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Spend a romantic day with the one you love creating memories you will wear for a lifetime – all with the help of Gem Steady’s DIY wedding band workshops.

Gem Steady is owned and operated by husband and wife duo, Robert and Brittany Stadmiller
Gem Steady is owned and operated by husband and wife duo, Robert and Brittany Stadmiller


If there’s one thing that Gem Steady knows, it’s how to create one of a kind, custom jewelry and experiences. From engagement and wedding rings to bold statement necklaces – if you can dream it, they can bring it to life.

Gem Steady is owned and operated by husband and wife duo, Robert and Brittany Stadmiller. The concept first developed in 2012 when Robert came into Brittany’s life. Brittany had just begun playing with the idea of designing jewelry when Robert went out a bought a torch, an ounce of silver, and made his very first ring, which would later serve as Brittany’s wedding band a month and a half later.

Together, Brittany hand selects all of the gemstones for their unique beauty and attributes, while Robert builds settings for them. “Neither Robert nor I have had any formal training in the art of jewelry making,” says Brittany, “but we haven’t let that slow us down.”

Gem Steady designs
Gem Steady designs

Every piece of jewelry is handmade in their studio, which is now based in Cincinnati. “All of our gemstones are handpicked from trusted sources for their unique traits, sparkle and beauty,” says Brittany. “We melt, recycle, and form our own precious metals, bend them into rings, and sand our little fingers to the bone. Think of every piece as a tiny sculpture.”

In the short time since embarking on their “jewel journey,” the pair has managed to spread the Gem Steady vibes worldwide. According to Brittany, their jewelry is now in demand all over the United States, Hong Kong, France, Brazil, Australia, Canada, and various places in between.

Gem Steady will be expanding their endeavors as they launch their DIY wedding band workshops starting on Feb. 21. “This is a super romantic thing to do with your partner,” says Brittany. “A see a lot of people just go to a store or even come see me three days before their wedding looking to buy a ring, which I think is a very impersonal process.”

Brittany says their DIY wedding band workshop is unique because participants make memories while creating their completely-custom piece of jewelry. “It puts a story behind the ring and allows couples to design every detail of what it will look like,” Brittany continues. “This is something you’re going to wear for the rest of your life – so we want to give you the opportunity to create wedding bands that are everything you represent.”

The inspiration behind the concept lies in Brittany’s dedication to providing couples with a memorable day that they won’t forget. “I want to give couples a day that they can think about for the rest of their life – and rings that they want to look at every day,” she says.

Pricing for a pair of rings starts at $900 plus the cost of materials. “We work with sterling silver, 14k+ gold, platinum, diamonds, precious, and semi-precious gemstones,” says Brittany. “We start off with our base price, but if you want something really detailed, the prices will vary accordingly.”

What truly sets Gem Steady apart from other jewelers? Brittany says it’s the entire experience, as she makes it her mission to talk with her clients and meet with them one-on-one so she can create something unique to their personality and needs.

“At Gem Steady, we aim to provide an excellent client experience from start to finish,” says Brittany. “Whether you’re in the market for something detailed and elaborate, or simple and sleek; we can assist in making your dream a reality.”

Looking to the future, Brittany is determined to spread the word about Gem Steady. “I really want to have a bigger following behind Gem Steady and for everyone to see our high-end luxury styles,” she adds.

To learn more, visit, call (859) 609-1083, e-mail or follow them on Instagram.