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FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry

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A local makeup artist is combining her love for makeup and mojitos to give local ladies a fun night in while learning new makeup techniques from an expert.

Makeup & Mojitos
Friends can enjoy a new twist on girls’ night with Makeup & Mojitos, a party that lets you celebrate your friendship while learning new beauty tricks.

Tequana Colvin loves helping women look and feel their best. “We truly believe that every women should know the basics of beauty for herself,” she says. “In reality, no one can afford to hire an artist everyday, [so] having the skill to maintain your everyday appearance-enhancing skills is important.”

That’s why Colvin founded FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry (FFMUA) two years ago after a decade of experience. “[I have been] practicing and studying the art and cosmetic trends for 10 years,” she says. “After years of being pushed and encouraged by friends and family members, I decided to pursue the craft on a larger scale.”

Since then, Colvin has been building her brand through a broad array of events. “FFMUA has participated in a vast amount of makeup-focused work including fashion shows, special events and many weddings,” she says. “We [have also] worked with the Cincinnati Black Theater on stage productions.”

While Colvin is based here in the Tri-State, she’s following opportunities from coast to coast. “FFMUA has traveled from Cincinnati, to LA, to New York City, and proudly participated in Couture Fashion Week 2015 in New York City,” she explains.

FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry started out giving instruction, lessons and DIY info to the everyday woman, and has given a series of classes on different aspects of cosmetic application. The newest addition to FFMUA’s offerings is the Makeup & Mojitos Party.

Colvin applying makeup to a client. She is the owner of FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry.

“The Makeup & Mojitos Party is a fun way to spice up a ladies night in. It [gives] you a reason to celebrate with your close friends, family, or co-workers while learning beauty [tips] in the privacy of your own environment,” she says. “FFMUA comes out to your home or office to teach a beauty lesson. The guests provide pot-luck style refreshments and mojitos and Flawless Face brings the [expertise]. Collectively you have Makeup & Mojitos!”

The Makeup & Mojitos Party is entirely customizable and can be thrown for a variety of groups and prices. “[Clients] can choose from a Two Topic Learning Session, a Basic Beauty Session, or a Full Face Beauty Lesson,” she explains. The parties all specialize in different focuses ranging from contouring and highlighting to brow enhancement and eyeshadow placement.

Colvin emphasizes the importance of bonding opportunities such as Makeup & Mojitos, and says, “The uniqueness about this party is the reason it gives ladies an opportunity to bond. It’s a beauty-focused gathering and regardless of ones’ walk of life, this is something any woman would enjoy doing,” she says. “This party allows individuals that may never normally [spend time] together to celebrate [through] their shared interest in enhancing their own personal beauty routine.”

Colvin says the makeup lessons are applicable to all age ranges, as she tailors each lesson to reflect age-appropriate techniques. To learn more, “like” FFMUA on Facebook. To book a Makeup & Mojitos party, call Colvin at (513) 213-2309.

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A local makeup expert now offers makeup classes to teach you all the latest application techniques, all while having fun with friends!

Tequana Colvin, Founder of FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry.

After a consistent amount of encouragement from her friends and family, Tequana Colvin was inspired to begin FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry here in Cincinnati to do other peoples’ makeup as flawlessly as she did her own. There were many people who asked Colvin to teach a class if she didn’t want to do their makeup.

On August 24th, 2013, she created her own makeup classes titling them “The Flawless Face Affair.” Even after all the seats sold out, people continued to come and requested to stand. This experience excited Colvin. She saw her future in the makeup industry and pursued FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry.

As a teenager, Colvin became intrigued by makeup around the ninth grade, the year she was permitted to wear it. She wore makeup every day, teaching herself and gathering many different products to use. She has also traveled and taken makeup classes by celebrity makeup artists like Alexandra Butler of Atlanta, Georgia, as well as Georgia and Drini of Los Angeles, California. Colvin uses a variety of high-end makeup brands like M•A•C and NARS Cosmetics, OCC (a vegan and cruelty-free line) and Dose of Colors. She also incorporates your everyday Covergirl, NYX and E.L.F. Cosmetics, showing how creative she can be with mixing brands.

Colvin gains a lot of her inspiration from other makeup artists online, the television and social media, especially Instagram. Although she has a vast amount of talent and inspiration that allows her to fulfill requests for full makeup transformations in other cities, Colvin says that Cincinnati clients often request very natural and simple looks.

Colvin describes her best and “most fulfilling experience” as a makeup artist when she did the makeup of her first MTV reality show celebrity. However, Colvin also has amazing experiences when she works with women who have cancer. They want her to help transform them after all they have gone through and how their self-esteem has been destroyed from the cancer treatments causing hair and tooth loss as well as weight loss or gain.

“I cry after they see themselves and feel beautiful again,” says Colvin. Colvin has taken her talents in makeup artistry, whether they are simple or transformational, and shares them with others through her classes. “The Flawless Face Affair” classes are a way to gather together, expand your makeup application skill and take it to the next level.

“My class is more of a social experience,” explains Colvin.

One class can range from covering two topics about makeup application to a private full face three hour lesson. You can go out with your friends for a fun time of bonding, learning and making new friends, or you can take your time and have a personal experience.

As for others who are new and just starting to look into becoming a makeup artist or break into the makeup industry, Colvin suggests practicing endless times on others.

“Doing makeup on yourself and on other [are] two different stages,” says Colvin. “It takes lots of practice.”
To learn more about FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry and their classes, check out their Facebook page.