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Read on for more on how one local lady is revamping old furniture and accessories to give them new life in your home and wardrobe.

Vintage Love No. 1 refurbishes antique pieces and turns them into jewelry, accessories and even furniture that you can use.
Vintage Love No. 1 refurbishes antique pieces and turns them into jewelry, accessories and even furniture that you can use.

Two years ago, Lisa Dethlefs, repurposed an old desk that she received from her late grandfather. After completing the project, she realized that she had a love for bringing old and forgotten pieces back to life.

She paired her love for repurposes old furniture with her passion for jewelry to launch Vintage Love No. 1, an accessory collection that is handcrafted from vintage, vintage-inspired and antique pieces. “Each piece is created one at a time with inspiration from the items I have handpicked,” she explains. “Most are one-of-a-kind, just like the person who wears them.”

The line at Vintage Love No. 1 focuses on lifting the spirits of others with a positive message while looking fashionable. “Our mission is to create an item that can be turned into a story and will be able to inspire others as you wear them,” says Dethlefs.

The business has become a family affair in the time since Dethlefs launched Vintage Love No. 1. Dethlefs’ mother jumped on board after seeing her vision for the business and her husband helps out wherever he’s needed. Additionally, Dethlefs’ two daughters are found helping out where they can – whether it’s stamping jewelry bags or helping out at a show. “Family is everything and I wouldn’t know what to do without them by my side,” she adds.


At Vintage Love No. 1 you’ll find mostly repurposed jewelry and accessories. If you attend a show, however, you’ll find repurposed antique furniture that’s been painted or stained to give it a new life. Of all the items she sells, Dethlefs says that the leather cuffs made from repurposed items featuring custom hand stamped messages are the most popular.

“I call our look shabby chic and believe its rustic feel will bring a warmth to your home,” says Dethlefs.

The jewelry and accessories Dethlefs sells at Vintage Love No. 1 are perfect for any budget. “We want everyone to be able to be inspired and wear something we’ve made, so our prices range between $15 and $60 on average,” she says.

The new year is bringing plenty of new opportunities of Dethlefs and her family-run business. Vintage Love No. 1 recently connected with a store called Front Room on 7th, which is located in Hamilton. The store has started featuring many of the pieces from Vintage Love No. 1 and will have a large selection of items that Dethlefs will be making special just for Valentine’s Day!

In May, you can visit Vintage Love No. 1 at the Vintage Marketplace at the Springfield Antique Show, which is held at the Clark County Fairgrounds and attracts more than 25,000 people.

You can learn more about Vintage Love No. 1 by checking out their online store or following along on Facebook and Instagram.

To check out the pieces personally, visit case #111 in the Ohio Valley Antique Mall in Fairfield or Front Room on 7th in Hamilton.