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Learn about a locally-based athleisure fashion designer who’s pushing boundaries while celebrating the daring and independent.


FREEWHEELER is an athleisure clothing brand that encourages customers to step out of their comfort zones.

FREEWHEELER is an athletic clothing brand based on collaboration and pushing the limits of comfort levels. Based around the idea of never wanting to be stagnant or safe, but instead, always trying to push people out of their personal and business comfort zones. FREEWHEELER is a brand for everyone pursuing their dreams, even if it’s not related to athletics or fashion. “We stand for all. And kneel for none.”

The company itself is run by two owners, James Boyd and Ryan Repasky. Boyd has an extensive athletic background including basketball and football, and Repasky has studied art, design, and fashion. Repasky gave us some insight into this blossoming brand and the inspiration behind it.

FREEWHEELER merges high fashion with athletic wear.

“We both knew that we wanted our own business, but we come from vastly different worlds,” Repasky explains. “Merging high fashion with athletics was going to be a bold and daring move. We found the word FREEWHEELER in the dictionary, found that it means a person who lives in an independent and daring way, and mutually agreed that it had the exact definition that we were looking for.”

Being so daring and independent, it only makes sense for FREEWHEELER’s logo to be a crown. “Our logo, the crown, represents many different aspects of life and unifies them in a way that is cohesive and modern.  The logo represents aspects of each of [the owners],” Repasky explains. “The top part of the crown is sharp and structured, representing James, while the bottom half of the crown is smooth and fluid representing Ryan. We wanted the crown to be “melting” which gives it more of a street feel but also represents that power is not a definite thing. It can be faded out, handed over, or even taken, which is a reminder to us to always stay grounded. The concept of power for us comes from the fact that it can be used for good or bad, and our objective is to create a FREEWHEELER empire that not only stays true to us but takes a positive stance in the world.”

Part of what gives this brand so much power is the fact that their collections are always changing. In some ways the collections mimic what the owners and the business are experiencing at the time. The collections are usually launched by season, and each season tends to have a very different look. However, Repasky did admit a consistency within the collections is the color black- it’s a staple and always will be.

FREEWHEELER constantly changes their collection and offers different looks for every season.

“We believe that to have light, you must embrace the dark. So for us, our garments, marketing campaign and overall feel is predominately dark,” says Repasky. “But through this, we strive to do good.”

Those garments are currently screen printed embroidered, and designed all by Boyd and Repasky. With that said, they have collaborated with a local artist this past year where her message and artwork of “Don’t Stay Silent” was placed on an athletic tank in their summer collection.

This collaboration with the local artist is just one example of the sense of community FREEWHEELER strives to build with other businesses and their customers. So far they have also had collaborations with local bars and restaurants, AAU basketball teams, artists and even local producers and dance crews; all of which have continued to get FREEWHEELER’s name out there and build a strong customer base.

As for what’s on the horizon for FREEWHEELER? Well, quite a lot. “We are striving to be not only a brand, but a lifestyle brand that stretches far beyond the realm of fashion and athletics,” Repasky says. “When it comes to athletics, we are currently working on projects providing garments for basketball teams in AAU, basketball camps, and a high school team, as well as collaborating with local dance crews. As far as fashion is concerned, we are preparing to launch our fall campaign where we will be raising money for a local community center as well as working towards our very own fashion show this winter.”

Repasky says FREEWHEELER will be showcased at the Second Sunday on Main next month. Learn more about them online at

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Bringing a style influenced but the fashion and music scene in Atlanta, learn about a mens fashion boutique in OTR carrying select eye-catching pieces.


Ragg Addict specializes in bringing men’s street wear to Cincinnati.

Ragg Addict is a company that specializes in “the flyest, hottest trends in men’s street wear.” What does that include exactly? A wide variety of trendy pieces including men’s shirts, pants, jackets, shorts, hoodies, backpacks, and hats, according to owner Arielle Nelson.

Nelson says she personally uses cutting edge designs and eye catching prints to stand out, and she wants the same for her customer. Celebrating its fourth year, the storefront is located in Over-The-Rhine, and since day one she’s had one mission: carry the hottest, edgiest looks for men.

When asked what inspired the company, Nelson says, “Just being in the fashion/styling and music scene in Atlanta helped play a big part in the direction I chose to go.”

Transplanted to Cincinnati, the different pieces are inspired from Atlanta and various cities she has been to or places that hold meaning to her. The patterns created are more than colors and prints – they are an attitude and edge and demand your attention, she says.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Ragg Addict is that it’s solely a store front – no website, and no online orders – which is unique in today’s digital world. According to Nelson, most customers come from word of mouth, social media, or walk in visits to the storefront. Without a website itself, Instagram is the main way their merchandise reaches customers via the internet. Nelson says she also uses this medium to gauge reaction to her products in real-time, keeping her line fresh.

This way of marketing is meant to tell a story and be unique for each customer, Nelson says, adding that she wants her customers to feel something from her merchandise. “Shopping at Ragg Addict is meant to be an experience: the clothes, the lifestyle,” she explains. “I want people to feel great about what they’re wearing and how they felt while they were shopping.”

Ragg Addict is located at 1416 Main Street in Over the Rhine. To learn more, follow them on Instagram, like them on Facebook, call at (513) 817-9091, email them at or visit them in store.

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    Trends come and go, but style - especially your own personal style - is forever. That's the idea behind one locally-based fashionista who launched an app to help you cut back on clutter in your closet and create outfits you'll actually wear. Read on for all the details.



    Inspired by a desire to do more with less, a local group of stylists, storytellers, and developers set out to make your wardrobe go digital. Together, this team launched Cladwell, a personal styling app that helps you get the most out of your closet.

    “Our app helps you get dressed everyday, cut the clutter, and shop more intentionally,” says Cladwell CMO Erin Flynn.

    Select clothes similar to what you own and get curated outfits.

    “If you’re like anyone on our team, you’ve looked into your closet and said those dreaded words, ‘I have too many clothes and nothing to wear,’” says Flynn. “So why do we assume going shopping and buying more clothes will help?”

    According to Flynn, the average American owned approximately 36 items of clothing back in 1930. However, in today’s world of over consumption, the average American owns more than 100 items and is always under pressure to buy more.

    That pressure to keep buying when you don’t really need it inspired the team at Cladwell to develop their idea for the app.

    “The inspiration for the idea was based on a simple concept: Small wardrobe. Bigger life,” says Flynn. “It sounds lofts, but we believe that when you cut clutter you make room for more important things. Things that don’t take up space in your dresser drawers. Things that really matter.”

    While developing the app, Flynn and the team at Cladwell wanted you to help get your closet to the point that you love, and actually wear, every item in your wardrobe.

    Cladwell gives you outfit ideas using items you already own, or what you should own to make the most of your closet.

    “Over time our app will help you streamline your closet and make the most out of what you have,” she adds.

    While a closet you love doesn’t exactly happen all at once, Cladwell will provide you with simple, daily steps necessary in order to help you get to that lifestyle of simplicity and intentionality. “It’s a journey, and you’ll learn a lot about yourself and your style along the way,” adds Flynn.

    The team behind Cladwell knows all too well what it’s like to look into your closet and see nothing but a chaotic mess. “We mix the best of styling and technology, and created an algorithm that delivers hand-curated outfits everyday directly from your closet,” says Flynn. “Regardless of your style, we help you see all the potential your closet has to offer and help you make the most of it. It’s a new way of thinking.”

    This thinking, on your end and the app’s end, is created through teamwork. To help subscribers find these outfits in their wardrobe, there are a few steps to take:

    Erin Flynn, CMO of Cladwell
    • Show off your closet. With a few minutes, you can select clothes that are similar to the ones you own from the app’s massive database, and there’s no need to take photos.
    • Get personally styled every day. The app suggests three new outfit recommendations based on the day’s weather. Or, you can choose from all the outfit possibilities in your closet.
    • Discover what you love. You have the ability to log what you wear, and with each day you can gain more insight into what you love and what you don’t.
    • Remove the rest. After you discover what you don’t love you have the opportunity to cut the clutter to make room for items you do love.
    • Shop smarter. Before you buy an item you can use the app to see how many new outfits it would add to your closet. Give yourself the option of trading impulse buys for items you will wear again and again.

    According to Flynn, and the team at Cladwell, the result of using the app is a streamlined closet that you’re going to love.

    A monthly membership for the Cladwell is $5 and is currently only available on iOS devices, however Flynn says they are working on an Android app next.

    To learn more about Cladwell or join, visit You can also follow along on Instagram.

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    It’s not easy to be frugal AND fashionable. That’s why this local fashionista launched a blog with tips to stay on-trend without breaking the bank. Read on for more.


    Tania Lockhart, the blogger behind Selective Closet.

    Tania Lockhart hasn’t always been the fashionista she is today. In fact, she says that it wasn’t too long along that she herself was struggling to put together outfits.

    “If you don’t have a sense of fashion, it’s really hard to come up with eye-catching outfits that you feel comfortable in,” she says.

    To combat that obstacle, Lockhart says she dove deep into the basics of color combinations and carefully studied what popular style bloggers were doing with colors, patterns, and styles. Soon, she was able to create a colorful, fun, and outstanding sense of style that everyone can relate to.

    In an effort to showcase what she’s learned, and continues to learn everyday, Lockhart launched Selected Closet in September 2016, a blog focused on chic and modern fashion on a budget.

    “We love big name brands but we know not everyone can afford it – nor should they have to,” says Lockhart. “So I search for boutiques (and even Amazon) to bring my followers fun, chic outfits that are affordable and of great quality.”

    Everything that is showcased on Selective Closet has been carefully curated and styled to save you the hustle of searching, picking, and styling outfits. “All you gotta do it click on the outfit details and boom!, a new outfit,” she adds.

    When asked what keeps her going on her blog, Lockhart says she is inspired to continue to bring her blog to life by her followers who are out there struggling with fashion like she once did. “In fact, I got a few direct messages recently about how Selective Closet has inspired my readers to be bold and more daring when it comes to colors and patterns,” she says. “It feels nice to know Selective Closet is achieving the goal that it’s meant to.”

    Aside from her booming blog, Lockhart is also a 26-year-old part-time English teacher who enjoys reading, writing, and lifting heavy weights in addition to walking her puppy and cooking.

    There’s also an eye behind the lens of each Selective Closet post thanks to photographer Chelcie Lister.

    Lockhart takes pride in curating outfits that people wouldn’t normally think of putting together. “Our readers are always mentioning how much they like that and the compliments they get themselves when they recreate Selective Closet styles or looks,” says Lockhart.

    When asked what her favorite part about Selective Closet is, Lockhart says that while she enjoys shopping, photo shoots, and putting outfits together, her absolute favorite part is interacting with followers.

    “My favorite part has to be interacting with my followers and going through my emails and direct messages,” she says. “They always say really sweet things and they even send me pictures of outfits they have in mind to get my point of view. I just love they trust my sense of style!”

    Lockhart is looking forward to the rest of the year with Selective Closet as she prepares to not only maintain her blog but open an online boutique as well.

    “Everything will be handmade and custom made,” she says. “Our readers will be able to find skirts and dresses they already love and ideas on how to style their items. I’m really excited about that!”

    To read Selective Closet, click here, where you check out new posts and subscribe to the newsletter. You can also follow Selective Closet on Instagram.


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    Two friends took their fashion-forward dream of launching an online boutique and made it happen. Learn more about it and how they’re making a brick-and-mortar boutique debut in Old Milford soon.


    Jackson Whitacre is currently preparing to open its first brick-and-mortar location in Old Milford.

    Friends Julie Crowthers and Haley Kemp have a passion for do-it-yourself projects. The two have completed a number of projects in their own homes including unique light fixtures, custom counter tops, shutters, and various home decor projects.

    “We jokingly toyed with the idea of starting our own shop,” laughs Kemp. “We didn’t know exactly what it entailed, but no matter where we were or what we were doing, the subject always came up.”

    Then, thanks to their DIY abilities, friends, family, and coworkers began asking the two to make pieces for them. Kemp says she doesn’t know when it became official, but the seriousness of starting their own business venture began.

    Kemp and Crowthers began planning and purchasing clothing and home decor items for their new business in March 2016. Then, on May 2, 2016, they officially launched Jackson Whitacre.

    “Jackson Whitacre is an online retail shop that sells homemade furnishings for your home as well as custom nursery pieces along with trend apparel and other home decor,” explains Kemp.

    When you shop at Jackson Whitacre you’ll find a wide variety of women and children’s clothing and accessories, custom made nursery products, homemade home furnishings, trendy home decor pieces, and natural bath and body products.  

    A goal for Kemp and Crowthers was to keep their prices pocketbook friendly, and they did just that. “We offer something for everyone, with pricing starting at $5.95,” says Kemp.

    According to Kemp, what makes Jackson Whitacre unique is the wide variety of products they offer. “We strive to keep prices in a moderate range so people from all walks of life can find something for themselves or a loved one,” adds Kemp.

    This year promises to be something big for Kemp and Crowthers at Jackson Whitacre. Kemp says the two will be opening a Jackson Whitacre storefront in Old Milford in the coming weeks.

    To learn more about Jackson Whitacre, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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    Miami University is hosting a full-on Fashion Week packed full of events and giveaways. Read on as we chat with the director to see what's to come, and get an exclusive preview.


    Miami University Fashion Week is organized by the Miami University Club of Fashion and Design (MUCFD)

    Attention fashionistas! The 6th annual Miami University Fashion Week is almost here, and it’s packed full fashionable fun.

    Steele Fitzwater, public relations and marketing director for Miami University Fashion and Design, says this year’s Miami University Fashion Week will be filled with different types of events throughout the week showcasing different experts and aspects of the industry.

    Then, it all culminates for the big fashion show at the end of the week, on April 8. “Everything with the show, is done by the students,” Fitzwater says. “All of the models are students, all of the designers are students, and everything is set up and taken down by students.”

    Miami University Fashion Week will kick off on April 3, starting with a promotional day. With this being the first day, students set up booths around campus, and promote the fashion show, and all the events that will be taking place that week. “We set up booths around a couple of the large student areas around campus, and we have merchandise to handout from our organization,” says Fitzwater. “Things like laptop stickers, pens, and water bottles are some things that we hand out to get the word out. We also have a donation of 500 Kind Bar’s from the Kind Corporation, that we will be handing out on April 3.”

    Then, April 4 is Fashion Fest. “This is actually the first year we are doing Fashion Fest,” says Fitzwater. “Usually the day after our first promo day, is another large-scale promo day, and a mini fashion show where a few of our models will walk down the streets of Oxford. But what we wanted to do this year, was engage a larger part of our student body. We plan to have a few booths set up in areas with a lot of student traffic, with small events at each booth.”

    All students involved with Fashion Week are invited to attend a night out from 7-9 p.m. on April 5. While this is an exclusive event, the students who are invited are encouraged to bring their friends. “I think this is a benefit for our members,” says Fitzwater. “They have this time where they can come out with their friends, and there will be drink specials. We want our members to be fond of each other, and this gives them time to get to know each other, almost like a sorority and fraternity ordeal.”

    April 6 and 7 gear up for the big show on April 8. April 6 is set aside for Executive Guest Speaker night, where a fashion forward professional will make an appearance. As for April 7, the day before the big show, the Fashion Week members will be busy with the cup sale fundraiser. The cup sale fundraiser will be held at Brick Street Bar from 12-4 p.m. to help raise money for next year’s fashion show, and a possible scholarship program.

    “This year, we’re able to give back more than we ever have before,” explains Fitzwater. “We want to be able to give out one to two small scholarships every year. Maybe they won’t be but $500 to two new fashion students, but we want to have a chance to give back to our members, and our University because we can now. As for the cups, the cups are on sale for $5 and when you purchase a cup, you’re eligible for discounted drinks in the cups. We normally sell 50-100 cups, and since we are making decent money from the cup sale, we want to be able to save a good chunk of that, and set it aside for two $500 scholarships for next school year, that we can give out to fashion students.”

    While Fashion Week stays busy with all the events, and excitement build up, the big day for the fashion show is April 8, in Millett Assembly Hall, located at 500 E Sycamore St. in Oxford. While organizers will be at the show at 8 a.m. to set everything up, doors don’t open to the public until 5:30 p.m. There will be a trunk club in attendance before the show, with vendors such as Adidas, and Vineyard Vines, who will be selling items at a discounted price. “The show is open to everyone,” says Fitzwater. “Most VIP tickets are reserved for faculty, donors, and family members of designers and models, but each year we tend to have a few VIP tickets go on sale for the public that are interested. Only those with VIP tickets have access to the VIP toast event before the show, which starts at 6:30 p.m.”

    To end the week, and celebrate all the hard work and dedication put into the show, there will be an after party, hosted at Brick Street Bar. “We will have a section blocked off at the bar, and at the show,” explains Fitzwater. “You will receive a wrist band that will get you into Brick Street, past the general admission line.”

    Tickets are available online for $12. To learn more, or purchase tickets, click here.


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      It’s not always easy to find time for friends, shopping and fun. That’s why a local DAAP graduate launched a concept that brings it all under one roof… Yours! Read on for all the fashionable details.

      The team behind Up2Tempo.

      As a busy mom, but a fashionista at heart, Deanna Hotchkiss knew there had to be an easier way to maximize her limited time for friends, shopping and fun. That’s what inspired her to launch Up2Tempo, a Cincinnati-based company that allows you to shop affordable and comfortable fashion pieces through a no-pressure trunk show with a personal stylist, while enjoying fun and refreshments with friends.

      “Up2Tempo is a unique clothing company where you can buy hand-picked items by a personal stylist on our website,” explains Hotchkiss, “or you can have a girls night where a personal stylist brings an entire store to your house where you and your friends can shop.”

      Hotchkiss says Up2Tempo personal stylists help you put together one-of-a-kind outfits or simply provide outfits for you to find on and take home that night – looks that match your personality and your style. “It’s a safe environment with no pressure, just fun,” she says. “We suggest that you only buy it if you love and look great wearing it.”

      While the idea of someone else dressing you can feel a little daunting at first, Hotchkiss and her team are there to help you try on clothes with your girlfriends and seeing what different outfits look like on different people.”

      Deanna Hotchkiss is the founder of Up2Tempo.

      When she launched Up2Tempo, Hotchkiss wanted to create a fun environment where you can have a girls night in with your closest friends while enjoy fun, food, and fashion.

      “The Up2Tempo trunk show gives women time with their friends, feedback from their friends, and their very own personal stylist,” she adds. “Everyone has to wear clothes, so why not take something we have to do and make it fun and easy.”

      Hotchkiss graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s school of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning with a degree in fashion design and product development.

      Her career has spanned different areas of the fashion industry, including retail sales, fashion merchandising, and fashion design – she event spent time herself as a personal shopper at Neiman Marcus in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she style everyone, including several celebrities. Her credentials don’t stop there, however, as she’s also been head wardrobe stylist for a movie and a fashion stylist for many photo shoots.

      Up2Tempo made its debut in Fall 2014, but clothing recently became available for purchasing in the online store in this spring. Hotchkiss says that not only are the products from Up2Tempo comfortable and fashionable, they’re also affordable. “All of the clothing is purchased with those three things in mind,” she says.

      What makes it unique, she says, is that they bring the merchandise to you and send a personal stylist along as well. “How many companies do that,” she says.

      Hotchkiss is always searching for ways to make Up2Tempo a household name for fashion. She’s interested in bringing on more personal stylists to help clients and the launch of the online shop is one of the most exciting things she’s looking forward to this year.

      “Right now we are just really excited about the growth of the business and the home parties,” she adds.

      To learn more, visit or call 513-227-0474.

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      Learn about a local fashion designer who’s on a mission to change the world - one beautifully designed dress at a time.

      Geetha Minton, Founder of GKM Design
      Geetha Minton, Founder of GKM Design

      Geetha Minton believes you can have a uniquely-designed dress, featuring luxurious materials from around the world, while providing a new life for a woman in need.

      Minton is the founder of GKM Design, a fashion line that not only creates beautiful, culturally-inspired dresses, but products that help save modern day slaves from the realm of human trafficking.

      When she launched GKM, Minton says she started out with one goal: To employ as many women as possible. “The more we sell, the more women we can help,” she says.

      To help expand her brand and reach more buying customers, Minton partners with production companies in India and Moldova. Those companies hire survivors of human trafficking, allowing GKM to employ those women.

      Minton says she hopes to inspire other women through the work she’s done in three ways. She wants to inspire them to live without the “what ifs.”

      “It doesn’t matter what you went to school for or what you think other people want you to do in life,” she says. “Absolutely anything is possible. No matter how many people tell you you can’t do something, you absolutely can.”


      She wants everyone around her to attempt whatever it is they have their sights on, so at least they can say they had the guts to try.

      Minton also wants to inspire others to surround themselves with supportive people.

      “I’m not talking about people that will urge to go on American Idol even if you suck,” she laughs. “People that will tell you if you’re idea or dream makes sense or how to tweak it to make it work. I’m my own worst enemy and if I didn’t have the squad that I have surrounding me I would never gone as far as I have. Particularly my husband. He is my biggest support and my rock of Gibraltar. So having that support at home in incredibly important!”

      Minton says that she believes anything is possible when you have the best intentions behind it. “You will absolutely receive help and blessings as long as you’re serving, working, and persevering with purpose,” she adds.

      Dresses designed for GKM Design by Minton.
      Dresses designed for GKM Design by Minton.

      She doesn’t want you to give up when things get tough, because they will get really hard, she wants you to keep going with your purpose because things will work out.

      Minton says that in the new year she will be bringing new designs to her line. Be on the lookout for five long dresses coming to the collection as well as a jumpsuit. “I’m super excited about these,” she says.

      To learn more about GKM Design, visit You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

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      Learn about the local lady who traveled the world to bring the most beautiful, carefully crafted items to the Tri-State with her new OTR-based boutique.

      The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Is is a new boutique in OTR.
      The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Is is a new boutique in OTR.

      Cincy Chic: What is The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Is?
      Carrington Broeman, Founder of The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Is: The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Is is a collection of things we love from all over the world, often with an ethical underpinning (who love working with local artisans), and always with a story attached.

      Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind your collection?
      Broeman: I was inspired by both travel and love to start The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Is.

      Cincy Chic: Who’s behind the collection?
      Broeman: I am an ex-art specialist, fashion retailer, and world traveler. I’ve got a unique, eclectic eye for the interesting, fun, and extraordinary.

      Cincy Chic: What makes The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Is unique?
      Broeman: What really makes our collection and store unique is that is offers a worldview shaped by travel, art, and Cincinnati.


      Cincy Chic: What types of products can we find in the store?
      Broeman: We sell clothes, artisan-made Mexican textile, African basket ware (from a Rwandan collective), wooden bowls with gold inlay, baby clothes, perfect baby moccasins, fragrant candles, stationary, blow-up swans, flamingo neon lights, quirky needlepoint cushions, and Nigella Lawson’s favorite crockery.

      Cincy Chic: When can readers stop by and shop the store?
      Broeman: Our hours differ a bit, but you can always find them on our Facebook page. Currently, and through the season, they are:

      Thursday: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
      Friday: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
      Saturday: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
      Sunday: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

      Cincy Chic: What are the store’s price points?
      Broeman: Products come in a range of prices – from a couple of dollars to a few hundred for the most beautiful, most crafted objects.

      The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Is carries a selection of carefully curated items.
      The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Is carries a selection of carefully curated items.

      Cincy Chic: What makes you the most excited about opening The Most Beautiful Thing in the World Is?
      Broeman: I’m excited about bringing the things we find beautiful to more people in Cincinnati. We want everything in the store to inspire wonder.

      Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more and follow along with the collection?
      Broeman: Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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      See how one local lady is blending her two passions - family and fashion - through her kids’ clothing store in Hyde Park.

      Founder of The Spotted Goose
      Amy Fessler with her children.

      After setting a personal goal to pursue her passion for fashion before turning 30, Amy Fessler was shopping at SOHO, a high-end women’s fashion boutique in Hyde Park, and learned by chance that it was for sale.

      She bought the store a few short weeks later and the rest is history. Fast forward five years, a marriage and two children later, Fessler was in The Spotted Goose (shopping again, go figure – her words!) and overheard it was for sale. “It felt meant to be,” says Fessler. “It wasn’t the perfect time, as my son was only a few months old. However, we didn’t want to let the opportunity pass by,” she recalls. “It felt like the right next step for our family, so we made it work!”

      Although it may not have been the perfect time, it was the perfect business to purchase right after having children! The Spotted Goose is a high-end children’s fashion boutique located in Hyde Park that features designers from all over the world. From fashion forward t-shirts and sweaters to brand name booties and shoes, Fessler says The Spotted Goose is a place where young fashionistas can choose clothes to express their own personal style.

      “My children are already developing their own little styles,” says Fessler. “My son insists on being comfortable – which is sometimes very frustrating to me since that means he won’t wear several things I want him to! And my daughter loves mixing patterns and textures. She has a really good eye and is true to what she loves and feels good in. I really admire that about her!”

      Amy Fessler, Owner of The Spotted Goose in Hyde Park.

      Becoming a mom changed the way Fessler viewed everything in life. She and her husband both own their own businesses and involve their children as much as possible to instill a strong work ethic in them at a young age. “They know what work is and that it is important to always do your best,” says Fessler of her children. As for being a mom and a career woman, she says, “No day is the same for an owner of a small business and that is one of the things I most appreciate about it!”

      According to Fessler, the previous owner did an amazing job making children and everyone in the community feel welcome and at home at The Spotted Goose. As the current owner, Fessler continues to provide this same warm atmosphere to her guests, making clients feel welcome and happy when they are shopping there. With so many places to shop and the option to purchase clothing online, she especially appreciates when people take time to experience the boutique in person. “We love styling outfits and gifts for people’s littlest loved ones. It is truly our pleasure to help our clients find exactly what they are looking for!”

      You can see more of what The Spotted Goose has to offer at, check them out on Facebook, or stop in at their boutique location at 3048 Madison Road in Hyde Park.