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Want to get your finances on track this year? Learn about one local firm with programs that help you reach your financial goals while sticking to reality.

Founder Mackey McNeill with Mackey Advisors staff lined up for the ribbon cutting (photo by Kelley Leyte Photography)

Mackey Advisors has been in Cincinnati since 1982, when it was first started as a traditional financial services firm. Mackey Advisors eventually grew to become one of the largest women-owned businesses in Greater Cincinnati.

But tragedy struck in 1995, when someone close to Mackey McNeill committed suicide.

“Following this, she looked at her life and realized she wasn’t living her passion,” says Mackey Advisors Operations & Communications Director Sarah Grace Mohr. “She wanted to help people craft their futures in an impactful, positive way. Her ultimate goal is to create a more prosperous world one person at a time.”

For several years McNeill spent time selling off large pieces of her business. She also spent time learning from the best in her field and studying brain science, human emotions, and the impact prosperity has on the brain.

“All of this culminated in writing the award-winning book titled, ‘The Intersection of Joy & Money,’” says Mohr. “The principles and practices laid out in her book fueled the reinvention of her business and the development of our holistic, one-of-a-kind life-by-design process, The Prosperity Experience.”

Today, Mackey Advisors works with individuals, couples, families, and small business owners to create prosperous lives and prosperous businesses, it’s also one of the largest women-owned businesses in Greater Cincinnati.

“We hope people define their future vision, develop a plan to go get it, and support them all along the way,” says Mohr.

What helps Mackey Advisors stand out is that it’s people helping people. “We come together with our clients as equals,” says Mohr. “We may be the experts in finance, but our clients are experts on their lives passions, and goals, which are even more important.”

Sarah Grace Mohr, Operations and Communications Director at Mackey Advisors

At Mackey Advisors, they believe that money is just half of the picture when it comes to financial services. Mohr says the end goal isn’t just a number, but rather a state of being. “It has many names: prosperity, joy, and peace of mind,” she says.

There are two flagship services available from Mackey Advisors: The Prosperity Experience and The Prosperity Experience for Small Businesses.

“The Prosperity Experience for Individuals is a life-by-design process that combines personal passions, values, and wants with financial realities,” explains Mohr. “Clients are supported by our technically talented Prosperity Coaches as they set their vision, craft their plans, and create the lives they want.”

There’s also The Prosperity Experience for Small Businesses, which, according to Mohr, is a business-by-design process that allows small business owners and their leadership to work with Mackey’s Prosperity Coaches to set future goals, strengthen business structure, implement strategic measurements, and increase team accountability to create the businesses they have always envisioned.

There’s a lot on the horizon for Mackey Advisors in 2017. “For the last few years we have been develop iProsper, a life-by-design process for young professionals, and it will finally be ready for launch in 2017,” she says.

The team is also working to create one-of-a-kind workshops to help people set goals, increase financial literacy, and help people build prosperous lives.

To learn more about Mackey Advisors, visit, where you can also check out their blog. You can also follow along on Facebook and Twitter. Mohr says to feel free to stop by the offices located at 601 Fairfield Avenue in Bellevue, Kentucky.