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Keep reading as our financial expert provides insight on how to revitalize your finances in the New Year.

It is officially 2017, Cincy Chicers! Whether it is a New Year’s resolution, adult-ing goals, or New Me New Year, it does not matter, I am sure there are new techniques, lessons, or habits we want learn within the New Year.

‘Tis the season to revamp, renew, and revitalize our finances and money mindsets. The expensive holiday season is finally over and now we return to our regularly scheduled programming. Let’s enjoy starting the year off with a zest for overall wellness, as it relates to health and, of course, wealth.

I want this to be your best year, financially; therefore I want to equip you some tips to put the “umph” back into your finances after the holidays. Without a doubt, November through March is the time people think about money the most, so here are my key tips for revamping your finances:

Take a deep breath.

First things first, take inventory of your outstanding debt commitments. Renew your action plan to erase debt significantly, to ultimately eliminate the nickel-and-diming of monthly payments. My clients have found success arranging their debt amounts from highest to lowest. Then, attacking their lowest amount with large payments, while paying the minimum balances on the other debts, until paid off. Lastly, rinse and repeat until all debts are paid off.

Revamp your current budget.

My previous article was about establishing a vision to jumpstart your financial journey. Your vision to your financial journey is like gas to your car. Review your spending habits, your expenses, and your income. I never want to you to stop being who you are, but I do want you to live within your means. I understand kids, husbands, friends, and family can make that challenging at times, but let’s plan for those unexpected commitments. Start with establishing how much money should be spent every week within your household.

Change your money mindset.

Money or the things money buys has caused many emotions both good and bad. How you think about money affects your relationship with money. Money is just a tool, not an end all be all of any situation. If you want to generate more income, start a side hustle this year. I have so many side hustles, it is ridiculous. Whether you make sweaters, candles, cook, design, whatever it may be, start getting paid to do so. You do not have to turn it into a business, or even become an entrepreneur, but use the funds to accomplish some of your financial goals. Additionally, you could even use the money to invest into a mutual fund!

Revitalize your health in all aspects.

Healthy people make better decisions when it comes to their financial matters. Eat better, get up and get out, read more books, and laugh more. When we are healthy and well, we can focus more on investing in experiences and memories with our friends and family.

Every year is your year, so I will not end with the cliché that 2017 is YOUR year, but we are one year older, one year wiser, and it is certainly time to live the life you want to live. Everything you need to be great is already inside of you; you just need to bring it out. I challenge you to be a better YOU today because your greatness depends on it! And if you are already as great as you want to be, then congratulations you have arrived at a place in life that most people dream of being.