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    From a high-end fashion designer to a foodie blogger, learn about this local mom of two (soon to be three!) who’s taking over the Internet one delectable delight at a time! Keep reading for all the delicious details.

    Fashion designer Amy Kirchen hung up her heels to stay at home with her girls and launch a food blog, The Guiding Spoon.
    Fashion designer Amy Kirchen hung up her heels to stay at home with her girls and launch a food blog, The Guiding Spoon.

    Former fashion designer Amy Kirchen did a 360 in her fabulous heels to focus on her family last year. Now, she’s taking on a new challenge – a food blog – that she can do right from the comfort of her kitchen.

    The Guiding Spoon is a food blog, created by Kirchen, to encourage others and inspire them to cook and bake. “I owned a boutique and custom clothing line for around five years in Cincinnati, and closed my business last year to focus on my small children,” she explains.

    With the extra time she was spending at home being momma to her two little girls, Kirchen found that she was struggling to plan meals and felt a little intimidated by the kitchen. While searching for the encouragement she needed to get in there and cook, she also found inspiration.

    Kirchen says she was inspired to launch The Guiding Spoon in order to help others who need kitchen guidance with a little encouragement. She wanted to be able to help them find the confidence to cook delicious meals without being intimidated.


    “I started The Guiding Spoon to inspire others to get their hands dirty in the kitchen (besides cleaning!),” she says. “The kitchen is for cooking and I believe it should be all frills and no fuss.”

    To help with the stress that can sometimes accompany a new hobby, she says that she likes to throw in dashes of humor and relatable life happenings.

    She’s now got a year under her belt of creating fun recipes, learning to love her kitchen, and starting to see the art of cooking and baking as something similar to the art she practiced before closing her boutique’s doors.

    To help give readers confidence in preparing the recipes she offers online, Kirchen photographs step-by-step instructions to stop you from asking yourself, “Is it supposed to look like this?”

    While she has been home for a year, Kirchen says she only just recently decided to launch her blog. However, despite its new release in August 2016, The Guiding Spoon has already enjoyed some celebrity limelight, as she was recently featured in a BuzzFeed article.

    Amy Kirchen, Founder of The Guiding Spoon
    Amy Kirchen, Founder of The Guiding Spoon

    When describing the experience of being featured on BuzzFeed, Kirchen says it was insane. “I think there were like 40,000 readers in a few hours!” she says. “My site viewers and followers exploded. It was amazing exposure!”

    Of the many recipes Kirchen has featured on her blog, she says that her husband’s grandmother’s Apfel Kuchen (apple cake) is her favorite. A recipe that’s well over 100 years old, you can check out the recipe here.

    A lot is on the horizon for Kirchen and her family, as they’ll soon be adopting a little girl from Armenia. She says that in addition to their new family member, she plans to continue “creating recipes that her followers will love” and building on the content she’s already published for readers.

    To learn more and follow along with Kirchen and her blog, visit You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter and like her on Facebook.

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      One local blogger launched “A Few Hungry Girls,” but it turned into so much more than just a blog. Learn about her “Cut The Crap” E-Book and her Hungry Girls Meal Prep, a pre-packaged meal service that brings healthy dishes right to your front door.

      Ray Ball, Founder of A Few Hungry Girls
      Ray Ball, Founder of A Few Hungry Girls

      Be honest. When aren’t you hungry? If you’re like Ray Ball, the answer to that question is never. That’s why she wanted to embrace her constant hunger by starting an eating and cooking blog – A Few Hungry Girls.

      The blog started out featuring a variety of foods, mostly what Ball was eating herself. She soon began cooking healthier foods, substituting ingredients and writing up short yet informational articles for healthier meals. The blog followed suit.

      “A Few Healthy Girls is a food blog that shows what I call ‘transitional healthy recipes,’” explains Ball. “I want to teach people that you can still eat great food without skimping on taste, and it will still be healthy!”

      The reality that inspired Ball to start A Few Hungry Girls is “the incredibly depressing numbers of people with nearly preventable and treatable diseases that are caused by a poor diet and lack of exercise,” she explains. After having just moved back to Cincinnati, Ball was at the heaviest she’d ever been in her life.

      At that point, she decided she would use her degree and health and wellness and first start a new health journey with herself. She says she dramatically changed her diet as well as the way she thought about eating. “I mean, I still eat pizza,” she laughs, “just not everyday!”

      A Few Hungry Girls officially launched about a year ago, when Ball says she had a notebook full of recipes and an iPhone full of food pictures.

      What makes A Few Hungry Girls unique? “My understanding of how difficult it can really be to lead a healthy life,” she explains. “I know how it is when there are donuts at the office, how you feel like you don’t have time to workout when you get home, much less cook. I get it! That’s why I want to teach folks to just take time for yourself and that includes feeding your body with healthy ingredients.”

      Ball says her favorite part about running A Few Hungry Girls is when she gets to bake desserts, adding that it’s her favorite because she loves sweets. With that being said, she’s sure to add that she does whatever she can to tweak a dessert in order to make it healthier.

      Of course, with someone as ambitious as Ball, you can expect that there are plenty of things on the horizon. According to Ball, she began Hungry Girl Meal Prep about a month ago.

      The service, she says, is for people who want to eat healthy, lose weight and feel better but don’t necessarily have the time to cook good, healthy food. Nearly all of the food in the Hungry Girl Meal Prep is purchased from Cincinnati’s Findlay Market vendors, so it’s whole, clean and unprocessed meals that are satisfyingly healthy and delicious.

      “I offer several combinations ranging from lunch, dinner or both as well as delivering them on Sundays,” says Ball. A menu of what’s available is sent out every Thursday and clients are able to choose what meals they’d like to order.

      Ball says those who are interested in learning more or trying out Hungry Girl Meal Prep can email and should include “Meal Prep” in the subject line.

      For more information on A Few Hungry Girls, visit You can also Ball and follow along on Instagram (@afewhungrygirls).