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Learn about the creative mind behind this local woodworking business that creates handcrafted items to perfectly match your personality and home decor.

Seed Signs by Lexi offers handmade wall decor and mantel decorations.
Seed Signs by Lexi offers handmade wall decor and mantel decorations.

Lexi Robinson believes that her calling in life is to love and encourage others, and she’s doing just that through her handcrafted wall decor called Seed Signs by Lexi.

“The ‘seed’ in Seed Signs by Lexi represents the seed I feel like I am planting in the lives of people who see and/or receive one of my signs,” she says. “It seems like a small thing, but when you plant words of encouragement and positivity into someone, it grows and eventually makes a big impact.”

The biggest inspiration behind Robinson’s business is her faith. She creates her wall decor with a deeper purpose, using both custom designs as well as her own designs, stencils, paint, and reclaimed wood Robinson creates something that allows you to decorate your home with a personal touch.


“By intentionally using designs that are positive, comforting, and encouraging, Seed Signs creates an atmosphere of the good things in life within your space,” she says. “Your name, hometown, favorite scripture, favorite book, or movie quote are all things that you can hang on your walls to be reminded daily of what makes you happy.”

She adds that having your favorite items around and on your walls will also remind you to strive for your purpose in life, whether it’s family, community, adventure, faith or just simple happiness.

Robinson runs the business herself, with help from her mom when she needs it. “My mom loves my signs, and her support is one of the most important things to me,” she says. “She is also the perfectionist/organizational one out of the two of us so I realize I need her a lot, about every other day, when it looks like a bomb went off in my shop.”

Seed Signs by Lexi can create custom home decor pieces for your home.
Seed Signs by Lexi can create custom home decor pieces for your home.

Robinson launched Seed Signs by Lexi after helping out a friend who started a small woodworking business called 517Woodwork. “She taught me all the tricks and I started helping out,” she says. Then, at the end of last summer, her friend decided to pursue her passion in dietetics and handed the business over to Robinson. “I sold at a few craft fairs that fall, became deeply passionate about it, had an extremely positive response to the product,” she adds. So by the end of 2015 Robinson decided that this business was something she wanted to pursue and take seriously, so in January she rebranded and became Seed Signs by Lexi.

Robinson says that she can create just about anything you request. She encourages clients to visit her Etsy shop where they can either request a duplicate an item she’s already made, customize a replicate of what she already has listed, or request a custom order and tell her directly what ideas they’ve got. “I am usually in a lot of communication with clients, sending them proofs of what their design will look like and discussing styles and colors before they purchase,” she says.

All of the products from Seed Signs by Lexi are wall or mantel decorations. The most popular product you’ll find in the shop is the large, reclaimed wood family monogram sign. Robinson says it includes a large initial with the last name across the front.

Robinson created this custom sign for her roommate's bedroom.
Robinson created this custom sign for her roommate’s bedroom.

“I usually add stain accents, established dates, or decorative wreaths for extra character,” she says, adding that the products are perfect for wedding, anniversary, birthday, and housewarming gifts.

Other popular products include the state and skyline silhouettes. Robinson is able to create a more modern, clean look by purchasing wood from the lumber yard. However, she uses reclaimed wood to give customers the rustic design they’re looking for. “I didn’t always do that, but recently I have been wanting to reach out to a wider audience,” she explains. “My business is still young and developing, and I am excited to see where the future takes me.”

Robinson says that she is slowly, but surely, starting to reach out to local retail shops to sell her products. You can currently find her signs in a small retail shop off Main Street in OTR called Featured.

She also plans to start traveling throughout the city to host string art parties. “I have had the opportunity to attend a couple conferences where I did string art workshops and they went over extremely well,” she says. “String art is something that is really fun and easy for individuals and makes a great group activity for showers, birthdays, or any type of party – men really enjoy it too!”

You can get in touch with Robinson about purchasing one of her signs over on her Etsy shop. But be sure to follow her Instagram account to see all the different types of signs she creates and all the new things she’s doing. Plus, her Instagram followers have the chance to win a free Seed Sign. She adds that you can also stay connected on Facebook.