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Learn about a locally-based athleisure fashion designer who’s pushing boundaries while celebrating the daring and independent.


FREEWHEELER is an athleisure clothing brand that encourages customers to step out of their comfort zones.

FREEWHEELER is an athletic clothing brand based on collaboration and pushing the limits of comfort levels. Based around the idea of never wanting to be stagnant or safe, but instead, always trying to push people out of their personal and business comfort zones. FREEWHEELER is a brand for everyone pursuing their dreams, even if it’s not related to athletics or fashion. “We stand for all. And kneel for none.”

The company itself is run by two owners, James Boyd and Ryan Repasky. Boyd has an extensive athletic background including basketball and football, and Repasky has studied art, design, and fashion. Repasky gave us some insight into this blossoming brand and the inspiration behind it.

FREEWHEELER merges high fashion with athletic wear.

“We both knew that we wanted our own business, but we come from vastly different worlds,” Repasky explains. “Merging high fashion with athletics was going to be a bold and daring move. We found the word FREEWHEELER in the dictionary, found that it means a person who lives in an independent and daring way, and mutually agreed that it had the exact definition that we were looking for.”

Being so daring and independent, it only makes sense for FREEWHEELER’s logo to be a crown. “Our logo, the crown, represents many different aspects of life and unifies them in a way that is cohesive and modern.  The logo represents aspects of each of [the owners],” Repasky explains. “The top part of the crown is sharp and structured, representing James, while the bottom half of the crown is smooth and fluid representing Ryan. We wanted the crown to be “melting” which gives it more of a street feel but also represents that power is not a definite thing. It can be faded out, handed over, or even taken, which is a reminder to us to always stay grounded. The concept of power for us comes from the fact that it can be used for good or bad, and our objective is to create a FREEWHEELER empire that not only stays true to us but takes a positive stance in the world.”

Part of what gives this brand so much power is the fact that their collections are always changing. In some ways the collections mimic what the owners and the business are experiencing at the time. The collections are usually launched by season, and each season tends to have a very different look. However, Repasky did admit a consistency within the collections is the color black- it’s a staple and always will be.

FREEWHEELER constantly changes their collection and offers different looks for every season.

“We believe that to have light, you must embrace the dark. So for us, our garments, marketing campaign and overall feel is predominately dark,” says Repasky. “But through this, we strive to do good.”

Those garments are currently screen printed embroidered, and designed all by Boyd and Repasky. With that said, they have collaborated with a local artist this past year where her message and artwork of “Don’t Stay Silent” was placed on an athletic tank in their summer collection.

This collaboration with the local artist is just one example of the sense of community FREEWHEELER strives to build with other businesses and their customers. So far they have also had collaborations with local bars and restaurants, AAU basketball teams, artists and even local producers and dance crews; all of which have continued to get FREEWHEELER’s name out there and build a strong customer base.

As for what’s on the horizon for FREEWHEELER? Well, quite a lot. “We are striving to be not only a brand, but a lifestyle brand that stretches far beyond the realm of fashion and athletics,” Repasky says. “When it comes to athletics, we are currently working on projects providing garments for basketball teams in AAU, basketball camps, and a high school team, as well as collaborating with local dance crews. As far as fashion is concerned, we are preparing to launch our fall campaign where we will be raising money for a local community center as well as working towards our very own fashion show this winter.”

Repasky says FREEWHEELER will be showcased at the Second Sunday on Main next month. Learn more about them online at