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You know experiencing new cultures and people from around the world can expand your family’s horizons, but packing up the family for a trip around the globe isn’t exactly feasible. That’s where gphomestay can help.

Gphomestay provides residential solutions for international students living in the United States. Our trained staff is committed to connecting ambitious international students with dedicated American host families who will provide accommodations that are not only safe, but enhance the students’ holistic American experience.

“At gphomestay, we know that meaningful cross-cultural relationships foster greater human understanding across our planet,” says Jodi Rubin, gphomestay Event Coordinator. “Our mission is to facilitate these impactful relationships by matching eager international students with warm, welcoming American host families.”

Gphomestay begins by identifying committed American families across the United States and matching them with international students attending a local school. Once they have successfully matched students and hosts, gphomestay provides ongoing guidance, cultural resources and local support to ensure that all parties have the tools and communication pathways they need to succeed in in their American homestay and develop the deep and lasting relationships that improve our world.

“When you choose to join the gphomestay family, you open your window to the world,” Rubin explains.

Once you join the gphomestay family and are successfully paired with a student, their multilingual and multicultural support staff facilitates communication between your family and your student’s natural parents in order to introduce you to one another. This multilingual staff is available for translation services throughout your student’s stay in case an emergency arises. Next, you’ll participate in a brief training program to prepare for your student’s arrival.

Once your new family member arrives, you will receive an in-person check-in from your local gphomestay Residential Coordinator. This staff member will serve as the point-person for all of your basic questions and needs and will provide ongoing support to you and your family throughout the student’s stay. Moreover, the Residential Coordinator will conduct regular check-ins, via phone and in-person, as well as organize exciting events and activities for you and your international student.

Additionally, gphomestay supports all of its hosts by providing a monthly stipend to offset the additional costs incurred as a result of hosting a student.

“We are proud to have been approved as an educational services provider by The Council on Standards for International Travel (CSIET),” explains Rubin. “CSIET, an organization that establishes standards for international programs at the high school level, acknowledges gphomestay’s commitment to providing a safe and accommodating homestay.” In the Greater Cincinnati region, gphomestay is now a proud partner with Mother of Mercy High School, St. Xavier High School, and Notre Dame Academy.

To learn more, check out these Frequently Asked Questions, give gphomestay a call at 781-996-0429, and watch the video above!