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Learn more about the marketing firm started in a barn in Kentucky that’s grown to support numerous Fortune 500 companies.


“We know we need to grow, but we’re not sure where to start.” “We know our five-year vision but we don’t have a pipeline to get there.” “We have this amazing piece of technology, but what do we do with it?” These are all concerns of clients addressed by Seed Strategy, a growth acceleration firm located in Crestview Hills, Kentucky.

Seed Strategy was founded by CEO Susan Jones in 2002. After having previously worked for a more traditional marketing agency, Jones was dissatisfied with the traditional model and wanted to develop her own, new vision. And with that, Seed Strategy was born.

Seed Strategy is a growth acceleration firm. This means the company aims to help clients achieve top-line growth and come to unique solutions with speed and agility.

“Jones wanted to create a sanctuary for the creative spirit. Our goal has never been to be the biggest agency, we just want to be the best for what we do,” says Robert Cherry, Chief Creative Officer.

Seed Strategy is a growth acceleration firm that helps clients achieve growth and find unique solutions.

Clients can receive services under the following categories: growth, fresh ideas, and moving people. Whether clients need help with business vision, brand renovation, new product ideation, or team alignment, Seed Strategy has the tools to reach a solution.

The company’s tagline is, “Where clarity grows,” explains Cherry. “We work upstream on a lot of innovation products. We are really adept at helping companies get real, actionable results and tangible things that they can develop and sell to retailers.”

Seed Strategy works with numerous Fortune 500 companies and has clients on every continent, excluding Antartica.

In their spare time, the employees of Seed Strategy put out an online magazine on creativity called the Fire Theft Project. “It’s an interview series with people who are in creative fields outside of our field. It’s a way for us to stay fresh and stretch ourselves,” says Cherry.

To learn more about the firm and check out their online magazine, visit



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A Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce committee is helping entrepreneurs experience the community in innovative ways. Read on to learn more about it!

Upstart helps local entrepreneurs
Upstart helps local entrepreneurs make connections, exchange ideas, and come together.
Are you an entrepreneur living in the Northern Kentucky area? Upstart is a Northern Kentucky organization created to connect people, startups, entrepreneurs, funders, and services. Upstart started in 2012 as a Leadership Northern Kentucky class project. 
“The class collectively recognized an opportunity in the region to bring together the many resources and organizations that support, guide, and fund budding entrepreneurs,” says Jason Payne, President of the Leadership Northern Kentucky class of 2012.
This idea has turned into an annual street festival where over 500 entrepreneurs attend. “The Upstart event is a one day celebration that allows all these resources and organizations in the region to come together, exchange ideas, and make connections in a festive environment,” Payne explains.
The last Upstart event happened on October 6, where the committee launched “Innovation Alley” in Covington’s Innovation District. The alley connects Russell and Washington Streets between Sixth and Pike. Upstart hopes to transform the alley into a community event and gathering spot. The Duke Foundation, Republic Bank, and U.S. Bank provide financial support to Innovation Alley, which is led by a volunteer team of multiple organizations.
“I really enjoyed seeing people from established businesses come to the event to see for themselves what’s happening in Covington,” says Debby Shipp, Vice President of Business Growth and International Trade. 
“They knew there was a lot of innovative activity, but didn’t know the ‘whole picture’ or completely understood what startups, accelerators, and incubators were and what they mean to our local and world economy.”
There are many positive things about Upstart. These things include: investing in the city and each other, opening businesses, creating new friends, sharing ideas, learning about resources available to them as entrepreneurs, and having new people assist entrepreneurs with their business growth. Upstart positively affects the community by educating entrepreneurs about what is going on in their region. The Upstart committee thinks that its important for business owners to celebrate entrepreneurship and build personal relationships with each other.
“The thought is to help create a little synergy with people -it’s a cool place to work, it’s a cool place to live, it’s a cool place to have a beer, there’s a craft brewery right around the corner,” says Trey Grayson, President and CEO of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. “We think it’s a good asset for all of Greater Cincinnati and it’s the kind that attracts the type of people and the type of businesses we’d like to have more of in our region.”
As an organization, Shipp sees Upstart growing. “It’s an easy going and fun way to promote all the good things happening in Covington, in Innovation Alley and how our region can participate in the growth,” she says. 
To learn more about Upstart, follow them on Facebook or follow the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.

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Learn about a local woman who turned her fashion dreams into a stylish reality that brings personalized posh designs to you.

Fashion House
Fashion House is an online-based boutique based in Greater Cincinnati.

We all have dreams that we long to pursue. Nakkiya Groomes, however, was tired of waiting for them to materialize on their own.

“Fashion House was started February this year solely because I became tired of running away from what I was really good at, which is fashion,” says Groomes. Fashion House is an online clothing boutique based in the Greater Cincinnati area. She adds, “My goal is to get women out of their comfort zone.”

Groomes has always had a natural draw to the fashion industry. She forayed into this world several years ago by opening a clothing boutique and nail salon, Charmz Fashion and Nail Boutique, but the cost of upkeep became too much. She explains, “The reality was that the overhead was ridiculously high, and I was just keeping up with the Joneses and making money to pay rent.”

Groomes dove into caring for her three children as a single mom and focused on working for necessity. “I began playing it too safe and forgot all about my dream of becoming a successful business owner.”

That is, until she had a close call with her health. Groomes went in for an early mammogram, as breast cancer runs heavily in her family. “I thought it was going to be an in and out procedure,” Groomes recalls, “Sure enough, they found a lump and immediately suggested it to be cut out.” After a successful surgery, doctors told her that the mass should have, and very well could have, been malignant.

“From that moment on, I regained my confidence and figured that life was too short to not go after what you want.” Groomes gave new life to her fashion business, but in an altered form, as Fashion House is online and in-home by private appointment. This flexibility gives her the freedom to bring style to local women in many different ways.

Shoppers can view and purchase items on the Fashion House Facebook page and through their online store, by calling their phone line, or by scheduling a private fitting and styling session. Another fun way to experience Fashion House is by hosting a Dresses and Drinks party. Groomes explains, “The host provides the drinks and [we] provide the clothing, games, and a sexy fitness routine to keep up the confidence with your new look.”

Groomes hopes her business can help ladies experience fashion in a new and personalized way. She says, “The unique part about Fashion House is that it’s literally a Fashion House… I took one of the rooms in my house and converted it into a small boutique so that local customers could still have the convenience of getting style and fitted in person.”

Fashion House is created for women who, “are the fashion-forward thinkers, the ones who think out of the box, and who love to turn heads when they walk into a room,” says Groomes, “Our customers are classy, sexy, demanding, and chic.” She adds, “My personal fashion philosophy is to dress to impress yourself. If you’re feeling and looing good, that confidence exudes from within and rubs off in a positive way to the people you come across.”

Looking forward, Groomes hopes to take Fashion House mobile by introducing the Fashion House Fashion Truck. Regarding spring trends, Groomes says, “I’m absolutely crazy over the cape trends, asymmetrical skirts, and high-low. These trends are edgy yet classy at the same time.”

On April 8, Fashion House will have a pop-up shop at Cincy Chic’s annual Night in White event. They will also be hosting their first Drinks and Dresses event at Classy Divas Charm School on April 17.

To learn more about Fashion House or to shop, visit them on Facebook or at To learn more about Night in White or to purchase tickets, click here.

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One local business owner is making it easy, convenient, affordable and toxin-free to get a healthy glow. Learn more about her new mobile sunless tanning and laser teeth whitening services.

YouGlow is a mobile sunless tanning and laser teeth whitening business servicing Greater Cincinnati.

Having a confidence-building bright smile and glowing skin is something everyone deserves. That’s the idea behind Amber Conerly’s business YouGlow, a new mobile sunless tanning and laser teeth whitening business that services Greater Cincinnati.

“I used to lay in tanning beds when I wanted an extra glow to my skin – until I learned how harmful they can be,” says Conerly. “I started researching and found that spray tanning was a popular alternative in states like California, Nevada and Florida.”

However, unlike most salons and tanning companies that offer spray tanning with automated machines, Conerly wanted an actual person to do the tan. After not being able to find any services like this that were affordable, she started looking into what it would take for her to offer the service herself.

“I kept on my research for over a year to ensure that I found the perfect solutions that were both healthy for the skin and gave the same results as a tanning bed,” says Conerly. “I wanted to bring something different to the table rather than just opening another tanning type location – I wanted my services to be convenient, affordable and also make my clients feel important.”

So, when YouGlow launched in April 2015, mobility was one of Conerly’s biggest priorities – ensuring that you can get a healthy alternative to traditional tanning without leaving your house. YouGlow comes to your home, office, gym, or anywhere else you may need them.

“When you use our services we offer a ‘No Orange’ guarantee and give you a glow in just 15 minutes!” says Conerly. “You will stay golden for 7 to 10 days – even longer if you follow our maintenance instructions and choose to use some of our after tan products. There is no mess and you are dry within minutes.”

After three months of being in business, YouGlow expanded their services with adding laser teeth whitening. “Unlike the tanning you do not have to come back to get your glow back,” says Conerly. “With the whitening, you can maintain your bright smile on your own or you can come back when you feel like you need a touch up – depending on one’s individual habits.”

A client being spray tanned in the mobile booth.
A client being spray tanned in the mobile booth.

For the holiday season, YouGlow will also be offering gift certificates at a discounted rate for all services, which can be mailed or delivered to you directly. “We offer many options for your business as well,” says Conerly. “Teeth Whitening is a great gift for your employees and family members.”

In the future, Conerly hopes to open a YouGlow location that will house more popular beauty services and beauty items that are not harmful – but will still make you look and feel great. “We also hope to expand to other areas and help people who may want to start up a YouGlow in their area,” she adds.

“My clients know that they can trust me with their skin and their smiles,” Conerly says. “Not only do I care about making you feel great I also make sure that everything I carry or use on clients is not harmful to you. So, with YouGlow you are getting great results, great pricing and great products that you can feel happy about.”

To learn more about YouGlow, visit their website, check out their Facebook or give them a call at (513) 370-4587.

“We like to be directly connected with our clients,” says Conerly. “You can text, e-mail or call us to schedule an appointment or ask questions.”

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We chat with the owner of a local dog behavior and training company to learn more about the unique ways he can help your four-legged friend become a well-mannered dog.

Paws Look and Listen is an animal behavioral

Cincy Chic: What is Paws Look and Listen?
Nick Hof, Owner and Trainer of Paws Looks and Listen: Paws Look Listen is a dog behavior and training company in Cincinnati. We primarily work with clients in their homes, specializing in behavioral issues and dog & baby preparation. We also offer group classes every week for puppies and dogs.

Cincy Chic: Who’s behind the business?
Hof: I’m the owner and trainer of Paws Look Listen. I hold the title of Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed and I graduated with distinction from the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Behavior and Training. I’m also a licensed presenter for the Family Paws program. I’ve has been working with dogs for more than a decade and am owned by three Saint Bernards and a mixed breed dog.

Cincy Chic: What’s the inspiration behind it?
Hof: Paws Look Listen was born from a need that we saw to help owners and their dogs. We often saw owners frustrated with their dogs behaviors and without the knowledge to know where to turn. Although we have extensive knowledge and experience working with a variety of dogs and their people, we don’t believe that we are the perfect match for every owner or problematic behavior. If we can’t help you, we can guarantee that we’ll be able to point you in the direction of the person who can.

Cincy Chic: What types of classes do you offer?
Hof: The majority of the work that we do is in-home training and our most popular program is Day Training. We come by several days a week and train your dog for you at your home and then show you how to replicate our results through simple training exercises. We also happily train owners alongside their dogs. Paws Look Listen also offers two group classes that meet on Saturday mornings. Our Surviving Puppyhood class is great for new puppy owners and Mind Your Manners is just the ticket for older dogs in need of some manners.

Cincy Chic: When did you launch Paws Look and Listen?
Hof: Paws Look Listen was launched in October 2010 and we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary next month.

Cincy Chic: Can you give us price points for different types of training?
Hof: The cost for both of our group classes is currently $160 for a full six-week course. The cost for in-home training can vary dramatically based on our clients’ needs but we always begin with an initial consultation. This is a 90-minute session the cost for which is $160.

Cincy Chic: Is there anything new on the horizon for Paws Look and Listen?
Hof: We are very excited to be launching a e-newsletter that should be sent out beginning next month. Your readers can send us an email at to be added to our mailing list. We are also going to be rolling out some new classes in the coming months featuring more challenging and realistic training classes which will include field trips throughout the Cincinnati area.

Cincy Chic: Where can readers go to learn more?
Hof: For the most up-to-date information, we encourage readers to visit our website at, where they can read more about each program that we offer. We also post many tips, fun articles and adorable photos of our clients on our Facebook page, so be sure to check it out.