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From working in the marketing world, a local blogger brings knowledge of consumer communication to all aspects of her life - even her home renovations.

go haud
Emily May is the editor of Go Haus Go, shares DIY projects for the home.

From working in the marketing world to blogging in her free time, Emily May, editor of Go Haus Go, is all about sharing a brand’s story.

During the day, May works as a Senior Strategist at Seed Strategy in Crestview Hills, KY. “It’s a product innovation company,” she explains. “We help businesses come up with what their next product is going to be.”

The experience May has in the marketing industry has carried over to her personal blog, “Go Haus Go.” It’s a place, May says, where she’s “communicating with consumers in the most relevant way possible.” The consumers in the blogging world are people reading her blog, and in the marketing world, it means people who are buying the product. “I know the content that I’m writing and the product that I’m putting on shelves,” May says.

The biggest relationship between the marketing industry and blogging is brand, May says. That’s why she works with a variety of brands for her blog for things such as partnerships, sponsorships, product reviews, and even just helping people find a solution about a product. “It’s working with brand, finding out their needs and figuring out a cool way to talk about them,” she says.


The blog primarily focuses on do-it-yourself projects for your home. The latest project posted was a renovation of her front porch. She decided to make the outside of her home fall themed by adding pumpkins, planters, a striped floor, a striped ottoman, etc. “It really focuses on using the DIY projects to decorate on a budget,” May says. Also, she talks about her family and “Cincinnati Finds.” This discusses new and secret places where people can get great deals on furniture and home decor.

“I am more of a blogger who finds things at the thrift store, at a garage sale, or even from Target or Home Goods,” she explains, “one of the cheaper stores.” May loves to take ready-made pieces and customize them to her style and taste.

May has been posting on “Go Haus Go” for six years now, and turned her blog into a paying business in 2014. It started out small, but then May started to get the attention of brands. “It slowly evolved into becoming one of the biggest transitions for my business,” she says. The most memorable moment that May remembers from the blog is when Better Homes and Gardens went to her home and took pictures for the magazine. There were multiple photo shoots where stylists, photographers and props were brought in. “Seeing your home and work in the magazine was fun,” she says.

With blogging, there are certain guidelines that May has before she posts a blog. She tries to post multiple, professional photos. She enjoys the process of taking photos and uploading them to the server. May’s favorite part of blogging is doing the projects and get getting sharp, clear photos. “It always keeps me busy in that way,” she says.

For those who are interested in becoming do-it-yourself bloggers themselves, May has advice for you. To become a pro, the most important thing is to just get started, she says. “A lot of times you just set up your page and you start writing, that’s easy,” she adds, stressing the importance of never giving up. “The hard part is perseverance. It’ll likely be two years before anyone really starts to notice what you’re doing.”

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A DIY newbie is improving her skills through a local custom furniture business. Keep reading for more information on her inspiration and where you can find her unique pieces.


Cincy Chic: What is New Love Decor?
Jen Bailey, Owner of New Love Decor: New Love Decor is a way to get the furniture or decor you want in the exact size, color, or storage needs that fit your lifestyle. I make custom furniture to fit into your home, in your style. I also create some decor or furniture pieces that are fun or useful & add them to my site to purchase. This way, I get a creative outlet & you may find something you didn’t know you always needed!

092916spotlight4Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind your business?
Bailey: I love DIY, painting, art, and building. I slowly discovered a lot of the people have great ideas, but just don’t know how to make it happen for them. That is where I come in. I have you send me photos of furniture (or decor) you love (via Pinterest or google) and I will ask specific questions: What size do you need? What color? Do you need more storage? etc. Then I will draw up a plan & get you a quote. We work together to get the custom piece you were imagining, a spin-off of your original idea. I’ve even had some customers send me a simple sketch and we work together to make it come to life.


Cincy Chic: Who can we find behind the scenes at New Love Decor?
Bailey: I am the one and only. I design, build, and ship everything from start to finish – in my workshop… a.k.a. my garage!

Cincy Chic: When did you launch New Love Decor?
Bailey: I launched in November 2015.

Cincy Chic: What types of products do you create for customers?
Bailey: I create handmade home decor, furniture, and art. Most of my decor serves a purpose -whether it be for organizing or storage. I ship the smaller decor items, and offer pickup or delivery on the larger furniture pieces. I would say I’m a mix of Urban Outfitters & Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. Some modern, but mostly country/rustic decor.

092916spotlight3Cincy Chic: Can you give us price points for your items?
Bailey: Prices range between $5 and $50 for the decor. I offer affordable custom furniture. Custom furniture ranges anywhere between $150 and $750, depending on size, details, etc.

Cincy Chic:
What makes New Love Decor unique?
Bailey: I love my job. I am genuinely excited to make each and every piece. I find myself extremely lucky to be able to do this, and am proud it is going so well! I think my enthusiasm is one of the reasons I have so many repeat customers.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for New Love Decor?
Bailey: I have lots of “plans” for New Love, but I am working on building my brand for now and still figuring it all out. I am new to this and it can be overwhelming doing it all by myself. I absolutely love all the new things I am learning about business as I go!

092916spotlight2I am in the process of adding shipping for my furniture, so I can offer it to my customers across the US. If all goes well, I’d love to own a storefront downtown/OTR in the next few years! I’m currently working on adding a blog for DIY newbies (like myself), which will soon be coming to my website. The blog will feature tips and tricks based off my mistakes and experiences along the way.

Cincy Chic: Where can reader go to learn more about New Love Decor?
Bailey: They can visit my website directly at or by visiting my Facebook page to get updates or to learn a little more about New Love Decor.

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Getting married but not sure where to start? One local business is helps to put your big day together – starting with your floral arrangements. Read on for more.

Jeff and Robert Green of {say i do} love weddings & events llc
Jeff and Robert Green of {say i do} love weddings & events llc

{say I do} love weddings & events llc is now a blossoming business, and it all started with their beautiful floral arrangements. Jeff and Robert Green founded the business in July 2011, and now it’s a full service wedding and special events florist based in the Reading Bridal District.

“After working in the floral industry for 30 years and seeing the same designs and materials being utilizes, over and over, we were both inspired and challenged to bring new bridal bouquet designs to the heart of the wedding industry,” explains Jeff. “We use different mediums, textures and non-traditional floral products.”

Some of the unique mediums the duo uses in their floral designs include brooches, fruits, vegetables, houseplants, garden succulents and natural branches including twigs and jute. Jeff says that branching out – quite literally — has allowed them to provide an individualized event experience within an affordable budget for brides-to-be everywhere.

The Greens also provide box-bulk fresh flowers, fresh floral design, glassware rental, Manzanita tree rentals, event coordinating, event vendor referral, candles, delivery-set up-teardown, free personalized consultations by appointment and free prototypes of bouquets.

“This year, as we grew, we moved to our Design Center at 116 West Benson Street in the nations largest bridal district, The Reading Bridal District,” says Jeff. “In the upcoming year we are planning on hosting some design classes on bouquet making and centerpiece designing for the DIY bride.”

Jeff adds that he and Robert know how important staying on budget is for brides and grooms, which is why they plan to provide more options for the DIY bride. In the coming year, Jeff says, they want to offer as many options to make as many dream days come true — whatever that dream might look like for each individual couple.

To learn more about {say I do} love weddings & events llc, visit,, “like” them on Facebook, or check out their website. {say I do} is located at 118 W. Benson Street in the Reading Bridal District.