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Learn more about this grocery delivery service that caters to your food shopping needs so you can spend more time doing what you love.


Brandy Goss, owner of Dashing Delivery, understands the struggle of busy people as they search for balance in an increasingly faced paced world with competing responsibilities. This struggle is exactly what lead her to open Dashing Delivery, a grocery delivery service that cuts out time-consuming grocery shopping. “I was trying to find ways to save time for myself and the many hats I wear,” Goss says.

In 2014, Goss opened Dashing Delivery, with the goal to provide the most streamlined grocery shopping experience for Cincinnati residents.

“Dashing Delivery is a one stop shop for grocery shopping we don’t fit into any one niche group. My service is no obligation. Customers do not have to create profiles, remember passwords or any of that junk. Just go to the website and start shopping,” Goss says.

Dashing Delivery provides competitive pricing by sourcing from multiple vendors to find the best deals for its clients and these deals are advertised on their website. Clients can also request the store their groceries are bought from.

“We provide such a wide variety of brands from generic to top shelf name brands,” Goss says. The on-call delivery fee is $5, with an order minimum of $25. “If you consider how much the average person spends on a trip to the grocery store, including using gas, a delivery service can actually save you money, especially because you are less likely to impulse buy,” Goss says.

Dashing Delivery also provides special event catering and craft services with savory and sweet menus available upon special request.

Eliminating impulse buying and cutting back on stress are the two biggest health benefits that Goss believes Dashing Delivery provides its clients. Yes, health benefits. Impulse buying is not only a financial strain, it is often the culprit behind unhealthy eating, Goss says. The stress of spending a few hours of your your time at a big box store or making multiple smaller trips a week with an overwhelming amount of product choices is a source of irritation for many. “I want my clients to have a life that isn’t based around running errands,” Goss says, “instead of being with [their] friends and family and enjoying this city.”

Goss conveys that as more people have tried Dashing Delivery, word of mouth has spread about the convenience factor, especially with single and working parents. “I have several seniors who utilize the service but it has had the biggest impact on single dads and working professionals who have to find the balance of taking care of their home when they are literally never there,” Goss says. “They are always working or running around for their kids.”

Getting started with Dashing Delivery is simple, Goss adds. Visit to start shopping. Clients can either select express one hour delivery or on call schedule delivery and check out using a secured payment system. Orders can also be emailed to