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We chat with a local eyelash aficionado who launched a business that helps take your lashes from drab to fab without batting an eye.

Looking for a small beauty tweak that will have a big impact? Ayesha Holliman launched her business, Artistic Lashes and Company, to help you do just that.

“I absolutely love the ‘WOW’ effect achieved from the artistic and skillful application of a lash set of semi-permanent lash extensions that are so natural it leaves people guessing if you actually grew them yourself,” says Holliman, a certified semi-permanent lash extensionist.

Holliman offers three types of lash extension services at Artistic Lashes: Classic Look, Flirtatious Girl, and Glamorous.

The “Classic Look” full set of lash extensions includes 30-70 eye lashes per eye and costs $199. The “Flirtatious Girl” full set of lash extensions includes 100+ eye lashes per eye and costs $265. Lastly, the “Glamorous” set of lash extensions is $297 and includes more than 130 lashes per eye.

Because the eyelash sets are semi-permanent, you’ll eventually need refills. Holliman offers three types of refill sessions: a 30-minute, 60-minute, and 90-minute session. Ranging from $40 to $90, the length of refill sessions depend on which set of lashes you have.

Artistic Lashes and Company is located at 3848 Paxton Avenue in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit