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Read about a local fitness studio that offers a non-intimidating atmosphere where each individual can focus on specific goals, regardless of their current workout level.

Fitnext LLC offers group fitness classes with people you know.
Fitnext LLC offers group fitness classes with people you know.

Criston Smith wanted to bring a fitness studio that would allow clients to reach their fitness goals in a small group environment.

“We’ve developed a non-intimidating and eclectic atmosphere that allows each individual to focus on specific goals, regardless of their current workout level,” he explains.

The studio offers motivational trainers as well as the technology, workout variety, and nutrition advising clients need to help them follow their workout plans and see results.

Smith says he was inspired to launch Fitnext because he wanted to offer affordable personal training. “With us, you can work out with your friends, family, or co-workers, enjoying their energy and company but also focus on your specific goals such as weight loss, weight gain, endurance, flexibility, etc.,” he adds.

Smith’s background made him the perfect person to open a fitness studio in Cincinnati. He’s a fitness educator, motivator, and ambassador. “At times I’m empathetic but not sympathetic,” he says. “Don’t think about proving yourself to me or others around you. Think about yourself, think about how you may need improving.”

Smith says that when he’s working with a client, he likes to discover what they’re capable of achieving. “I will help you break mental and physical boundaries you thought were impossible,” he says, adding that he will push clients beyond their limits to help them get where he knows they can go.

Criston says that one quote that has always stuck with him is, “It’s never too late to become what you might have been.”

“I refer to it as well as encourage others to refer to it when challenges present themselves in daily life,” he says. “Always push yourself to do better than the time before, giving 100 percent. When you live each day knowing that you’ve done everything in your power to succeed, win or lose you will be satisfied with your end results.”

Thanks to their three locations, in downtown Cincinnati, Montgomery, and Covington, Smith can offer his classes to even more people in the Tri-State.

The group personal training sessions from Fitnext include functional training, interval training, and circuit training while the group fitness classes include an indoor/outdoor bootcamp, cardio combat, trampoline bounce, and Urban Explorer – and outdoor trek around the city.

Smith prides himself on not only the business he runs, but on the affordability of it. Offering affordable classes has always been one of his goals and one of the main inspirations behind his business model.

A one-on-one personal training session can cost between $30 and $60 for a 30 minute session. “Our model allows us to train multiple clients at one time focusing on specific goals,” he explains. “In most group workouts at other gyms, each individual will be performing the same exercises with the same amount of repetitions,” he says. It’s different with Fitnext, you’ll be given a custom workout plan that is fit for you, your fitness level, and your fitness goals.

When you opt for a group workout class, one-hour sessions can be as low as $10.

Not only is Fitnext unique in that is offers you the option for small group training sessions, but they’re personal training methods you can’t find anywhere else. “Incorporating the use of technology in sessions with Personal Digital Assistants allows the trainer to train multiple individuals more efficiently,” says Smith. “Trainers focus more on coaching, motivating, supervising, body mechanics, and safety, making clients feel as if they are receiving one-on-one attention despite there being multiple people in the room.”

Smith says that he and Fitnext are always looking to form partnerships within local businesses. “We are beginning to form a partnership with Cincinnati Public Schools focusing on Common Core standards,” he says. “At the end of the high school term, students are expected to either be enrolled in a college institution, enlisted in the army, or employable with a specific trade skill.”

To help local high school students be prepared to meet Common Core requirements, Fitnext has developed a nine-month personal training program that is geared toward high school juniors and seniors preparing them to sit for the American Council on Exercise personal trainer certification examination.

“Students will have practical training with clients, learn how to manage a business, and how to self-promote on social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram,” says Smith. “Upon passing one of the top industry certifications, students will be ready to accept entry-level jobs in the field or start a business.”

However, if students who participate in the program decide to go to college, they will have a trade skill providing opportunity for them to make money while attending school. “This is an exciting new venture and we are looking to partner with schools across the city,” adds Smith.

You can find the three Fitnext locations below:

Fitnext Sycamore, 803 Sycamore Street in Cincinnati; Fitnext Montgomery, 9729 Montgomery Road in Montgomery; and Fitnext Covington at 831 Madison Avenue in Covington.

To learn more about Fitnext, visit You can also check out the online scheduler and classes here. You can also get social with Fitnext on Instagram and by liking Fitnext-Sycamore, Fitnext-Montgomery, and Fitnext-Covington on Facebook.