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See how a passion for fashion ignited in the eighth grade inspired this local woman to launch her own jewelry line.

FINOLA Zaira Necklace

From sorting beads and supplies to teaching classes and designing jewelry for displays, Veronica Bucher has always been hooked on accessories. Now, she spends her time doing what she loves: creating her own jewelry line, FINOLA.

“It is the most satisfying feeling- being motivated and having a real impact on the success of something. Every minute that I put into this business, it puts back into me,” says Bucher.

Because she creates all of her pieces by hand, Bucher is not limited to using inexpensive materials or only designing things that can be mass produced. “When I buy jewelry from small businesses or individual artists, I always feel good about the fact that they aren’t mass producing and skimping on quality. Handmade items have so much meaning to me, they’re intimate and special,” says Bucher.

When she travels, Bucher always tries to purchase a piece that was handmade by a local artisan. She loves how it captures the experience of her trip and brings back memories when it is worn. She feels inspired when thinking about other people connecting with FINOLA designs in this way as well.

FINOLA Isabella Earrings

All of the jewelry Bucher creates are pieces that she would enjoy wearing herself. She finds inspiration in taking the time to make every piece high quality and unique. “It’s me, and if I’m putting my energy into something, I want it to count!” she says.

Bucher uses 14 karat gold-filled wire which is hypoallergenic and extremely gentle on almost any skin type. It’s more expensive than gold plated materials, but less expensive than real gold, which helps keep the prices reasonable without sacrificing quality. You can feel secure knowing jewelry that uses 14 karat gold-filled wire won’t fade or tarnish, and with the right care, will last a lifetime, Bucher says.

Lapis Lazuli and tassels are two of the trends Bucher predicts are going to be huge this spring. She has a thing for tassels because of their femininity and quirkiness, and also for their ability to turn any outfit into a bold statement. She creates each tassel by hand using silk embroidery thread, a tedious and time consuming process that adds to the excellence and craftsmanship of her work.

This spring, Bucher will debut her new line of Wedding Jewelry. She is experienced working with brides and their bridal parties, and finds it especially rewarding knowing she is making the jewelry someone is going to wear as they begin a new chapter in life! The pieces will be adorned with antique and Swarovski pearls, and vintage crystals that compliment all sort of wedding styles. She hopes to launch the new site in a few weeks!

In the meantime, you can purchase her pieces on and find her booth at City Flea. Follow FINOLA on Instagram and Facebook.