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Yes, it’s possible to actually look forward to your gyno appointment. Read on as we chat with a local board-certified OB/GYN practicing in a setting that feels more like a spa or boutique than a doctor’s office.


Sarah Bartlett is a Tri-State girl at heart. After growing up in Northern Kentucky, she left the area to attend school in St. Louis and Louisville before making her way back to Cincinnati for her residency at University Hospital.

Bartlett spent her years in school studying to be a physician, a gynecologist to be exact. It was a passion for helping people that inspired her to follow this career path. “The field of gynecology is really unique,” she says. “I sometimes get to play the role of primary care physician, other times surgeon, and even therapist, frequently.”

Bartlett has the unique opportunity to be involved in patient’s lives at very vulnerable times, when she can help guide them with their health decisions and even relationship issues. “I have the privilege of sharing very intimate relationships with my patients, many of whom I see year after year and with whom I share life experiences,” says Bartlett.

Dr. Sarah Bartlett, MD, FACOG
Dr. Sarah Bartlett, MD, FACOG

Immediately after finishing her residency, Bartlett took a position with a large OB/GYN practice. She eventually found her way to Somi Javaid and Associates, a local women’s health practice that not only provides gynecological services, but also offers spa services to help women relax.

Bartlett had known Dr. Javaid for some time before she joined the practice, but it was right from the start that Bartlett knew the two shared the same philosophy on providing quality care for the whole woman.

“She started the practice just over one year ago and I joined her team in the spring of this year,” says Bartlett. “We are both board certified gynecologists and, as such, we perform all the typical services in gynecologic care but we also have our own interests and expertise, including sexual medicine, hormone therapy, and weight management counseling.”

Bartlett says that she also provides major surgeries including Robotic hysterectomies at several local hospitals and Dr. Javaid offers aesthetic services as part of her extra services.

“Our practice styles complement each other for the benefit of the patient experience,” adds Bartlett.

Bartlett adds that the practice prides itself on providing individualized care and takes the time to get to know each patient.

“We have only six chairs in the waiting room and that is by design,” she says. “We don’t want our patients to ever feel like just a number. Whether you are getting Botox or a pap smear, who wouldn’t want a soothing, spa-like environment?”

Bartlett says that while she can only treat a woman up until she diagnoses a pregnancy, that woman can receive their full care with her right up until pregnancy and for the remainder of their lives.

Since the medical field is always advancing, Bartlett says that the practice and itself as well as the services offered will also continue to evolve and stay on the cutting-edge. “The aesthetic services are growing, including our Fire and Ice body treatment for body sculpting,” says Bartlett. “We are also using vaginal laser treatments in the office to improve incontinence, prolapse, atrophic changes, and dryness. We both firmly believe in staying up on the medical science, practicing good medicine, and keeping up with the latest gynecologist advances, while also thinking outside the box when needed.”

To learn more about Bartlett and the practice, visit She says that you can also go to her professional Facebook page.

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Learn about the local boutique medical practice that’s taking a personalized approach and empowering women to feel their best from the inside out.

Donna A of Dr. Somi Javaid and Associations
Donna Abdelnour, Certified Nurse Practitioner at Dr. Somi Javaid and Associations

Dr. Somi Javaid loves empowering women. That’s why she opened the doors to her own practice, Dr. Somi Javaid and Associates: to provide the highest quality patient care and empower women to make them feel and look their best through every stage of life.

“We treat any condition that is preventing our patients from feeling like her complete self,” says Donna Abdelnour, Certified Nurse Practitioner at Dr. Somi Javaid and Associates.

Prior to opening the practice, Abdelnour and Javaid worked in standard medical practices that were vulnerable to the increasingly large and often-strained medical system. They were acutely aware of the frustration their patients were feeling under this strain. Both practitioners wanted to provide a more personalized experience and take a holistic approach to their patients’ medical needs. “I wanted women to get the attention they deserve,” she recalls. “I wanted a one stop shop for patients where they would feel safe, healthy, pampered, and empowered. I wanted them to personally know myself and my staff.”

According to Abdelnour, this unique practice does just that by providing medial treatments in the comfort of a spa setting. Walking in, you’re greeted by a warm front desk team, there is low level lighting, stone walls, and beautiful chandeliers. “Patients always comment on the environment here and how much they love it, as they can tell we are all happy,” Abdelnour says. “I believe empowering each other starts from within.”

Abdelnour knows first-hand the importance of empowerment when it comes to women’s health, as she was inspired to become a medical practitioner after her mother’s near-death experience. “[My mother] was misdiagnosed over and over again because her practitioners would not listen to her,” Abdelnour says. “She ended up needing emergency Quadruple Bypass surgery [at the age of 45].”

Dr. Somi Javaid
Dr. Somi Javaid

Today, listening is the pinnacle of personalized care for Abdelnour and Javaid. “All of our patents know they are cared for and leave feeling they have been heard and empowered,” Abdelnour says.

To accomplish that, Abdelnour says women can receive both the medical treatments they need and spa services they desire all under one roof. The unique benefit of their medical practice and medi-spa is that there is always a physician present. “We treat any condition that is preventing the patient from feeling like her complete self, whether that barrier is gynecological, aesthetic or sexual,” Abdelnour says.

Beyond annual gynecological care, Javaid provides a holistic approach to the sexual health concerns that present themselves throughout a woman’s life. For patients facing menopause, there is a host of hormone treatments including Bioidentical Hormones which are structurally identical to the natural hormones your body creates and is an alternative to conventional hormone therapy. Javaid also provides non-hormonal treatment options that assist in alleviating menopause symptoms for those patients that are not candidates for estrogen therapy.

With hormonal changes also come fluctuations in the body, this is all part of a natural progression. Abdelnour says Javaid is sensitive to the fact that women’s concerns extend beyond just physical health and span into aesthetic procedures that require a doctors medical training. Which is exactly why her practice provides safe, non-invasive alternatives to plastic surgery. Javaid is the only area physician that performs UltraShape. This procedure targets and breaks down fat cells. VelvaShape is a complimentary and also non invasive procedure that treats loose skin and cellulite that shrinks trouble spots exercising does not seem to be reaching. “Patients have lost anywhere from one to five inches from their thighs, abdomen or flanks. The beauty of UltraShape is that it is quick and painless,” Abdelnour says.

In addition to the medical portion of Javaid’s practice there is a medi-spa in house, which provides an array of aesthetic services in order to enhance beauty and ease the signs of aging. This all begins with a customized consultation which may include the Reveal Skin Analysis system. This analysis delves below the skin surface to determines future problems which allows for a customized and effective approach to treating the skin.

Dr. Somi Javaid and Associates is located at 8350 E. Kemper Road, Suite A. in Mason. To learn more, call 513-404-4166 or visit their website.

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From nutrition and weight loss to aesthetics and medispa services, see how one local gynecologist is offering a wide variety of services to be a one-stop-shop for women’s health needs.


Dr. Amy Brenner
Dr. Amy Brenner

From childbirth to menopause, hormone malfunctions to weight gain, being a woman can be a bumpy ride – but it doesn’t have to be.

At Dr. Brenner and Associates, overall women’s healthcare is treated with an integrative and functional approach through gynecological care, bio-identical hormones, scientifically developed skin care, weight loss and wellness solutions and minimally-invasive surgical options.

“At our practice, we seek for the root cause of conditions that many women experiences such as heavy bleeding, hormone imbalance, weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, etc.,” explains Dr. Amy Brenner, the physician at Dr. Brenner and Associates. “We are proud to be a one-stop shop for women’s care.”

Brenner says that she’s always been interested in healthcare and surgery, adding that women’s care and child-bearing has always been easy to relate to as a woman. She is certified in both obstetrics and gynecology but currently focuses on women’s care that mirrors the stage that she’s currently in in life.

“I, too, experience the symptoms that seem to start as soon as you turn 40,” she says. “I didn’t want to accept life-intruding symptoms as the norm and I certainly don’t want that for my patients either.”

She’s continually inspired to continue the work she does when women she’s treated come back to her office and tell her how they no longer feel tired, have their libido back, lost weight and can keep up with their children.

“Whether it be about our providers, in-office procedures, bio-identical hormones, weight loss and wellness or our medispa, we truly have options for the needs of all women,” says Brenner. “Our staff is also extremely knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions you may have.”

Dr. Brenner and Associates is located at 6413 Thornberry Court in Mason, off the Tylersville Road exit on Interstate 75. To learn more, visit, call 513-770-0787 or “like” the practice on Facebook.