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Laurie Fitzgerald Althaus, founder of Now & Next

Laurie Fitzgerald Althaus is dedicated to helping her clients develop and implement a plan that creates a new way of being in their life as well as their businesses, that’s why she started Now & Next – a 90-day planning session for women-owned businesses.

Fitzgerald Althaus has plenty of experience as an entrepreneur since she was 21 years old, has served as a corporate manager in Fortune 500 companies and is even a certified business coach.

“Whether I was working for myself or for others, I’ve always taken on the role as an entrepreneur wherever I was,” she explains. “I brought the true definition of ‘intrapreneurship’ into my corporate positions leveraging my people skills, communication and collaborative team building to achieve corporate goals and customer loyalty within the organizations I’ve served.”

Throughout my personal journey as well as my encounters with many of the people she’s worked with, she always found that successful individuals were able to clearly define their personal objectives and goals whether they were employed by or employing others.

Now & Next is a coaching practice that enables clients ranging from business owners who want to grow to employees who are searching for a meaning in their current or future positions. “Owners want to be better communicators in order to leverage the untapped strengths of their team,” says Fitzgerald Althaus. “We believe that being in business is a win-win for owners, employees and their customers. Employee productivity and retention increases, customers become more loyal and owners are successful and happy.”

Individuals who participate in Fitzgerald Althaus’ program are able to define their personal goals in their career in order to move on from a “working a job” mentality to a thoughtful and focused career path.

In addition to be the founder and president of Now & Next, Fitzgerald Althaus has a team of consultants and coaches that she works with in order to bring clients specialized services for their unique project or situation.

Since Fitzgerald Althaus launched her business a little more than five years ago following the end of her contract with the Business coaching franchise, she went through process of determining her next venture. After talking with business and personal clients, she was able to find that she had a unique ability in helping clients pause their lives to figure out what their individual and business goals were.

“During their coaching sessions they were able to refocus or redirect in the goals and plan,” explains Fitzgerald Althaus. “Thus, the name Now & Next. It was clear that Now & Next was about helping those in busy, hectic lives to have a confidential place ot get their head on straight in order to stay on task with their goals.”

At the beginning of the year, Now & Next announced a strategic partnership with Diverse Supply Chain Partner, LLC. Fitzgerald Althaus and Cheryl El-Alfi developed acoaching and training program that will help Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) leverage their certification in order to enter the corporate supply chain.

“There is a very exciting venture,” adds Fitzgerald Althaus. “We’re coupling Cheryl’s corporate supply chain expertise with my small business coaching expertise.”

The duo is already holding quarterly business planning sessions with accountability coaching. Fitzgerald Althaus adds that the partnership allows her and El-Alfi to really make a difference in the WBE businesses.

Now & Next is located in several offices throughout the Tri-State with corporate headquarters in Hyde Park. Other offices are in Blue Ash, West Chester, Northern Kentycky and Downtown Cincinnati. Clients of Now & Next are located throughout the country.

To learn more about Now & Next, visit, email Fitzgerald Althaus at or call at 513-785-0673.