering women one shoot at a time, through boudoir and wedding shots. Read on for all the picture perfect details.

Casey Burns and Sharon Snow own Sincerely Seven, a boutique-style photography business.

Casey Burns started working with photography six years ago, as a self-taught photographer, and has recently opened her own boutique photography company, Sincerely Seven, in November 2016. Burns says, “This way I could devote more time to my clients, while having a better work-life balance since I am also a mom.”

Sharon Snow, partner to Burns, also shares the same passion for photography. The two worked together previously in the industry, sharing the same dream of opening a boutique styled photography business.

Snow and Burns have been photographing weddings, events, beauty shots, boudoir, and commercial shots. “We have done just about every type of shoot, and are happy to, as long as it falls in line with our style.” Says Burns.

For Burns, it’s about more than just a bride-to-groom shot, a wedding, or a lingerie filled photo. It’s about the vulnerabilities that flourish during the shoot, and the empowerment women feel afterwards, she says.

“The most fun and encouraging part about these sessions is watching the transformation of the girls. I’m not talking outside, I mean inside. From beginning to end, by the time they get their pictures back, you can see this immensely different perspective of confidence they have,” Burns says. “That is what makes these sessions so important to me. It’s all about the experience, and building strong relationships, and trust with your clients. I truly care about each-and-every girl that I have the opportunity to photograph.”

While these shots are beautiful, fun, and even empowering, there is no doubt Burns runs into a few challenges with these types of shoots.

“I think the most challenging part of these shoots is the client themselves. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I mean that in an honest way. We are always our own worst critics. When you are doing a shoot that leaves you so vulnerable, I think it’s hard to not let insecurities set in and be nervous,” Says Burns. “That is why my main goal through the session is to work through those insecurities, build the confidence, and by the end, allow them to see what everyone else sees- to embrace your beauty for just who you are – not trying to be someone else.”

Burns and Snow work mainly as on location photographers, but rent a private loft for those women that are looking to get out of the house. While they are currently on the hunt for a more, readily available studio to work out of, they are empowering each woman they come across, no matter the setting.

“Empowerment is the driving force behind these sessions. I say it every time- it is just as much a gift for her, as it is for him. These photos give the ability to see women through someone else’s eyes in all their beauty,” Explains Burns. “It empowers them to know that they are beautiful and to embrace that. If you can do a shoot like this, you can do just about anything in my opinion. It takes a lot of courage to get in front of someone you don’t know and be vulnerable. These girls should be very proud of themselves, I know I am.”

Package pricing varies with specific sessions. A mini photo session starts at $250. The price does vary depending on what the session is, and where.

To learn more about Sincerely Seven, or to book a session, click here.