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See how a local fashionista has fun with her style - at work and play - and shows you how to do the same on her blog.

The Professional Prep
Kayla Parsley shows how to take workwear to the weekend on her blog The Professional Prep.

Looking to add excitement to your current wardrobe? Check out Kayla Parsley’s fashion blog, The Professional Prep, for women ages 20-35.

The name of the blog is a play on words. “You can take it as someone who is professionally prepping herself or someone with a preppy style who dresses professionally,” Parsley explains. In her blog, she features an outfit of the day, upcoming trends, and do-it-yourself projects. “I’m really big on not having to change from the workplace to the weekend,” she explains. “A lot of what I wear, you can wear all the time.”

Kayla Parsley shows how to take workwear to the weekend.

From being an Account Executive for the Cincinnati Reds to a fashion blogger at night, Parsley is able to successfully translate her style from the workplace to the evening. During the day, her job consists of planning corporate outings and fundraisers at the Great American Ball Park. She also assists with special themed nights, such as Lauren Hill Night, Strike Out Stroke Night, and Girl Scout Night. At night, she works on her blog.

When Parsley puts her outfits together, she loves to add a splash of color. “I wear a lot of color, all year round, it’s not even just a summer thing,” she says. In her post, “Pretty in Pink: The Female Young Professionals’ Guide to Business Casual,” Parsley discussed her outfit of the day when she went to an important appointment with a company to purchase a suite for 10 Reds games at Great American Ball Park. She believes that adding a pop of color adds personality to your outfit. “I fully believe that you can embrace business casual/business professional in the workplace and still rock something that is fabulous and on trend,” she says.

Parsley also posts about trends that pique her interest. For example, a trend that she loves, especially in the fall, is discussed in “Fall Favs: Leather and Fur.” It fuses an “outfit of the day” with the fall fur trend where she wears a Michael Kors fur vest, along with an Ann Taylor leather pencil skirt. “It’s the perfect outfit that works for the office and can be worn for a night out as well.”


Parsley has experienced great success with her do-it-yourself projects as well. “Most of the time, it’s stuff that I think is really cute, but expensive and I wouldn’t want to pay for it,” she says. Her biggest project to date has been her Rebecca Minkoff inspired tassel bag and it’s her favorite blog post thus far. In fact, she had so many people message her asking if she would make one for them too that she opened her own Etsy shop. “I got so many people that I couldn’t even keep track of the orders,” Parsley says. To date, her shop has sold more than 100 bags.

Parsley began her blogging journey three years ago by following multiple fashion bloggers on Instagram. She gets the inspiration for her ideas from the people around her. “I might see another blogger trying a trend and I’ll try it out,” says Parsley. “Find things that I already have in my closet that I think I can put together.”
To learn more about The Professional Prep blog, visit or check out Parsley’s Instagram.

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Learn about a local blogger who's bringing out the fashionista and book worm in all of us by serving up weekly novel reviews in style with her wowing wardrobe finds.

Gilt Edge
Brett Parker, Founder of the blog Gilt Edge.

If you love a good book AND a fab find for your wardrobe, Gilt Edge is for you.

This Cincinnati-based blog, founded by Brett Parker, marries her love of literature and fashion to offer hand-picked book recommendations and reviews, fashion inspiration and beauty finds sprinkled with a hand-picked music and food recipes all of which are inspired by each other.

Parker started Gilt Edge in 2015 as a “space to share her passions and connect with others,” she says and describes herself as a music lover, beauty junkie, fashion enthusiast and avid reader. “I treat my blog as if I were talking to a friend, so I share as much about my interests and favorites as I can.”

Inspiration is found everywhere for Parker but especially in of her love of fashion. “I love to shop, so as far as clothing, it is really easy for me to find inspiration,” she explains. “I typically just step inside a Nordstrom and feel inspired. I do pull a lot of inspiration online, though. I love Who What Wear, and I find other bloggers really inspiring.”

100316fashion2Although native to the Midwest, Parker is new to Cincinnati, as a Bay Area transplant, so navigating her new city and forming relationships with fellow Tri-State bloggers through Thread Cincinnati has in itself become a large source of inspiration. This is reflected in Gilt Edge’s image driven website where you’ll often find Parker’s outfits are a combination of high end fashion coupled with causal staples such Levi jean shorts paired with a Marc Jacobs bag.

“I love trends, but I also love classics. I dress for occasions and the adventure I want to have. I think fashion and getting dressed every morning should be fun, and I try to emulate that in my style,” Parker says. “I’ve been really into Free People for the last year or so. I just love all of their dresses. I love Marc Jacobs handbags. I shop a lot at Nordstrom, as well as Von Maur. I just adore department stores in general, because they carry such a wide variety and the customer service is always exceptional.”

Parker, with her big city style and Midwest charm, openly admits that, like the rest of us “there are a ton of designers I admire but can’t always fit into my budget,” she laughs. “I love Alice + Olivia and Charlotte Olympia. If I could have an entire wardrobe made up of just their pieces, I would do it in a heartbeat.”

As far as the literary aspects of her blog Parker says she finds inspiration around every corner. “I get recommendations everywhere, friends, family, social media. Eva Chen of Instagram is always reading and TheSkimm has some great recommendations occasionally,” she explains.

To learn more about Parker and Gilt Edge, visit her website You can also find her on Instagram and Twitter. For a focus on fashion, check her out on Pinterest and if a good read is what you’re in the market for, visit her on Googlereads.

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Learn about a new Cincinnati-based fashion blog chronicling the budget friendly style, adventures and musings of a local fashionista.

Success on Stilettos is a Cincinnati-based blog that
Success on Stilettos is a Cincinnati-based blog that shares the budget-friendly style and musings of local blogger Annie Winegardner.

Summer is right around the corner, and local fashion blog, Success on Stilettos, is bringing us this summer’s hottest trends.

Success on Stilettos is a Cincinnati-based fashion blog chronicling the budget-friendly style and musings of local blogger Annie Winegardner.

She says effortless bohemian style is still topping the trends, and we’ll be seeing more trends emerging in the Cincinnati area this summer. “I think the off-the-shoulder trend is a big trend for this summer,” Winegardner adds. “I’m seeing it everywhere in dresses and tops. I’ve purchased several pieces already that are off-the shoulder and I’m loving it. I’m also loving all the bell-sleeved trend. It’s a slightly more up-and-coming trend but I’ definitely going to be rocking it this summer.”

Winegardner likes to shop places that keep her on-trend, but don’t break the bank. Dressing well doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and online stores can keep you trendy for less, she says. “I love places like Topshop, Old Navy, ASOS, H&M, Chicwish and SheInside for on-trend pieces that won’t break the bank,” Winegardner explains. “For work clothes, I love Loft, Anne Taylor and the Limited. You can always find sale items there and get great deals.”

Annie Winegardner, Founder of the blog Success on Stilettos.
Annie Winegardner, Founder of the blog Success on Stilettos.

While Cincinnati might not be on the same fashion caliber as New York or Chicago, the city holds its own in terms of personal style and creativity, Winegardner says. “It’s funny, because you wouldn’t necessarily think Cincinnati would be this fashion hub, but it absolutely is,” she adds. “When I moved here, I was so excited to find that it’s such a stylish city (walking around in OTR and downtown gives me so much fashion inspiration!). Not only that, but we have these awesome blogger gals, each with their own style, it’s great!”

With buzzing fashion inspiration everywhere and the need to dress up for her job, Winegardner found herself ahead of the pack in terms of style. “I always found myself being more dressed up than those around me, and initially started posting pictures of my outfits on Instagram,” Winegardner says. “I was getting a ton of questions about what I was wearing; where I got things, how I found great pieces or such great deals, so I decided to start writing about it.”

“My blog is here to show women, especially young professional women, that you really can dress as well as women in magazines or those you see who blog for a living and not completely break the bank,” Winegardner says. “I think how you put yourself together everyday is important, because it’s an expression of who you are, but it’s not something that has to cost a fortune.”

To keep up with this summer’s trends and Winegardner’s happenings around town, you can follow Success on Stilettos on Facebook, and read the blog at

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A local fashionista launched a blog that incorporates street style with her modest preference. See how she blends urban fashion with street-style chic for the modern day woman.

Joelle Cartier,
Joelle Cartier, Founder of the fashion blog le-cartier. Photo credit: Farheen Asif

Joelle Cartier has always been interested in fashion and personal styling, specifically for urban and street chic style wear. But there’s one thing that really makes Cartier’s fashion sense stand out – she is Muslim, so she’s always in search of ways to stay stylish and embrace her street style chic without sacrificing her personal values.

To help inspire the fashionistas around her, Cartier decided to launch her own Cincinnati-based fashion blog, le-cartier, in May 2015.

“Earlier this year, I decided to create my own fashion blog in hopes of inspiring women to take chances with their wardrobe and embrace their own personal style,” explains Cartier. “More importantly, I wanted to show the world how Muslim women are impacting the fashion industry while still maintaining their modesty.”

Le-cartier is a personal fashion blog that focuses on Cartier’s love for urban fashion and street-style chic for the modern day woman.

“It [the blog] not only incorporates urban street style wear (i.e. boyfriend jeans and Jordans vs. your average dress and heels) and chic apparel, but the blog itself is show through the eyes and lens of a Muslim woman in America wearing the hijab. My blog represents originality and modesty because I don’t have to show skin in order to make a fashion statement.”

In the few months since she launched her blog, Cartier is making a splash on the local fashion scene. In addition to the work she does on her blog, she’s also taking on new clients who are interested in personal styling tips for their wardrobe. “Whether it be for a casual day/night out or for simple business attire, I’m providing tips and tricks to help influence their day to day style,” she adds.

Cariter says that she’s also been working on connecting and establishing relationships with local retailers who are in need of personal stylists for upcoming shoots and spreads or to promote their products.

She says that it’s been a great way to help get Cincinnati on the map as many people are checking out the city and all that it has to offer.

To learn more about le-cartier, visit You can also follow along on Instagram or contact Cartier directly at

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See what happens when 10 local fashion-focused bloggers join forces to create one site where you can find their posts about style, decor, recipes, how-to videos, and more.

(left to right) Thread Cincinnati contributors Princess Fox with Personal Bravery; Sydney Murdock from UnCommon Stylist; Tamia Stinson from The Style Sample; Katie Holocher from OUT + OUTFIT; Preeti Chaulk, from Ninesto5; Olivia Johnson, from Baubles to Bubbles;
(left to right) Thread Cincinnati contributors Princess Fox with Personal Bravery; Sydney Murdock from UnCommon Stylist; Tamia Stinson from The Style Sample; Katie Holocher from OUT + OUTFIT; Preeti Chaulk, from Ninesto5; Olivia Johnson, from Baubles to Bubbles (Photo: Ida Street)

Whether you’re a fashionista looking for style inspiration or a business looking for a brand ambassador, look no further than Thread Cincinnati.

This recently launched network of fashion-focused bloggers, enthusiasts, and advocates of Cincinnati has one main purpose: To advance the fashion and blogging community of the Greater Cincinnati area by providing a collective site of like-minded bloggers.

Starting with social media, 10 women came together noticing an audience for a collection of blogs focusing on all things entertainment and fashion. Preeti Chaulk, blogger of Ninesto5, and one of the Thread Cincinnati founders says, “We [saw] similar ‘blog societies’ out there and thought it would be nice to have one for our blossoming community.”

In addition to Chaulk, Thread Cincinnati contributors include Olivia Johnson, from Baubles to Bubbles; Alice and Karen from blanc X noir; Natalie Folchi from CincinNatalie; Annie Butler with Ida Street; Katie Holocher from OUT + OUTFIT; Princess Fox with Personal Bravery; Tamia Stinson from The Style Sample; Liz Urso from 26 & Counting; and Sydney Murdock from UnCommon Stylist.

”I think it’s great to have a unified place for all the fashion bloggers in Cincinnati,” Johnson says. “There’s a great fashion scene here, and we’re helping showcase that.”

With these women taking on different roles to get the site up and running, Thread Cincinnati was made possible. Some took on more behind the scenes roles with getting the site live and others took on more managerial or administrative roles, like answering emails and initiating connections with local vendors that aligned with the mission of Thread.

“In the blogging world, people collaborate a lot. Sometimes it’s just for a projection, sometimes it’s for a series, but usually that is that,” Butler says. “That’s why I love Thread so much. It’s awesome to be surrounded by such a supportive group of women and offer our continued collaboration to the Queen City. We all have very different styles and lead unique lives, so to come together like this is pretty amazing.”

Across the board, Thread Cincinnati bloggers cover a variety of topics, including: fashion, decor, DIY projects, recipes, socializing, how-to videos, and more. It also provides an access point for businesses who are looking to work with locals and subsequently their audiences.

“We hope to work amongst ourselves and the community to uncover and promote various brands and companies we feel passionately about,” Chaulk says. “Thread is unique because we have a range of personalities and styles, but can work together as one collective voice. We love being able to create and distribute content that represents us and hopefully inspires those who read and follow us.”

Thread Cincinnati is currently working on a launch event and building their brand by partnering with local and national businesses that embody their goals. Going forward, they will also look for opportunities to provide the Cincinnati fashion and social scene with tips and trends for living in the Queen City.

“Thread brings like-minded women together,” Folchi says. “Our personal styles might be different, but our goal is the same: to put the Queen City on the map, one post at a time. We want to make an impact in our city, and show residents and out-of-towners that Cincinnati has something offer.”

To learn more, visit