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A new business partnership merges talents of two award-winning photographers, one from Cincinnati and the other from Dayton. See what this dynamic duo brings to the local art scene.

Bambino International offers photography for weddings, private art, and newborn, family, and couture senior sessions.

With decades of experience, Bambino International continues to set the photography bar even higher for themselves than ever before. Dubbed one of the Queen City’s best photography businesses, Bambino International has made itself known as a collaboration of photography divisions with Cincinnati’s best artists.

“With a style that is truly unmatched, Bambino International offers weddings, private art, and newborn, family, and couture senior photography at the absolute highest level,” explains Studio Manager Michelle Jackson.

A new division will bring Bambino Photography to the Dayton area in addition to their services in Cincinnati.

The studio offers a pure photojournalist edge, and, according to Jackson, it is the studio’s mission to never interfere and to be non-intrusive while documenting the story of their clients.

As artists, Jackson says Bambino International is always finding inspiration throughout many avenues, and the business is constantly evolving.

“Our passion drives us,” she says. “We find inspiration through our daily conversations, our families, and each and every person that walks into our gallery, they are all our inspiration.”

Through that inspiration and passion to continually evolve, the team is constantly looking for elements that most people don’t recognize. “We are motivated and committed to creating and upholding a cutting edge approach unique to this industry,” says Jackson.

The team at Bambino International is comprised of a team that creates the platform for the company’s success. Michael Bambino and Michelle Jackson are the partners behind Bambino International. Bambino is the director of photography with more than 20 years of experience who has also helped to train and mold some of the city’s best photographer. “Michael came from a fine art background, and never imagined he’d be one of the top artists in the wedding industry,” says Jackson.

Bambino International will soon host its first-ever art gala.

Then there’s Jackson, partner and director of photography and studio operations, who grew up photographing weddings with her father at an early age. “After graduating with a degree in photography, I opened my own studio in 2007 and have since become one of Dayton’s most sought-after photographers,” she says.

Bambino and Jackson met just over two years ago, in what they say was a chance meeting. “After a couple of hours of back and forth talking on style and philosophy, we knew the next step was to work together,” she says. “After blending our styles and seeing the results, we knew the next move was to create a partnership. I was a leader in Dayton, Michael was a leader in Cincinnati, it was the perfect fit.”

Together, the new partnership will bring forth their photography expertise to an even bigger region.

There are big things on the horizon for Bambino International, including a new division of the company. Jackson adds that the team is thrilled for their new partnership and the announcement of Little Bambino in addition to a second location opening in Dayton.

“We look forward to giving our future and past brides a lifetime experience by allowing us to document all of their greatest moments,” she says.

Additionally, Bambino International will be hosting its first ever art gala to showcase the many one-of-a-kind pieces of their Queen City and International Art, with the direction of Kirk Rhein who will head the private art division.

To learn more about Bambino International, visit or You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram. To speak with the team directly, call 513-282-9774 or email

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