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    Learn about a Miami University grad who’s making the world more fashionable — one American made, hand-crafted bag at a time — all based right here in Ohio.


    FOUNT makes handcrafted leather products right here in Ohio.

    For just over three years, FOUNT has been designing, cutting, and sewing beautiful and unique leather goods from their Ohio-based (downtown Cleveland to be specific) studio.

    From large bags to small clutches, FOUNT carries a variety of products.

    The company is headed up by Phillip and Jackie Wachter — Jackie is a Miami University alum who graduated in 2005. The two started FOUNT out of their apartment in Cleveland Heights in 2014, and named the business FOUNT, which means an abundant source of desirable quality, from an old hymn performed by Sufjan Stevens.

    “What began simply as a passion project quickly grew into something more,” explains Phillip. “After a few months of starting the company, we moved FOUNT to a studio downtown and began bringing people onto the team.”

    Since their launch in 2014, the team has grown from two people to 36 people, and recently celebrated the opening of a new location.

    FOUNT has two showroom storefronts, one in the Cleveland neighborhood of Gordon Square on the city’s westside and another location in The Short North of Columbus.

    Phillip and Jackie Wachter, Founders of FOUNT.

    The ultimate inspiration for FOUNT was to be creative and celebrate their love for quality goods. “Both quality crafted products that are heirloom in nature and quality work environments for our team members,” says Phillip. “Also, classic clean lines and simplicity are design cues that we gravitate toward as a company.”

    When you shop FOUNT you’ll find all forms of leather fashion accessories, including totes, handbags, cross body, bags, duffels, backpacks, wallets, hair accessories, jewelry, and even leather turbans. According to Phillip, prices at FOUNT range from $22 to $1,440, while the average price of a bag is $400.

    According to Phillip, the design, cut, and sew of everything sold by FOUNT is done in Cleveland and made from fine Italian leather. And that’s what makes the company unique, he adds. “We follow a direct-to-consumer business model, allowing us to sell a higher quality product at a much lower price point than our competitors who are producing their bags overseas and selling through department stores or boutiques,” says Phillip.

    Phillip and Jackie are looking forward to what’s to come in 2017. “We have several new designs in the works including a few smaller cross body designs and small accessories are excited to launch soon,” he says.

    Belts, dog collars, and leashes are also in the near future. Phillip says FOUNT hopes to open a combined retail and production facility so that the public can tour the studio and watch the hand crafting of leather products on a daily basis.

    To learn more about FOUNT, visit You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook. You can also sign up for their newsletter and catalogue on the website.

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      From Midtown Manhattan to the heart of downtown Cincinnati, there’s a brand new cosmetic dermatology practice in town. Read on as we get behind the scenes to see how they specialize in shorter down-times, more advanced techniques and affordable prices that’ll help you turn over a new leaf in the new year.

      Juvly Aesthetics is a cosmetic dermatology practice with a brand new location in Cincinnati.

      Between stressful schedules and environmental toxins, it takes a toll on your skin.

      New products, technologies and techniques are effective in reversing this damage, but then your wallet takes the toll. That’s where Juvly Aesthetics – brand new to downtown Cincinnati – aims to help.

      According to Sam Peck, Juvly’s Business Development Manager, Juvly is a leading cosmetic dermatology practice with locations in Cincinnati, Columbus, and New York City that specializes in quality care at an affordable price. “We are among the highest categories of providers of Botox and fillers in the country by volume,” he says. “We take pride in our high customer satisfaction ratings, fair prices, and fantastic results.”

      Dr. Justin Harper founded Juvly Aesthetics following his educational career at The Ohio State University’s Medical School, where he studied both plastic surgery and dermatology.

      Harper wanted to create a high-quality dermatology practice that was not only more affordable but was easily accessible.

      “Dr. Harper observed that consumers were paying high prices for subpar results, which inspired him to start the practice,” says Peck.

      Juvly Aesthetics was founded in November 2014, and is one of the fastest growing dermatology practices in the country.

      Currently, Juvly provides a variety of procedures and services. You can opt for a number of non-surgical aesthetic services including microdermabrasion, microneedling, Botox, fillers, coolsculpting, and other injectables.

      The affordable prices and high quality service are just two of the things that make Juvly unique.

      “Our treatment techniques are the most innovative and our clients’ results speak for themselves,” Peck adds. “We pride ourselves on being a customer-focused organization that can provide transformations that require little to no downtime.

      If you’re thinking about making an appointment with Juvly in the New Year, Peck says that now is the perfect time to freshen up your look or go after a look you’ve always wanted.

      “Whether a client is looking to refresh the texture of their skin, minimize their wrinkles, restore lost facial volume, or sport the lips they’ve always dreamed of – it can be taken care of at Juvly, without breaking the bank,” he says. “Why wouldn’t you put your best face forward for 2017?”

      Juvly’s new downtown Cincinnati location can be found at 331 W 4th Street. To learn more about Juvly, visit or follow along on Instagram.

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      You’ve seen indoor herb gardens and living walls on Pinterest, and now, two local green gurus can bring them to your home or business. Click to learn more!

      Urban Blooms is a living installation
      Urban Blooms is a non-profit that installs living installations to promote sustainability and ecology.

      What do you get when you mix art, beauty, health and sustainability together? Urban Blooms.

      In May 2014, Tyler Wolf and Lily Turner co-founded Urban Blooms as a 501(c)3 non-profit operating to raise capital and support for two overlapping causes: first, environmentally minded beautification projects; and secondly, education on sustainability.

      Through Urban Blooms, Wolf and Turner design and create living wall gardens to promote sustainability and ecology in Cincinnati and Columbus. “We all grew up in Cincinnati, we are incredibly proud of our city and we would like to see it become the most beautiful and sustainable city in the country,” Wolf says. “There is incredible energy and investment taking place in Cincinnati recently. We are introducing a new technology to our city and by doing so, becoming a part of the urban renewal and lifestyle shift currently taking place in our city which makes our work extremely rewarding.”

      The gardens are entirely customizable to fit a space and the needs of the consumer. In fact, Wolf says, by increasing oxygen and remove cancer-causing compounds, living walls improve indoor air quality and offer other health benefits such as stress reduction and increased immune function.

      “Our living walls are essentially fully automated vertical hydroponic systems which utilize the latest materials and technologies, in order to offer systems which virtually take care of themselves,” Wolf says. “Physically these space age materials are light weight and extremely durable, allowing us to construct walls of any size, in almost any shape, that will last for decades. These materials are sustainably sourced through our local suppliers and our growing medium is even manufactured from recycled plastic water bottles, meaning it can be installed on walls for up-to 50 years without decomposing or needing to be replaced while also removing waste from our landfills. We offer a wide range of technologies at varying price-points, there is an option for everyone.”

      For the home, Wolf says, living walls can provide 15-30% lower energy costs because the greenery contributes anywhere from a three to six degree temperature drop in a space. The air filtering ability of the greenery can also lead to a 15% lower ventilation cost for the space. Exterior living walls can purify air from cancer causing chemicals, remove 1.3 kilograms per year of harmful particulate matter for every 100 square feet of vertical wall and they can also act as an extra layer of insulation reducing heating and cooling costs by 35%.

      Urban Blooms has built three living walls in Ohio thus far. Those locations include: outside Findlay Market, on The Ohio State University’s campus and inside the Cincinnati-based E+O restaurant. In addition, they will be showcasing a living wall in April at the Cincinnati Flower Show. The living wall at Findlay Market is the first outdoor living wall installation, which exists at 115 square feet. The wall took two days to install and captivated the community members who occupy the market and the surrounding areas, according to Wolf. The living wall located inside E+O stands at 18 feet wide by 8 feet tall, and includes 366 tropical plants from 22 different species. The E+O Living wall is currently the largest permanent living wall installation in the state of Ohio.

      The Urban Blooms living installation at the Findlay Market.
      The Urban Blooms living installation at the Findlay Market.

      Urban Blooms works in partnership with schools in Ohio to promote sustainability. North Avondale Montessori, Walnut Hills High School, The Ohio State University and The University of Cincinnati have all been a part in growing the ideals of horticulture, design and environmental engineering.

      “We are also in talks with ‘the Eddy,’ a new co-working space opening up the old Neusole glassworks building,” Wolf says. “The mixed-use space will be hosting March madness parties this month in order to raise money for the installation. We are in talks to do another living wall at OSU and possibly our first at UC. We hope to complete at-least six new living wall projects this year, as well as continuing to grow our East End Veterans Memorial Garden and the Hilltop Community Garden in Avondale. We would like to create new relationships and partnerships in the Cincinnati Nonprofit and Arts communities.”

      Urban Blooms has various volunteer opportunities including constructing community gardens or living walls, and irrigating planter boxes. Urban Blooms has a recurring volunteer opportunity every Thursday from 9-12 p.m. at the East End Veterans Memorial Garden where veterans from the Cincinnati VA participate in three hours of horticultural therapy. The nonprofit also accepts donations to assist with beautification projects, educational opportunities for Cincinnati’s youth and the building of public living wall installations.

      “We believe, in just a few short years, with hard work and through some support from our partners and sponsors, we can make Cincinnati internationally-known for its living wall displays and overall sustainability,” Wolf says.

      To learn more, visit or “like” them on Facebook at

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        A local woman with years of bartending experience is stirring up her love of teaching others with a twist of entrepreneurial spirit as she opens up her new business: Bitters ‘n Sweet Bartending. Learn more about this mobile bartending service and how it’s revolutionizing what it means to enjoy drinks on a girls’ night out!

        Tonia Murphy, owner of mobile bartending service, Bitters ‘n Sweet Bartending
        Tonia Murphy, owner of mobile bartending service, Bitters ‘n Sweet Bartending

        With years of experience in bartending and the desire to open her own business, Tonia Murphy took a leap of faith and decided to launch a mobile bartending service called Bitters ‘n Sweet Bartending.

        “Bitters ‘n Sweet Bartending, LLC is a mobile bartending services that serves the Greater Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus areas as well as Lexington, Louisville and Indianapolis,” she says.

        When asked what inspired her to open a mobile bartending service, Murphy says that while she spent time bartending in various establishments, she found that she really enjoyed working with clients to help plan the bar for their private events. “I’ve always wanted to have my own business and thought this would be a great opportunity,” she says. “I officially launched Bitters ‘n Sweet Bartending in October 2015.”

        According to Murphy, the experienced bartenders that work with Bitters ‘n Sweet serve up cocktails at holiday parties, corporate events, wedding receptions, private parties and any other special occasion.

        “I work with my clients to create detailed shopping lists so they know exactly what to buy,” Murphy explains. “I also offer one crafted cocktail with each event or can provide that as a separate service.”

        While she hasn’t been in business very long, Murphy says she’s off to a great start with many events already booked and executed. “I enjoyed the cheerful atmosphere and my clients and their guests enjoyed festive drinks,” she says.

        Starting in Spring 2016, Murphy will be launching engaging events and a new service that she believes will take Bitters ‘n Sweet Bartending to the next level. “One I’m really excited to tell you about centers around getting your girlfriends together and I will come to you and teach you all to make some of your favorite drinks,” Murphy says.

        To learn more and receive future updates, “like” Bitters ‘n Sweet Bartending on Facebook.

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        Learn about the Ohio-based organization that’s helping to nourish minds, bodies, careers and hobbies -- all while enjoy a tasty meal.


        There’s one goal at The Commissary: bring people together through food — to nourish their bodies and souls while also creating opportunities.

        “We created The Commissary to be a place that helps food professionals start and grow their businesses, and connects those who love to cook with those who love to eat,” explains The Commissary Owner Kate Djupe.

        The Commissary, based in Columbus and attracts participants from across the region, hosts a variety of classes and workshops for those who work in the food industry and also provide a list of services available for food enthusiasts.

        For food professionals, there’s commercial kitchen space, a Food Truck Base Camp where you can make The Commissary home base for your food truck, storage space, support services, meeting and class space and private kitchens. Those who just love food can check out The Commissary for a number of services including hands-on learning, team building and private events.

        “We offer all sorts of services, spaces, classes and events,” says Djupe. “But one thing is always constant: Everything we do revolves around our commercial kitchen. Nothing happens here that doesn’t involve food being prepare in or shared from what we consider to be the heart of our business.”

        And Djupe is absolutely right about that. One of the most popular events at The Commissary is Makers’ Breakfast, a monthly gathering of entrepreneurs. “This is our monthly gathering of entrepreneurs, both new and established, to share a meal, our experiences and support for each other,” explains Djupe. “Maybe we will even create the solutions for some of our most pressing issues.”

        The next meetup at The Commissary will be held Tuesday, Dec. 1 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. While there’s no cost to attend a Makers’ Breakfast, to confirm your spot you’ll need to RSVP no later than Nov. 28.

        Breakfast for the event will be provided by The Proof Box.

        Other upcoming Makers’ Breakfasts will be held Jan. 5, Feb. 2, March 1 and April 1.

        The Commissary is located at 1400 Dublin Road in Columbus. To learn more, visit You can also check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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        Add some fashion to your fitness with this Ohio-based Bend Active clothing line. Check out their designs, which are centered around a positive message of living a happy, healthy lifestyle.

        The Italy Legging from the Robert Sturman Collection
        The Italy Legging from the Robert Sturman Collection can be worn in the yoga studio or out with friends

        Cincy Chic: What is Bend Active Clothing?

        Adam Heller, Co-Founder of Bend Active Clothing: Bend Active Clothing is “inspired” fitfashion apparel. Our mission is to provide our customers with outstanding performance wear with the highest level of comfort, fit and design.

        Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind the business?

        Heller: At Bend, we talk about being Flexible, Strong and Resilient. These adjectives not only speak to us in the physical sense, but they are important for us mentally as well. Our mantra is “Bend, Don’t Break.”

        021615SPOTLIGHT4Cincy Chic: Who’s behind Bend Active Clothing?

        Heller: Bend was founded in Columbus – the home and starting point for several major apparel brands. I, along with my wife, founded Bend Active Clothing and are passionate about sharing a positive message of living a happy, healthy lifestyle.

        Cincy Chic: What types of apparel do you offer?

        Heller: We categorize our apparel as “Fitness Meets Fashion” or FitFashion. This means Bend Active Clothing offerings have the performance capability and the style to be worn casually and for your workout, training session or fitness class. We also offer a line of bamboo fabric items that are very soft with performance qualities such as stretch, moisture wicking and anti-odor. At Bend, you’ll find leggings, capris, tanks, tees and other items and accessories to meet all fitness disciplines.

        021615SPOTLIGHT3Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Bend Active Clothing?

        Heller: We have some exclusive signature product lines coming out with designer Laura Hawk and Dancing With the Stars Champion Witney Carson.

        Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more or purchase Bend Active Clothing?

        Heller: Readers can learn more about Bend on our website, Facebook, or Instagram. We have two stores, one at the Mall at Fairfield Commons in Beavercreek and another at The Shoppes on Lane Avenue in Columbus.