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Go Beyond Medicine

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At Go Beyond Medicine, they don’t just treat problems, they treat patients. See how Dr. Grogan is working toward restoring a sense of hope and ability to live.


“You need to stop smoking.” “You need to lose weight.”

These are both common solutions offered in traditional western medicine. However, Dr. Grogan with Go Beyond Medicine offers options that go beyond “just taking a pill” or “just having surgery.” Instead, Grogan takes preventative measures to improve each and every patient’s quality of life.

After graduating from medical school in 1979 and completing his residency in Atlanta, Georgia, Grogan went on to spend 20 years practicing family medicine – until about 10 years ago when he started reconsidering his practice of providing care.

“I didn’t like third party people telling us how to practice medicine and this frustration led to a lot of unhappiness in my practice of medicine,” he says. “I was doing the best I could do, but I was watching people die when I knew that we could have done something. The American public has been convinced that there’s a pill or surgery for everything and nothing else for them to do – but I knew in my heart that wasn’t true.”

“Working very hard and not seeing the results I wanted made me question what I was doing and I realized how unhappy I was doing it the way I was doing it,” Grogan continues. “I had a long period of soul searching and one day my wife asked me why I went to medical school. I said it was because I like people and I want to help them. It was obvious that I like people, but I wasn’t able to help them at that time.”

It wasn’t long before Grogan became interested in holistic medicine, a form of medicine that strives to do all of those things that you can do prior to needing a pill, needing surgery, or reversing a medical problem. “We want to do all of those things that are preventative in an effort to reverse what some doctor has prescribed,” says Grogan. “We consider all aspects of your life and individualize every patient by changing one’s nutrition, personalizing diets and personalizing exercise programs to prevent and reverse medical issues – we control risk factors.”

Dr. Grogan, Founder of the medical practice Go Beyond Medicine
Since launching Go Beyond Medicine, Grogan has developed a number of programs geared toward accomplishing their goal of a holistic approach. “We have worked with chiropractic’s, massage therapists and chefs in our office,” says Grogan. “We want to slow the aging process and improve your quality of life by focusing on day-to-day functions. We do this through body-weight exercises, sleep programs, weight loss programs, hormone replacement, teletherapy and testosterone replacement. In referencing an experience with a previous patient, Grogan explains how it’s really the patient’s feedback that matters most. “I tend to get a lot of people with serious medical problems where their doctors have told them that there’s nothing else that they can really do,” he says. “One patient named David came in saying he wanted to thank me because when we first met he was hopeless and wanted to die – but that now he not only has a desire to live, but a desire to overcome. We stopped and I held an emergency staff meeting. Here, David shared his story – crying halfway through it – but the beauty was that most of my staff was crying as well.” When looking to future, Grogan has big hopes for Go Beyond Medicine. “I want to change the entire medical community,” he elaborates. “I want every person in the U.S. and across the world to experience the benefits of individualized care – we want to get bigger and better so that we can put more smiles on more people’s faces.”

To learn more about Go Beyond Medicine, visit or call (859) 586-0111 to schedule a consultation.