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While this local business started with creative at-home parties for friends, they now offer team building experiences to the corporate world and it’s taking off! Read on for all the decorative details.

Gild Collective is taking a new focus to the corporate level with their creative workshops to help foster relationships between women in the workplace.
Gild Collective is taking a new focus to the corporate level with their creative workshops to help foster relationships between women in the workplace.

Cincy Chic: Tell us about Gild Collective’s new creative workshops!
Kelsey Pytlik, Co-Founder of Gild Collective: Gild Collective helps women connect through creative workshops that focus on this unique challenges. We guide groups through thought-provoking discussion and exercises, and address the topics that are most important to your organization. We end the experience with a creative project that serves as an ongoing reminder to lead and live with greater confidence and passion.

Cincy Chic: What do these creative workshops entail?
Pytlik: Our creative workshops for companies and sororities are the new hallmark of Gild Collective. For a typical workshop, we recommend a half-day (4 hours) for the full workshop experience. With this amount of time, a minimum of two facilitators begin the experience with a quick exercise to help everyone in the group focus on the workshop ahead (rather than their work sitting back on their desk) before diving into guided discussion and activities focused on the topic track that has been selected and tailored for the organization.

The second half of the workshop is focused on the creative project. While the individual projects are accessible for crafters of any level and can be completed in under an hour, we continue to incorporate discussion into the project and allow time for the women to work together and bond over the shared experience.

Kelsey Pytlik and Rachel Bauer, Founders of Gild Collective

Cincy Chic: What inspired you to start the workplace workshops?
Pytlik: We started the company a year and a half ago with the goal of unlocking confidence in women through creativity in community. When we first began, we did this primarily through at-home craft parties that made it easy for women to get together, try something new, and build each other up in the process. After crafting with nearly 2,000 women through these parties, we gathered feedback on what made for the most impactful experiences and began offering creative workshops that focused on women’s leadership in the workplace. After our first workshop with Procter & Gamble, Rachel and I walked away elated. We realized that by adding moderated discussion and exercises to the experience of the creative project, we could make a true difference within organizations and execute even more strongly against our original mission. The feedback that we have receive has been outstanding – Gild workshops are unique, powerful, and offer a fun, collaborative activity that stands out from the basic networking that was previously available within organizations.

Cincy Chic: What activities do you bring along for the creative workshops?
Pytlik: We have three topics available and we design different guided discussion and reflection activities around each one. We also incorporate exercises that help to drive home the points we are making. The topics include:

  • Building confidence: We underscore the difference between speaking up and being outspoken, and examine what “I’m sorry” really means in the office. Our participants reflect on their accomplishments, explore the notion of personal pride, and seize the space they deserve to take up in the room.
  • Fostering mentorship and relationships: No matter what they say, there’s enough room for everyone at the table. We unpack the struggles of climbing the corporate ladder, lay emphasis on building positive relationships, and explore what it means to pay it forward.
  • Overcoming unjust moments: Even tougher than asking the question – “is it because I’m a woman?” – is learning the real answer? We dissect issues of discrimination as a group, drill to the root causes, and, most importantly, provide concrete tools to address them and drive women’s equality forward.

Cincy Chic: What is your goal for the workplace workshops?
Pytlik: Depending on the topic track, our objectives may vary, but at a high level each participant should walk away with:

  • A new perspective on a given topic (ex. A renewed sense of confidence or passion, an identification of another co-worker to mentor, and tools to do so effectively).
  • An actionable skill to fuel a more equal playing field for men and women in the workplace.
  • A deeper bond with the women she calls co-workers – by participating in discussion and exercises, women have the opportunity to learn about one another and foster that bond through the creative project.
  • A tangible takeaway that serves as a reminder to lead and live with greater confidence and passion.

Cincy Chic: What makes Gild Collective’s workplace workshops unique?
Pytlik: Our workshops are unique because they combine the impact of a motivational speaker with the enjoyment of an activity-based team building gathering. We know that companies are looking for ways to show employee appreciation and create stronger teams, and they typically turn to things like happy hours or outings to accomplish this. But they are still left with the need to address deeper topics and motivate their employees. Our workshops do both, tying together a bonding experience with exercises that create strong, more effective employees. Readers can hear more of us talking about why we’ve incorporated a creative project into Gild Collective’s mission here and here.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything else new on the horizon for Gild Collective?
Pytlik: Our holiday collection hit the site on October 1. It’s perfect for holiday parties of small teams within organizations. We had great success with our holiday offering last year and are excited to bring new projects to the table.

Right now we’re working to refine and build our workshop offerings. At the moment, we have three topics and four projects, but we expect these to change and grow along with the issues that are the most important to organizations.

We also keep a running “big dreams” document, and have plans to create an ongoing network that women will be invited to join after they participate in a Gild workshop – think of it as joining the Gild Collective. We don’t know exactly what it will look like yet, but we want to create a forum where people can keep the conversation going and find support and mentorship well beyond their own organization.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more about Gild Collective and your new workshops?
Pytlik: Visit for more or send us an email at You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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    Think of it like girls night meets Pinterest. That’s the idea behind Gild Collective, a brand new business developed by the Brandery’s first-ever all-female founding team. Keep reading to see how this locally launched business is fostering creativity, confidence and community one super cute craft at a time.

    Gild Collective changes up the typical girls night routine with fun DIY crafts.

    Whether you’re an expert DIY-er, or just want something different to do for your next girls night, look no further than Gild Collective.

    As CEO Jessie Deye explains: Think of it as a more creative jewelry party. You pick the project, place and friends. They provide all the supplies and instruction you need. “Instead of buying a new necklace [or home decor item], you follow step-by-step instructions to create an awesome DIY project,” she explains.

    When hosting Gild Collective Parties, guests receive project kits with detailed instructions.

    In addition to creating a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, women can support and encourage one another while building confidence of their own in a new creative skill. According to Deye, that support and encouragement is key to Gild Collective parties, and it’s also what inspired the business concept.

    Three friends — Deye, Rachel Bauer McCreary and Kelsey Pytlik — teamed up to bring their passion for fostering creativity, confidence and community in women to fruition. Deye says the business was “an idea on a napkin” in May of this year, and it came from wanting to change up the girls night routine and bar scene to give women a new reason to get together and build each other up. In addition to solving the problem of the girls night routine, they also wanted to help those of us who have many Pinterest boards of craft projects that we’ll never actually do.

    “We’re solving both of those problems with Gild Collective,” says Deye. “A fun reason to get together with your girlfriends, and an easy way to complete an awesome DIY project. It’s like the wine and paint concept, only with Gild, you’re creating an on-trend project that you’ll proudly wear or display. Oh, and we’ll come to your home, so you don’t even have to change out of your PJs.”

    Gild Collective has more than just jewelry project kits, there are also kits for home decor items to give your home a DIY-refresher.

    After they were selected to join this summer’s cohort of companies at the Brandery (as the first-ever all-female founding team!), they started moving at a quick pace and officially launched in mid-June.

    The main offering from Gild Collective is parties, where party-goers design awesome craft projects from the curated project kits. One of the benefits of being a host is that your project kit is free. You also don’t have to worry about collecting any money at the party as fees are handled directly through Gild Collective’s site.

    Before your party, all the project kits are delivered directly to you, and you have the option of either an in-person instructor or following along with a detailed step-by-step video and photos. In addition, Deye says, every project kit that’s available for a party can be purchased individually for you to do on your own if you’d rather tackle it alone.

    Give your jewelry a dedicated (and cute!) spot with a DIY holder.

    When asked what it is that she enjoys most about running Gild Collective, Deye says she loves that the concept is completely their own, which helps them be 110 percent passionate about the project. “We decide how to best fulfill our mission and goals, and we are able to affect every step of our process,” she adds. “Each of us is able to work in an area we care deeply about and we’re able to celebrate each others’ strengths every day. There is nothing better than being able to love what you do.”

    Give your plants a new look with spruced up pots.

    Deye says that Gild Collective will be releasing a new project collection this summer that they’re all three very excited about. They’re also adding more jewelry and home decor pieces.

    As for the long term, they have several huge ideas that they’ll chase down eventually, but for right now, they plan to focus on the customer and perfecting user experience. “We want to nail that, and then start putting those big dreams into action,” Deye says. “Baby steps.”

    To learn more about Gild Collective, visit There, you can find information on all of the projects and learn how to sign up to host a party. Deye says that for a limited time party hosts not only get their kit for free but they get Gild Credits to use toward purchasing additional project kits.

    DIY project kits from Gild Collective allow you to tackle crafts you might not otherwise get around to doing.

    Deye and her team are also documenting their journey up on their blog where they talk about both the craft/DIY side of what they do as well as the ups and downs of being a startup. “We love our blog because it’s where we really show our individual personalities and passions,” says Deye.

    Additionally, you can follow along with Gild Collective on Facebook and Instagram, where they’ll soon be hosting giveaways.