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From the pages of Vogue to the catwalk of London Fashion Week, learn about one Ohio-based stylist who’s not just helping clients with their closets, but also their careers.

Styled by Shayla offers styling services that fit your personality while helping you feel your best.
Shayla Fite of Styled by Shayla has provided styling for magazines, award shows and even New York Fashion Week.

They say you should dress for the job you want and not for the one you have. That’s where Styled by Shayla can help.

“The mission of Styled by Shayla is to be the preeminent authority on the business of fashion and design and to help its clients become more effective in their careers,” explains Shayla Fite, founder of Styled by Shayla. “To do this, we provide insights on major trends in person, online and in print, access to business professionals and a gateway to the influence fashion plays in the marketplace.”

Fite was living in Miami when she realized that the way an individual dresses plays a lot into their social status. “Being new to the area and trying to start a business, I had to find ways to fit in with the ‘in-crowd,’” she explains. “So everyday I dressed myself like an edge outspoken socialite so people would take notice of my wardrobe. Then, in return, they would ask me questions about my clothing and I could tell them about my styling business.”

Fite says that her over-the-top personality plays a major role in giving her clients a new look. “I pride myself on changing the perception people have about themselves when it comes to their take on appearances,” she says. “Through many years of experience and hard work, I have accomplished great things and have worked with many extraordinary people that have added a tremendous amount of positivity and growth to my company.”

Services from Styled by Shayla range from one-on-one consultation to personal shopping. The consultation services will identify your individual personal and design a style that suits you and your lifestyle while personal shopping services allow you to use your budget to put a wardrobe together. You can also turn to Styled by Shayla for consultation during photo shoots or runway exhibitions.

Fite offers high-quality service that comes with its fair share of achievements. Fite has previously been invited to attend New York Fashion Week as a wardrobe stylist. “It afforded me the opportunity to meet many icons in the fashion industry” she says. “It also gave me a behind-the-scenes glimpse inside the world of ultra-high fashion.”

The future continues to look bright for Fite and Styled by Shayla. She says that she’ll be hitting the road in January when she helps with the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles before venturing off to London Fashion Week.

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