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A new med spa recently opened in Ft. Mitchell to have you looking and feeling like new with their aesthetic services and medical massages.

Oasis Med Spa offers a variety of services including facials and massages.

Great things happen with the right partnership, and that’s exactly what happened for Mary Jo Dahlhoff and Karen Payne Hill.

The two partnered up last year and opened the doors to Oasis Med Spa, located just over the river in Ft. Mitchell. Dahlhoff is a listened cosmetologist and aesthetician, and she provides all the aesthetic services at the spa. Hill is the licensed massage therapist who focuses on providing a variety of massage services.

“I’ve been working in spa salons for about 30 years now and my dream came true when Karen Hill and I opened Oasis last year,” Dahlhoff says, adding that they offer everything from facials, waxing, brow/lash tinting, body treatments and micro-exfoliations — a favorite of Dahlhoff’s.

Dahlhoff says their facials are among their most popular treatments. “My anti-aging facial is my favorite to do and see good results,” she says.

Prices for facials run from $38 for an Express Facial to $98 for the Anti-Aging treatment. Derma planing is $58 and $128 with a facial. Massage offerings include deep tissue, sports massage, Microcurrent Point Stimulation, Swedish Massage and Medical Massage. Prices range from $40 for a 30-minute Swedish Massage to $135 for a 90-minute Medical Massage. Packages can also be purchased for discounted package prices.

Oasis Med Spa is located at 2481 Dixie Highway in Ft Mitchell, Kentucky. Call 859-342-7700 or “like” their Facebook page to learn more.

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Learn about a local women’s fashion boutique that provides scholarship and mentorship for some inspiring teenage girls from under-resourced communities.

She's All That Boutique
She’s All That Boutique donates all profits to directly benefit the young women who work there.

It’s hard to believe that buying a cute top or some fashionable accessories can change lives forever, but it’s true.

“Four years ago, Tara Furlough, multi-business owner, community leader, activist and entrepreneur, had a dream to start a business that would employ teenage girls from under-resourced communities,” Kelly Brake says. “Giving them the opportunity to change their lives forever.”

Furlough, based in Alabama, founded She’s All That Boutique. In 2015, her best friend Kelly Brake opened She’s All That Boutique NKY in Ft. Mitchell, KY. The women’s fashion boutique concept donates all profits to directly benefit the young women who work there. While working and making a paycheck in high school, the girls also earn scholarship funds. As they transition to college, the girls continue to work at the store, keep up with their mentors and make positive changes in the lives of others.

“All of the proceeds from the stores are directly donated to our 501(c)(3) Foundation, Wings of Faith,” Brake says. “The Foundation’s central purpose is to enhance educational opportunities for students through partnerships with educators and through our mentorship program. This experience helps each student develop a purpose in life and create avenues for advancing in higher education.”

Because they work so closely with the girls for an extended period of time, Brake says the selection process is extensive. ”We work with local high school counselors to identify at-risk girls,” she explains. “Through an application and interview process, girls are selected based on several factors, including their motivation to succeed and desire to break generational poverty.”

For example, when Brake originally interviewed a young woman named Stephanie and asked about her career aspirations, she was unsure and selected a career path others had chosen in her family. Now, when asked, she beams when she confidently says she wants to become an engineer. No one in her life had ever told her that she could become anything she wanted, nor did she have the resources to do so.

For Stephanie, she said if she is given one sentence to say at her high school graduation, it would be to say thank you to Brake because if it wasn’t for her, she could not be where she is today. Thanks to She’s All That NKY, Stephanie will be the first in her extended family to get a high school diploma, let alone attend a four-year college. She was also the first to obtain a divers license.

The Northern Kentucky store is newer, and doesn’t have college students in attendance yet, but has high school seniors that are enrolled to go to college next fall. Hannah, from Lloyd High School, and Stephanie, who attends Beechwood High School, are both seniors in the area that have accepted their fall enrollment at Eastern Kentucky University on scholarship.

High school students in the program are paired with a mentor in the community, which is a successful woman who helps guides the student in the right direction. Brake, the store manager, takes a more personal approach to mentorship and relationship building. She takes the girls out to movie nights and dinner, making sure they’re always fed and in a safe place.

She’s All That currently has two locations, serves over 20 high school girls, and has six young women in college through their scholarship program, Wings of Faith Foundation.

She’s All That NKY is located at 2508 Dixie Hwy. in Fort Mitchell KY. Call (859)331-1292 or visit for more information. To donate directly to the foundation, you can mail a check or donate online. Specifically selecting “She’s All That Boutique NKY” will earmark the funds to directly help the young girls in Northern Kentucky.