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See how one local woman turned her corporate career into one where she works from home and pursues her passion of fashion with a trendy online boutique.

As if you weren’t already excited for the weekend, Glad Rags Boutique is giving you another reason to look forward to Friday-eve. With Thursday night “Rag Reveals,” this online boutique releases surprise merchandise on a private Facebook page for users to shop, purchase, and receive items.

“I noticed the trend of boutique clothing sales not only online on the rise, but using social media as a platform to sell was really taking off,” Glad Rags founder Lauren Barnes says. “I was a corporate trainer and I was looking for a way to work from home and stay with my young son. I decided to do my research and give it a go.”

Boutique quality items available at the ease of your own home and keyboard is the name of the game for this boutique. Barnes does all of the buying, posting, marketing, packaging, shipping, and preparation for each reveal by herself. For almost three years now, her boutique has offered her the ability to use her entrepreneur skills and spend quality time with her two sons.

For a run-down of how this online commerce site works, every Thursday night at 8 p.m., Barnes publishes the Rag Reveals for the week. These reveals can vary from eight to 10 items including tops, dresses, sweaters, and accessories. Barnes publishes photos of the item, how much it costs, and the sizes available.

Glad Rags Boutique offers surprise sales on Thursday nights.
Glad Rags Boutique offers surprise sales on Thursday nights.

After the reveal, customers have the next 24 hours to comment on the post with the desired items with the word “sold,” the desired size and their email address for payment. Sales are processed through PayPal, and the consumer has 72 hours to return an item.

“The Rag Reveal concept is very fun, it’s a one of a kind way to shop for one of a kind items,” Barnes says. “Shipping is always free, and I pride myself on my customer service. I have an easy return policy and love to see my Glad Rags Gals enjoying their pieces. It makes me happy to see them happy!” Barnes says items ship quickly, and feedback on her site says that items are typically received two days after purchase. Barnes says customers return reveal after reveal to shop items on the group sale page.

“There are several events where you can shop the Glad Rags racks if you miss the online Rag Reveal,” Barnes says. “I am at Market in the Park the first Saturday of each month through October from 10-4pm! It is held at Warren County Armco Park at the Jones Pavilion Grounds. I also do festivals in downtown Lebanon like Feast and Fall-y and The Christmas Parade.”

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