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A local makeup artist is combining her love for makeup and mojitos to give local ladies a fun night in while learning new makeup techniques from an expert.

Makeup & Mojitos
Friends can enjoy a new twist on girls’ night with Makeup & Mojitos, a party that lets you celebrate your friendship while learning new beauty tricks.

Tequana Colvin loves helping women look and feel their best. “We truly believe that every women should know the basics of beauty for herself,” she says. “In reality, no one can afford to hire an artist everyday, [so] having the skill to maintain your everyday appearance-enhancing skills is important.”

That’s why Colvin founded FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry (FFMUA) two years ago after a decade of experience. “[I have been] practicing and studying the art and cosmetic trends for 10 years,” she says. “After years of being pushed and encouraged by friends and family members, I decided to pursue the craft on a larger scale.”

Since then, Colvin has been building her brand through a broad array of events. “FFMUA has participated in a vast amount of makeup-focused work including fashion shows, special events and many weddings,” she says. “We [have also] worked with the Cincinnati Black Theater on stage productions.”

While Colvin is based here in the Tri-State, she’s following opportunities from coast to coast. “FFMUA has traveled from Cincinnati, to LA, to New York City, and proudly participated in Couture Fashion Week 2015 in New York City,” she explains.

FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry started out giving instruction, lessons and DIY info to the everyday woman, and has given a series of classes on different aspects of cosmetic application. The newest addition to FFMUA’s offerings is the Makeup & Mojitos Party.

Colvin applying makeup to a client. She is the owner of FLAWless Face Makeup Artistry.

“The Makeup & Mojitos Party is a fun way to spice up a ladies night in. It [gives] you a reason to celebrate with your close friends, family, or co-workers while learning beauty [tips] in the privacy of your own environment,” she says. “FFMUA comes out to your home or office to teach a beauty lesson. The guests provide pot-luck style refreshments and mojitos and Flawless Face brings the [expertise]. Collectively you have Makeup & Mojitos!”

The Makeup & Mojitos Party is entirely customizable and can be thrown for a variety of groups and prices. “[Clients] can choose from a Two Topic Learning Session, a Basic Beauty Session, or a Full Face Beauty Lesson,” she explains. The parties all specialize in different focuses ranging from contouring and highlighting to brow enhancement and eyeshadow placement.

Colvin emphasizes the importance of bonding opportunities such as Makeup & Mojitos, and says, “The uniqueness about this party is the reason it gives ladies an opportunity to bond. It’s a beauty-focused gathering and regardless of ones’ walk of life, this is something any woman would enjoy doing,” she says. “This party allows individuals that may never normally [spend time] together to celebrate [through] their shared interest in enhancing their own personal beauty routine.”

Colvin says the makeup lessons are applicable to all age ranges, as she tailors each lesson to reflect age-appropriate techniques. To learn more, “like” FFMUA on Facebook. To book a Makeup & Mojitos party, call Colvin at (513) 213-2309.

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    We chat with the owner of a new local wine and canvas studio to learn more about this party-with-a-paint-brush phenomenon and what makes Party With Art Studio unique. Keep reading to catch all the creative details about this new art studio that’s fun for the whole family.

    Party With Art Studio offers fun for the whole family, from girls night out to children's birthday parties.
    Party With Art Studio offers fun for the whole family, from girls night out to children’s birthday parties.

    Wine and canvas businesses and events are popping up quicker than you can pop a cork. And why not? You gather a group of friends, head out to an art studio (or even your own home), drink wine and paint a picture that you’ll hang to remember your fun night together.

    When it came to creating these wine and canvas events, Tina Wright, founder and owner of Party With Art Studio, says that she wanted to take her love of painting and crafting and combine it with throwing parties. “I love to paint and craft, and I also love to throw parties, hence Party With Art Studio,” explains Wright.

    Aside from the traditional wine and canvas parties, Wright says her studio caters to family and children’s parties and even offers theme parties. “We offer the unique opportunity to host separate children’s parties while the adults are having their own party,” she explains.

    Although primarily a wine and canvas event, Wright says that her studio will soon be adding Wine and Mosaics while continuing to expand on the Party With Art concept. Helping Wright with the expansion of her business is what she says is a fine staff of talented, local artists.

    What makes Wright’s studio unique is that she provides a food and gift table as well as a kitchen food prep station, so when you’re having your next party-whether it’s a birthday celebration or just a friendly gathering-there’s plenty of space for you to place you food.

    Fully-decorated parties are available for birthdays, bachelorette parties, sports teams, anniversary parties and more. If you name it, Wright says they can most likely help you get set up for a celebration

    Also at Paint With Art Studio are public and private classes. You can choose your own painting for the private classes or make requests at least one week prior to the party.

    “It’s a fun event to share with friends and family, and to meet new people,” says Wright. “There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet! You can create something beautiful for your home or a gift for someone else everyone loves to receive a handcrafted gift.”

    And for those of you worried about your artistic capabilities, Wright says there’s no experience necessary to participate in public or private paint and crafting parties, which can be scheduled for adults, families and children.

    “We guide you through the process every step of the way and offer outlines of each painting upon request, simplifying the process and making it almost like a paint by number,” she adds.

    A two-hour class costs $27.99 per person and $39.00 for a three-hour class. Prices are lowered for parties that have at least 14 people. “The larger the party, the more you save and some of the guests will get to craft for free,” says Wright.

    If you’re going for an adult-only party, those who are of the drinking age are welcome to bring wine, beer or pouch drinks and food to each class or private parties.

    Party-goers who want a theme will be accommodated at Party With Art Studio. “Dream it up,” says Wright, “and we will make it happen.” She says that theme parties are a popular idea for girls night out.

    Wright says the first ad campaign for Party With Art Studio ran on July 1, making it a brand-spanking-new business. The studio is located near Mercy South Hospital in Fairfield, making it conveniently located to several Cincinnati neighborhoods and nearby communities including Springdale, Green Hills, Forest Park, Pleasant Run Farms, Lindenwald and Hamilton.

    At the end of the night, after her parties have long gone, Wright says that her favorite part about running Party With Art Studio is seeing how happy people are when they’re in creative mode and sharing their happiness amongst family and friends.

    In addition to adding wine and mosaics, Wright says Party With Art Studio will offer glass and ceramic painting parties as well.

    To learn more about Party With Art Studio, click here. You can also call 513-413-2819 for more information.