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We chat with a local green guru who launched an online resource with easy and practical ways to live a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle.


It’s not easy being green. That’s where Gradually Going Green can help. It’s a new online resource dedicated to all things eco-friendly.

“Gradually Going Green is a guide for easing yourself into living a more conscious and greener lifestyle,” explains Stephanie Bacher, founder of Gradually Going Green. “It’s also a place for me to share my green ideas with an attentive and interested audience.”

Bacher says she launched Gradually Going Green in May 2014, about a month after she left her career in the corporate world to follow a life and career in the green world. “I needed a place to share my ideas and activities and mostly to reassure myself that there was local interest in what I’m so passionate about,” explains Bacher.

She launched Gradually Going Green because she’s a lifelong recycler, conservationist and a green-living advocate. “I believe in karma and kindness to all things living and that have energy,” says Bacher. “I am gradually going green and the point of it all is to show people that I understand that these ideals aren’t things that everyone is born with, like myself, but that a person can slowly but surely learn the behavior and make it a lifestyle.”

Bacher adds that with Gradually Going Green she also wants people to understand just how important it is to life a green lifestyle, and that it’s OK to struggle during the transition.

Although there’s nothing new immediately on the horizon for Bacher and Gradually Going Green, she says that she’s continuing work on the Cincinnati Recycles project, which aims to encourage Cincinnati residents to up their recycling game. The goal of Cincinnati Recycles is to conserve enough energy to power every home in Cincinnati for six days, reduce more greenhouse gas pollution than if every household in Cincinnati didn’t drive a car for more than three weeks and save 127,627 trees from being harvested.

With the one year anniversary of Gradually Going Green, Bacher says she plans to do a “favorite things” post to commemorate the following and success of the page.

To learn more, “like” Gradually Going Green on Facebook, or follow @bachzilla on Twitter or @graduallygoinggreen on Instagram.